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Doom Wars



a part of Doom Wars, by The Soul one.

Holds all the fighting and death taking place.

The Soul one holds sovereignty over Galaxy, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

460 readers have been here.


"More than an end to war, we want an end to the beginnings of all wars."

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945) Thirty-second President of the USA.
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Holds all the fighting and death taking place.


Galaxy is a part of Doom Wars.

2 Places in Galaxy:

6 Characters Here

Adion Volf [26] Let me do my job.
Octavia Sinclaire [23] "Oh Please! You Call That A Weapon?"
John Shepard [21] "Let's move Spartans."
Program Issac [16] You can take the brain out of the human, but you can't take the human out of the brain.
Ophelia Sinclaire [13] "I May Create The Weapons But That Doesn't Mean I Like To See Them Used."
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"Just remember that since the assignment have become busy enough to be a Sargent, John. They have me fix the ship, they have me fix the AI, and once on the ground, I fix the damn tanks. I'll see if I can get their jaws away from my ass. Did I mention its good to see you again?" Adion said, his attitude both slightly joking and fairly serious at the same time. If Adion was anything, it was odd. Of course, John could easily have read what Adion meant. The fact that Adion was accepting John's offer, insulting the higher ups, and saying hi at the same time.

"I've never seen you do that to someone. Do you have a history with her?" Adion asked his old friend.


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Project Issac, if it had a face and a hand to do so, would have facepalmed. First, the high and mighty Head Mechanic ruined all his hard work, removing the near-worn-out obedience drive and replacing it with a new one. It didn't matter that the new drive gave him more liberties; it was the entire fact that he had no liberties to begin with. He was still a functioning human, to a stretched degree, and he hated feeling like just a piece of property--which was exactly what he was classified as. He didn't ask for this; the government stole him. Then the goddamned idiot Lieutenant Tuller set his attention on some virus within the system. What was worse was the name he coined it. Spider virus? Really? He wished to scream at the man, but he restrained himself, instead sarcastically quipping:

"I am unsure, Lieutenant. Maybe you should activate it so that I may see its code."

Either the man was really as stupid as Issac thought he was, or he didn't understand sarcasm, for the man nodded and double-clicked the code, activating the Crawler virus. Issac was dumbfounded. The Crawler was a virus insidious for destroying computers with their activation, usually hidden in a web page. The virus was saved partly as a cookie, allowing it to explore the computer system, crawling its way through data. As soon as the second half was activated, the Crawler awoke, attacking all files vital to repelling it and security first, before eventually destroying the entirety of the computer. "Wow." Issac did not worry about the virus--it was outmatched and suppressed the nanosecond the virus was activated, not allowing the two halves to meet. The program intrigued him, though, so he put it into its own separate virtual worlds, archiving the halves for a later purpose. Using the voice of HAL 9000, he showed the 'destruction' of the virus on the Lieutenant's screen with the quip, "I can't let you do that, Dave."

As to the Captain, he locked onto a floating piece of space debris that was just off of the forward bow of the object, but did not yet fire. "Awaiting your command, Cap'n, but I do warn you that if, indeed, this is a ship, they may not look kindly as to us shooting in their general direction. We do not know the culture of either of the alien races, and your warning may come across as an attack. In any case, we will lose our current state of being undetected, and will lose our chance at a first strike if we must."

After a moment of silence, he then added, "Plus, if we are to fire upon their forward bow, might I make the suggestion of Lieutenant Tuller as ammunition? He seems dense enough to do some damage." A few chortles from the other Bridge Commanders arose, enjoying the 'AI's quite intelligent joke.

As all the action happened up on the bridge, down below in the Core, Issac allowed the good Doctor Ophelia into the inner sanctum hidden beneath the mass of processors, wires, and lines of varying fluids, through a seamless door labelled 'Central Processor'. That door only opened for one individual, and one only: Ophelia Sinclaire. Within the door, the inner room was rounded, seemingly seamless, composed of a white compound of sorts. The compound then revealed lines to separate itself into a large series of hexagonigal panels, a blue orb appearing in the center of each one. The orbs were both pseudo-sensory sensors and holographic imagery devices, allowing for quick interface between the two. In the center of all this, attached to the floor by a mass of wires and lines, sat Issac--or, at least, his brain.

