Nicholas Rhodes

"I'm not going to loose you again, my dear.. You can count on that."

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"I'm not going loose you again, my dear.. You can count on that."


Name: Nicholas Rhodes

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10 ft

Weight: 197 lbs

✔- Snuggling
✔- Keeping people safe
✔- Staying awake
✔- Sports
✔- Cats
✔- Neon colors
✔- Lakes

✘- The thought of falling
✘- Seeing people in pain
✘- The thought of death
✘- Dogs
✘- Being creative
✘- Broccoli
✘- Driving

Other: Nicholas prefers to be called Nick or "Mr. Rhodes."


Nicholas comes off as a bit of a jerk at first, but once you get to know him, you understand that he's just a very over-protective person. He doesn't like nosy people asking about his life, and he doesn't like questions about his job or what he does because, well, it's a secret. Not even his girlfriend knows what he's up to! Besides that though, Nicholas has a major love of sports and action-packed movies. He may not be so outwardly loving of it, but deep down he wants to be one of those kinds of guys who comes running out of an exploding building. That'd be cool, right?

Nicholas is also as stubborn as a mule. He's understanding, but that doesn't mean he's willing. You can't get a dollars worth of information out of him, no matter the consequences...Well, if his friends lives were at stake, perhaps. Nothing other than that though. He'd bite off his own hand before he told a secret.

Nicholas has a cold heart for people, and the only kinds that can actually affect it are the people he loves. His best mate and girlfriend are probably the only people he'd ever stick his neck out for. Nicholas has an acceptation for animals like cats and such, but that's it!

Nicholas, besides being a cold-hearted, stubborn, and over-protective guy, is actually a very loyal guy. This can be a problem when Nicholas is asked to do something horrible by someone he loves. But even so, He'll do it.

And lastly, Nicholas is quite quiet. Unless he's in a conversation, he shuts it. He doesn't get lost in his thoughts very often, but likes to kick back and relax when he can. Cat naps are good too, especially when Yuki joins in..


Nicholas didn't exactly grow up as a rich kid, but didn't quite live as a poor either. He lived.. somewhere in between, he supposed. He stayed with his mother and father, and loved them as much as a kid could. But ever since he was able to walk, they had him outside playing with the kids around the block. By the time he was nine and in San Jose California, Nicholas was one of the cool kids on the street. he was in a tight little group that called themselves the Crows. They never really did anything bad, they just played cards and joked about school. Funny thing is though is that every time someone passed by, they'd all stop what they were doing and just stare. Their neighborhood became a quiet one fast. Another thing Nicholas remembers about his childhood is when they would go up to this one little shop on the corner and all buy a coke. They'd sit on the outside benches and stare at the people passing by there! Of course, they'd get in trouble by the manager real quick and would scat. Yeah, Nicholas's childhood was pretty laid-back for him. And he liked it that way, to tell the truth. He never would have wanted it to end.

Well, until he got into High school he did. When the boys started getting into some of the more.. 'inappropriate' situations, Nicholas got pressured into doing them too.Nicholas quit the group and was left lonely for a little while, but not much time had passed befor he met Yuki Minami. He fell in
love with her at first sight! Oh, everything was so perfect about her. Her voice, her hair.. Gosh. Nicholas as a little anxious to ask her out for a while, because he didn't know how. Eventually though he did, and when she said yes It made his heart leap. Nicholas began on just taking her out to the movies and little restraunts. As they grew closer, he began to save up money from his job and allowance and took her on road trips around the states. Nicholas had long forgotten about the Crows by now, and was just set on taking care of Yuki. He didn't know why, but when he was around her, he felt like he needed to keep her safe. Maybe it was her innocent look, or how she talked about being picked on by other boys.. All he knew was that he was happy with her, and that was that.



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