Clarrisa Mitchelle

"Memory equals pain..."

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a character in “Don't you remember?”, as played by KyGurly


Maybe this amnesia isn't such a bad thing...


Name:"Clarissa Mitchelle at your service."

Age: "I am 19 years old."

Gender: "Do I look like anything other than a girl to you?"

Height: "I'm five and a half feet, or 5 feet 6 inches."

Weight: "Asking a girl her weight? That's rude! But I weigh 130 pounds."

-"I love animals."
-"Silly kids make me laugh."
-"Music always cheers me up."

-"Nosy people need to be punched."
-"Why do bugs even exist?"
-"Storms. Just go away."
Other:(Anything else?)


"I am a flirt. I love the feeling of being stared at by guys and girls alike. There's just something about it that makes me feel famous. But i am also very dedicated when in a relationship. When I am with someone, they are usually something special. I am really smart, I just don't want people to know. It would ruin my image. Hmm... I get easily scared by storms, bugs, or any dangerous animals. I guess you could say I am not an outdoors girl. I would much rather be shopping or flirting. I also mind my own business. I don't focus on other people's relationships or drama. I do me and let them do them."


Image"I grew up with a normal life, a mom, a dad, a little brother, and a pet bird. The bird eventually flew to birdy heaven. I eventually came out to my family, mom cried, dad wouldn't say anything, brother smiled and said we could 'share girlfriends' to which I said NO! I finally found the perfect girl, Beth. Everything was perfect. Then my ex boyfriend came back into the picture. One night while we were wasted, we went a little too far. Beth walked in on us half nude and kissing. I felt so bad, but then she got amnesia. She doesn't remember the kissing, the pain, or much of anything else. But... maybe that isn't a bad thing."

So begins...

Clarrisa Mitchelle's Story