As the Doctor entered, one could hear the smile in Issac's voice. "Well, helllooOOOOO, Nurse!" The hologram used the glass covering the jar to put a pixelated face to the Program, giving a winking smiley emoticon look. "Had I known this was a date, I would have dressed myself up better." Issac was of course referencing to the red dress beneath the lab coat, a very formal attire for day-to-day work. To match, the hologram added a red bowtie to its image.


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Someone's not going to be too happy. Thought Ophelia as she nodded listening to what Adion Volf said.

“Thank you for letting me know.” She said to him stepping out the elevator and making her way towards the Core.

"USC Valhalla, this is the Spartan Commander. All Spartans report to weapons bay 5E for inspection."

Spoke a harsh voice over the intercom. Ophelia frowned. It looked like her sister was about to be dispatched. She did not like it. Not one bit.

Dr. Ophelia did not like the thought of anyone dyeing. She did not like war or anything involving strife and people coming to harm. It was the greatest irony of her life that she was the one who developed many of the weapons that did the damage.

For now she just hoped Octavia would be alright.

Making her way through the maze that was the Core, doors opened without Ophelia even having to use her key card.


"Well, helllooOOOOO, Nurse!" Ophelia was greeted with bright cheer as she entered the inner sanctum that housed the Central Processing Units, i.e. Issac's brain.

Ophelia couldn't help but feel deeply sorry for Issac. No one deserved to live like this. It was just . . . wrong. She supposed there was no Rest in Peace if you once belonged to TITAN Industries or the USC.

As she came to stop in front of the Central Control Stand, a large flat tablet screen that showed reports and live feeds of everything Issac controlled, Ophelia spied the winking icon across from where she stood on the jar that housed what was left of Issac.

"Had I known this was a date, I would have dressed myself up better." Issac added playfully and the icon conformed to add a red tie that matched her dress.

“Hmm . . . I thought I already told you I don't date work colleagues.” Ophelia teased with a smile. “Bad business sense. Plus there's all that paper work management would require and the legal departments too. Standard TITAN USC procedure, you know how it is. And I'm not entirely sure you're worth all that hassle.” She joked. “Now, let's see what's going on here. I've been hearing you've been very naughty again. Volf tells me he's had to replace your obedience chip, again.”

Ophelia looked across at the jar with the hologram smile with a pout and damning eyes as she pushed the glasses up the bridge of her nose again as her own smile broke out across her lips not being able to maintain her stern countenance with him.


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John was grateful to have someone like Adion here with him. He knew the man well and knew there was no one he'd rather have as his 1st Sergeant than Adion Volf. He was smart, tough and able to think outside the box which made him a gifted leader in the field. He'd do wonders to help maneuver the Marines in combat. Adion was a strange one, no doubt about that but John has known the man long enough to not only understand his oddities but come to appreciate them. It was his question about Sinclaire that lessened Shepards smile considerably.

"Octavie Sinclaire, knew her from back in basic. Got me tied up in a military tribunal when she lied on her entrance app without so much as a heads up. Nearly one shotted my career. Luckily they weren't interested in taking down everyone associated with her...."

John paused to rub his hand over his short hair and throw a glance in Octavia's direction.

"I'm not sure how well she is going to work in this Regiment. She's not going to like taking orders from me."

It was obvious John was conflicted. In front of Octavia he was a hard ass CO ready to bring the hammer down at a moments notice. Around a friend he was torn between being happy to see her and sorry that she was here. John shook his head despondently and turned back to Adion.

"Brass threw her in with me so I'm going to have to make it work right? I'm going to go gear up, you're already suited up so just keep an eye on them for me will you? I'll be back in 3."

Shepard said with a nod to his friend and new number two before walking off to equip his own armor and weapons load out.


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Octavia peered across at John Shepard and Adion Volf. She didn't even bother to be surreptitious with her glances; letting Shepard know this was far from over. He maybe her Commanding Officer, but he didn't control her, nor did he have it within his powers of authority to remove her from MO. Octavia Sinclaire was going to make life very difficult for Commander Shepard.

“Commander Shepard is your Commanding Officer therefore it is your duty to obey his orders.” Said Remirez like he was reading out of the Good Soldiers Handbook; sliding up and opening the locker next to hers and blocking her view of Shepard.

“Orders are meant to be disobeyed.” She smirked up at him opening her own locker and inspecting the brand new body suit and armour hanging inside; sweet.

“Too bad Shepard doesn't feel the same way.” Replied Remirez as he began undressing. “I heard Shepard's a pretty cool guy, what the hell did you do to him?”

“What are you talking about?” Octavia replied innocently, unlacing her boots. “That's just how we say Hello. Commander Shepard missed me that's all.”

“Missed you? Looked like he was ready to throw you bodily out the door.” Remirez grinned. “So you know the man huh?”

“Yep. Back from basics. We were bro's.” She replied sounding bored with the direction of the conversation as she removed her pants and slid into the slick bottoms of the body suit that looked like a scuba diving suit.

To say their relationship had been completely fraternal would be a lie but she wasn't about to go into the nitty-gritty details with Remirez.

Instead Octavia continued dressing, turning to her right stood young Watson. He looked embarrassed, scared and excited all at the same time. He reminded her of a little puppy. Eric blushed furiously as he caught O's gaze.

“You still owe me money Watson.” Octavia said to him.

“After you lied to me about the man eating Crocodile men, I d-don't think I owe you anything.” He managed to stammer out.

Well, well, well. Mused Octavia with a raised brow, the kid had more balls then he let on.

“I didn't lie to you. It's a possibility and has nothing to do with the reason you owe me the mooka.” She replied in a deadly calm voice. “It's not good to be in debt to someone who can kick your ass Watson.”

The pink cheeked Cadet gulped before managing to speak.

“Fine. B-but I'm only paying you half. The first wasn't my fault, it was the Ship lurching that moved the balls.”

Octavia nodded in agreement deciding then that she like Eric Watson, green and untried as he was he had potential.

Turning back, removing her tank top and stuffing it in the locker with her pants and boots, Octavia spied Remirez amber gaze.

“Wanna stare harder?”

“What?” He answered with a rakish grin. “I'm a healthy young man.” He stated pointing both his hands at his chiselled torso. “You're an attractive well endowed young lady . . .”

“An attractive well endowed young lady with a gun.” O corrected pulling the body suit fully over herself and zipping it up.

“The correct response is why thank you for the complement.” Remirez grinned.

“Why thank you for the complement but I still have a gun which I'm more then happy to use.” Octavia replied sharing a grin with Remirez.

She liked him a lot and had a feeling they would be getting along thus she was willing to overlook his pervertedness.

“May I remind you Sinclaire before you shoot me that I saved your pretty little ass from Barton.”

“I could have handled Barton myself.”

She would handle that asshole if he got in her way again. Wouldn't be the first time she's shot or injured a colleague that didn't know their place.

“And speaking of saving ass, you gonna have my back out there Sinclaire?”

“I don't know,” Octavia smiled crookedly as both Soldier began to strap on the important gear now, the armour, the tech and the weapons. “that's a big back to cover and I'm only a tiny little woman.”

Geared up and ready to go, Octavia placed the ear piece in her ear and booted the system; foregoing the helmet for the time being.

'Tactical Internal Operating System Activated' A female AI voice stated. 'Identification Confirmation: USC 212 Corporal Octavia Sinclaire. Welcome Corporal. Confirm audio-'

“Yeah, yeah. I hear you.” Octavia interrupted the AI.

'Audio confirmed. Status Report: Shield Guard running at 100% . . .'

Octavia removed the ear piece, letting it hang down her shoulder as the AI continued to check off every piece of armour and it's charged capacity.

“Little woman?” Remirez huffed disbelievingly. “I've heard things about you out in the field Sinclaire.”

“All good things I hope.” O joked.

“Well depends on whose perspective you look at it from.” He replied with a spark in his eye, as they mimicked their earlier conversation with slight variation.

“I'm pretty sure it's all good no matter whose perceptive you look at it from man.”

“I can see you're going to be trouble.”

“Yeah but you know you like it.”

O laughed but her good mood died when she was suddenly jolted and slammed hard into her locker.

“Watch it Sinclaire.” Barton smirked viciously as he strolled past.

“Fucking cunt!” Octavia spat and was just about to jump the bastard when Remirez came to stand in her way once again.


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'Tactical Internal Operating System Activated. Identification Confirmation: USC 117 Commander John Shepard. Welcome back Commander. Confirm audio recognition.'

"Morning Eva."

John said like he was talking to an old friend as the female AI finished the final systems checks on his armors systems. The image of his armors AI popped up in the corner of his HUD as she finished her work.

'Audio confirmed. Status Report: Shield Guard running at 100%. Kinetic Barriers, online. Head up Display, online. Closed Comm Link to 13th Regiment "Spartans", online. Open Comm link to USC Valhalla and all operating personnel, online. Medical interface, online. You're looking good as always Commander'

John chuckled in his helmet at his AI as he pressed the read out on the door to re-enter the main bay where his men were. He stepped out into the armor bay with the resounding booms of his heavy armored suit to look out at his Marines. Most seemed equipped and ready to roll. There were a few stragglers, John made a mental note to start timed preps to improve their combat readiness. As his eyes scanned the soldiers one small group caught his eye. Corporal Sinclaire was just finishing up her prep when Corporal Barton decided it would be a good opportunity to come in and put her in her place. With a nasty shove he put her back in the locker which drew the suspected response from Octavia who lunged for him, ready to knock his teeth in. Ramirez stepped in to stop her but that didn't do much to stop Barton's mouth.

"That's right little girl, keep your big mexican between you and me and I won't have to beat you like it was my job."


Came the fearsome authoritative bark from the regiments CO. The muffled sound of Shepard voice from behind his helmet's receiver gave his voice an eerie quality to it as he stood there with his impassive gaze that was invisible behind his bronze visor. Barton whipped around at attention as his CO marched over to him and got in his face.


Barton said keeping his eyes front, a habit drilled into Marines early on in basic when they were getting chewed out by superior officers.

"You forget where you are Corporal? This isn't a play ground and you are not the big man on campus. This is a United Space Core vessel and you are on duty soldier."

John scolded harshly as he clenched his fist. He always hated bullies, in the military he met more than he cared to and John always made a habit of making sure the bullies he came in contact with knew early that their behavior was not going to be tolerated. The fact that Barton had chosen Octavia as his target was just poor luck on his part. John took a slow step closer and was but a hairs breath from Barton's un-helmeted face.

"Put your hands on her again... and I'll let her kick your ass."

His voice was barely audible, just over a low growl emanating out of his helmet. Barton swallowed hard at his CO's scrutinizing gaze.

"Yes sir."

Barton replied sullenly. Shepard glared at the man a moment longer before turning to Octavia. For a minute she wasn't the unruly Marine in his regiment. She wasn't the pain in the ass blast from the past. She was just O, just that girl who trained by his side in basic, just that one girl who clicked with him like no one else could. The ship faded away and the squad and the armor and everything else. There they stood on the proving ground back at Camp Toccoa. Just two recruits trying to make it against the world. He stared into her eyes and allowed himself to lose himself like he did all those years ago. The wild tempest of her oceanic eyes took him in and guarded him through the storm.

He blinked and his world came rushing back. The ship, the squad all of it was there again. Barton stood unsure of what was to come next. Part of him looked like he expected to get hit by his CO. Shepard's eyes were locked on Octavia but the blink free'd him. He turned away from her and glared at Barton one last time before he walked away. John rejoined his 1st Sergeant at the front to address his men.

"Form up Spartans!"


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Like the rest of squad, Octavia looked on as Shepard berated Barton. But dammit! She could hear what was being said. While Remirez still restrained her.

“Easy.” He tried to calm her as she breathed heavily, adrenaline pumping still ready to beat Barton to a pulp if she got a chance.

Her struggles only ceased when Shepard turned to face her and stared her down. Though his visor covered his eyes from her view he held her captivated. For a moment all the resentment she felt towards John Shepard faded away. In that moment she'd admit to herself she'd missed him all these years.

But as soon as Shepard turned away all that resentment, anger and hurt came flooding back ten folds. He'd left her without so much as a goodbye and obviously he'd all but forgotten about her all these years.

And the way he just looked at her? Octavia had no doubt that under his visor his eyes would hold cold accusation that read 'I know this was your fault somehow.' Of course he would blame her, that was Shepard's favourite game. According to him, she was the one who did everything wrong.

Pushing off Remirez's bulking form, Octavia whipped back around to her locker. Viciously stuffing everything in there untidily. Not caring her clothing would have creases in them when it came to putting her civvies back on.

“I suppose he doesn't dislike you all that much as he would have it seem.” Remirez commented as he leaned against his locker. “Shepard stood up for you.”

“I don't need anybody to stand up for me.” Octavia seethed angrily as she slammed her locker door shut, the sound reverberating through the whole room. “I can take care of myself!”

Remirez didn't look convinced.

“Whatever you say Princess. But just remember it isn't a bad thing when someone has your back.”

“It is when that person stabs you in the back.” Octavia replied coldly as she put her helmet on and slid down the visor just so that she didn't have to make eye contact with anyone.


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Lieutenant Tuller frowned. Opening the program would cause the virus to destroy valuable data, but Tuller did as the A.I. told him to do. For a second, however, before Issac intervened, it flashed across his screen its data. It was nothing Tuller ever seen in his life. It wasn't gibberish, it just wasn't human. "Uh, Issac? Could you look at the coding in closer detail? I saw it for a second and, well, that wasn't human language." It looked like a series of spirals and squiggles. After a second, realized that his mic was off. He grumbled at himself and repeated himself.

The captain stifled a snicker. Now was not the time to be laughing. "Please be more serious, A.I." He said. Isn't the obedience drive supposed to stop that kind of behavior? He made a mental note to talk to his main engineer. "What do the scans say of that ship's shields?" He was used to talking the head of sensors for that question, as this was the first ship he commanded that even had a A.I. in a primary control position, much less one that had control over all automated and a few manual systems. Head of scans, a young woman called Heather, coughed.
"Well, sir, they appear to be attempting to use a cloaking device, but the ship itself has taken massive damage. It's power, from what little we can tell, is based on a weird mix of electricity and plasma, sort of like electrifying plasma stuff. TITAN was experimenting with doing stuff like this only a few weeks ago, but it always produced less power than using electricity alone." Heather looked at her data-pad again. "The ship uses a design that doesn't match that of the reptilian kind on the planet, neither does their power source, which for the reptile's is only plasma. The one upside of using the electrified plasma is that it takes forever to run out. One power cell seems to be able to only be able to power a certain section of their ship, but that power cell will last several years without needing recharging." Heather looked up. "Also, sir. I did detect them emitting large amounts of alpha radiation. They're coming in strange patterns, and I can only assume that it is their form of communications."
"Hey, A.I.? Did you hear her? Try to figure out what the hell they're saying, please." Said Gunther, adding the last bit after a short pause. He looked at Heather. "Good job." He said. She nodded and turned back to her post.


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Adion took note as John dealt with a problematic marine. Adion would have told the marine to leave at that exact moment. Of course, Adion would have also knocked the marine out with the forearm of his suit, which on the engineer's suit is the hardest and heaviest part.

As John took position next to Adion, some of the marines seemed to miss John's command. Thus, Adion lifted 1 foot and let its ankle hit the other ankle, causing an extremely loud sound as they collided. Those who had missed John's command quickly stood up as the deafening sound shocked all those who didn't have their helmets, which have a system to process audio input to safe volumes.

"I think may need to have their hearing checked." Adion said to John after he slammed his suit's ankles.


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As Ophelia crushed his joking hopes and dreams of a 'date', the face was replaced by a cartoony being struck with an arrow, followed by a "X-X" face. "Ah, how you wound me, madam!" Even as she chastised him for busting yet another obedience drive, her pout turned into a smile, unable to hold complete seriousness around Issac. "Mmmm, yes, I've been very naughty. I've ruined yet another obedience drive, read the Captain's personal logs, and even stole the cookies out of the cookie jar." The face changed yet again to winking face, pixelated smile the best he could show for a face of suggestive demeanor. "And we both know I'm just going to bust this drive too...maybe you need to punish me."

Of course, even if Issac had his old body, she wouldn't dream of doing such things--or, at least, he was pretty sure she wouldn't. She didn't seem much like the dominatrix type, but he knew science well enough that he knew nothing was ever as it seemed.

Returning his thoughts to a non-dominatrix Ophelia, he gave a small sigh, working on the bridge simultaneously. "Really, what does it take for a biocomputer to get a break around here? That Captain just loves to make his orders..." His sensors picked up the movement of the Marines getting ready to deploy when necessary. The other sister, Octavia, was undoubtedly ready to go--but he knew how much Ophelia hated war, and could guess her intuitions of fear wore heavily with her. "Hmm, it also seems like your sister shall be shipping out soon...though you needn't worry about her. She can certainly take care of herself."

On the bridge, Issac decided to give Tuller a break, giving his screens the data he wished for--though they were only collaborated as an expandable recording, for no one was to know that the virus still existed within the system. It would not rampage anywhere and gather any info, for the virtual worlds it was separated into were inaccessible to anyone but himself, the innards left mostly barren. He did hope that Tuller would use his brain for once and actually figure out just what it really was--for it was a Crawler virus, or at least the same format, but its programming language was foreign to him. "If you can, Lieutenant, please try and decipher its coding language. If we can figure that much out, we may be able to use it to defend ourselves if they are indeed attempting to hack us."

As to the Captain and First Lieutenant Heather, one could almost her his metaphorical eyes roll. "Of course I heard her, Captain. I am integrated directly into First Lieutenant Heather's headset. Hard to miss." He then set aside his sarcasm to examine the alpha waves. There indeed seemed to be a pattern, as if there was a message trying to be conveyed. "And I do believe she is correct. The patterns seem to convey a data stream for a message of sorts. It will be but a few minutes to establish the data and bring it on-screen, though I will need a hour to establish a similar connection back."


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Tuller stared stupidly at the screen that opened in front of him. "Decipher... I'm pretty sure this is alien! How the hell am I supposed to do that?" He stopped himself. "Wait, I know someone who is kind of a nut about this stuff. I wouldn't suppose you happen to have clearance to give me permission to get her in on this?" He said, already trying to find his sister. "She's my sister, and I think I can get her to not tell anyone."

"Thank you, A.I." Said Gunther, avoiding the use of Issac's name. He sat in his chair for a minute before realizing that he had nothing to do at the moment. He stood up. "I'll be in my room." He announced, walking to the elevator. Nobody stopped him. When he arrived, he changed out of his civilian uniform to his actual suit, and took his time. Captain work, in Gunther's case, is mostly short, frustrating periods of headache causing work between long stretches of boring. This appeared to be a smaller stretch of nothing, but that can't be helped. He wasn't trained to assist any of his subordinates, and if he was, they'd work better with him out of the way. So, currently, with nothing to do, he looked at his wall. The wall, he calls it, hold all of his prized medals and commendations. His most prized one would be his first commendation. He was an ensign then, and green. He was aboard the Lightning, a transport frigate that was running supplies to the Neon before it was destroyed. When the Oni-class battleship was neutralized, the Associate fleet turned to the fleeing fleet of ships that came to support it and gave chase. The lightning got the brunt of their attack, and crash landed on Neptune. There, the Associates assaulted the downed craft for weeks before reinforcements arrived. During that time, Gunther was awake the whole time, and did the best to his abilities, even held off an entire squad for a whole thirty seconds waiting for help from other parts of the downed craft, all the while protecting five injured crew members, including the captain. 'Good times, good times...' Thought Gunther playfully. Somehow, he did exactly what he needed to do, and somehow nobody he knew directly died. He didn't feel bad about the past. His body, on the other hand, took a massive beating. His arms are massively scared and they had to amputate his left leg. Bio-science made a new one for him, but he decided to got with a cybernetic one instead. It was nothing special, just a metal leg. "Gunther! Those brutish aliens are sending radio signals in our direction!" Said the intercom, snapping him out of his past. "On my way." He said, walking briskly to the elevator.


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Shepard chuckled underneath his helmet as he eyed the formation of Marines in front of him. Adion was not going to go easy on them, not by a long shot and that kind of no nonsense command worked wonders to keep the troops in line. Shepard employed a similar policy more often than not but having Sgt. Volf here to back him up would be a welcome respite form shouldering the burden of command alone. Shepard knew that whatever was to come his Spartans needed to be ready and they would be. The safety and security of this entire ship depended on it.

John took a walked towards the first line of Marines, and much like he did earlier he inspected each and every soldier under his command. He checked their armor and weapons load outs. He ensured that each Marine was adequately equipped and toting their gear safely. He stopped to question a few about their name, rank and reason for joining the USC. Each solider under his command was inspected carefully. Even the unruly Corporal Sinclaire received a cursory once over from her CO without a word.

Satisfied his Spartans were fighting fit Shepard returned to the front of the line to address his Marines.

"Looking good Spartans. Now I know a lot of you have heard one rumor or another about the terrestrials on the planets surface below. I don't want any of you letting that crap get to you. We treat this like any other assignment, do what we were trained to do and we'll all come out of this in one piece. Understood?"

"Yes sir!"

"Alright Spartans, dismissed."


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Adion looked over to John saying, "Can't wait to see the look on the faces of the green marines when they get their first taste of action." Then Adion added, "Where I'll sitting back fixing their tanks." with a snicker. It was one of the cruel things about Adion, as he was a learn by practical application type person. This often meant that those under his command would learn soon why everyone else prepared so much, from first hand experience.

"How long do you bet it will be before the captin sends us in?" Adion asked John. The one thing that Adion had never been good at is time estimations. He'll tell you it will be fixed in a day, it takes a week. Fixed in a month, and he's done in an hour.


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Program Issac was having trouble with his non-existent blood pressure. Lieutenant Tuller was acting a damned fool again, the Head of Communications Lieutenant Adam DeKry was assaulting and insulting the unknown, and the entire Goddamned bridge was attempting to intercede his peace with Ophelia.

"Lieutenant Tuller, I find three problems with your asking of assistance." The voice carried a tone of true annoyance, slowly describing itself as if to a child who asked 'Why' too often. "Firstly, your sister cannot be given permission without standing permission of the Captain. Secondly; I am not the Captain, so the reasoning you ask me for the permission I can not fathom. Thirdly, the more time time you spend squawking impossibilities, the more time you waste in not breaking down that coding." A sigh of electronic exasperation. "If it helps you move any faster, I will send in a request to the Captain." Issac kept his word, as well, sending the request as a text file to the Captain's data pad.

As to the ever-so-rude Lieutenant DeKry, he commented, voice sounding almost disappointed in the man, "I am sure the race with we we are attempting to establish just loves being called brutes as much as we do. May I suggest your silence once full connection is established?"


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"That's not what I-" Said DeKry before Heather joined the channel.
"Captain, the ones on the planet are launching ships. Scans indicate that they're boarding ships, seven in total. More are being prepared on the surface. They're the ones fighting the reptiles."
"Uh, yeah. Those are also sending radio waves at us. I can get visual and audio, but we won't be able to communicate with them." Said DeKry, sounding almost hurt at Heather's intrusion.
"Damn, what kind of boarding ships?" Gunther said, waiting impatiently on the elevator.
"Medium size, with what appears to be a long boarding tube sticking out the front. Their hull is composed of an iron/aluminum alloy, and they don't have any shields, so our IELfire missiles should be able to do significant damage if we focus fire. Pulse cannons are charging, but we don't have enough to destroy them all before two arrive, according to my calculations." Heather said.
"Deploy two regiments, Spartan and Cardinal, to defend against the boarders, with Viking and Blacksmith nearby, in case they beat us back."Gunther said as the elevator slowed to a stop. On his desk, his data pad flashed, forgotten.

"Alright, alright. I'll give it my best..." Said Tuller. He wasn't happy being told around by an A.I., but he couldn't do anything more productive until he got permission from the captain to include his weirdo sister. He turned toward the screen, on which holds either his key to the history books, a massive amount of headaches, or both.


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One piece my ass.” Octavia sneered at Shepard's words as she removed her helmet and began disassembling her gear. “I need a beer.”

“It's the morning Sinclaire.” Remirez looked at her crookedly.

“Technically, it's morning somewhere on the Eastern Coast of the United States. Here, in the middle of nowhere space, it's night all the time.”

“Your logical flaws me.” Remirez laughed.

“But you can't deny it.” O winked. “So you coming or what Remirez?”

Remirez peered at the copper haired vixen with an askew regard, wondering whether she was really considering having a drink while on duty. He decided nothing could be put passed Sinclaire. He liked that about her and would have joined her in her mutiny except now that he had a little free time he had some things to do.

“Can't. Got a few things I have to take care of.” He winked at her with a grin as they walked out the armoury doors.

“Your loss.”

“No doubt. I'll catch you later Sinclaire.”

With a nod and shared grins like those between old friends the two Soldiers parted ways.

Digging into her pockets as she slowly strolled down the corridors of Bay 5E, O pulled out a few dollar bills she had stuffed in there early. She had all sorts of crap in there that she had no idea how it got there. A card for a night club back somewhere in New York. A piece of candy. A rock?

Ah shit.

She'd lost her key card. Again.

Whipping around Octavia headed back to the Armoury Bay. She was always losing important shit. And she'd lost her key card on numerous occasions. They told her that if she lost it one more time, not only would she have to pay to replace it herself but they would also take disciplinary action against her because apparently 'by losing her key card she was jeopardizing the entire safety of the ship and all personnel on board. '

What a load of crap, thought Octavia. Anyway to extort more money out of us.

“ . . . Maybe you need to punish me.” Issac suggested.

“Don't tempt me.” Ophelia replied with the slightest curve to her lips as she concentrated on running a full diagnostic on Issac.

It took quite a bit of time because of the complexity of Issac, how he ran and everything he was hooked up to. Technically it wasn't in Ophelia's job description however it was almost the best part of her day. A little peace and quite and some very interesting conversations with Issac. No one but her was allowed in here. No one could come here and demand she do this or that. They'd have to wait and Ophelia made sure to take her time with running all the routine tests. For Issac was not only the single most important part of running this Ship; he was the heart of the Valhalla. Something that required the most delicate care.

"Really, what does it take for a bio-computer to get a break around here? That Captain just loves to make his orders..."

Ophelia simply smiled as Issac complained. His favourite pet peeve was the Captain's orders thrust upon him. She had a feeling that if he could take over the Captain's role he would gladly do so.

“The Captain's the Captain. And his orders are to be followed by all that includes you my disobedient friend.”

"Hmm, it also seems like your sister shall be shipping out soon . . . though you needn't worry about her. She can certainly take care of herself." Issac tried to reassure her and the feeling of dread that wore on Ophelia felt as if it had solidified into a heavy piece of mass in her stomach.

The Doctor could not put a finger on her anxious feelings regarding her younger twin. She worried about Octavia constantly. Maybe, she tried to reason sensibly with herself, it was because the fight had never been so close to her.

Octavia was away on one mission or another always. But this was different. Here Ophelia had seen her almost everyday and she would be waiting like the rest of the Ship for the results and outcomes of the Soldiers deployment. She wasn't a fool to believe that everyone would come back in one piece. She just hoped to God that her sister was one to come back fully intact.

“I'm not so sure about that.” Ophelia said finally with a deep sigh and a frown digging into her brow.

When there was no immediate reply from Issac, she knew he was dealing with other things; the Captain's orders no doubt.

Thus, no longer being able to stop herself, she called her sister. If Octavia was dispatched she wouldn't get through but if she hadn't been at least that would put Ophelia's mind at ease for the time being.

Stepping into the Armoury Bay, Octavia headed straight to her locker. She did not let her eyes wonder to the front of the room in case Shepard was still there. She just had to find that damn card and then get the hell out of there.

Opening her locker, she took a quick glance inside. It looked nothing like it had an hour ago. She was a messy and untidy sort and had just stuffed the suit and armour in any which way it would go. Sighing, she rubbed a hand across her forehead knowing she would have to take everything out.

Starting her impossible looking task, she tried not to groan and cuss too much as she systematically pulled everything out. She found $20 dollars under her helmet that she stuffed back into her pocket and her dog tags hung off one of her arm pads.

But no key card!

Crouching, Octavia swore something vicious. She was not paying for another damn card! It was then the WC (Wearable Computer) on her wrist began to ring. A photograph and a name flashed on the screen.


She accepted the call.

“What's up?”

“So you haven't been dispatched yet?” Ophelia questioned, an uncertain wait weighing her voice.

“Nope.” Octavia replied shortly. “Doesn't look like it's going to be any time today either.”

Ophelia's sigh of relief could be heard down the line clearly; Octavia frowned.

“So how are you?”

O rolled her eyes. Ophelia could be such a shrink at times. How are you? How does that make you feel? What do you think that means to you? Jeez!

“I'm fine, Mom.” Octavia replied with slight irritation as her hand searched blindly the bottom of her locker.

“That bad huh?”

“Worse, actually.” Octavia answered as she strained to pull something from the back of her locker.

The metal frame shook as she pulled out . . . She didn't even know what that was! But it sure wasn't her key card.

“And I can give you two good reasons why that is Doctor.”

Yeah, two good reasons named Shepard and Barton. Octavia mused coldly.

“But I won't bore you with the details of that now. Are you in your Office?”

“No. I'm working out of Office right now.” Ophelia replied.

“Sweet.” Octavia smiled.

Ophelia didn't need to see that smile to know what her sister had in mind.

“Don't order crap for my fridge!” Ophelia demanded down the line.

“What? Order for your fridge? I can't-” Octavia said; making sounds of the line breaking up. “Hear you.”

“Octavia! I'm going to kill you!”

“I love you too! Bye!” Octavia cut the line as she snickered to herself; still crouched at the foot of her locker, one hand searching while the other held the locker edge helping her keep balance.

What good was it being on board a Ship like the Valhalla with your sister if you couldn't take advantage of her privileges?

O decided to ditch the beer and planned on going straight over to Ophelia's Lab and Office. When her older twin was working away from her office, it often kept her away for long periods of time. Enough time for Octavia to enjoy herself at Ophelia's leisure.

She just had to find this damn key card first!


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Adion walked behind Octavia with a small piece of metal and plastic in his hand. He then tapped her on the shoulder, saying, "Is this what you are looking for?" His voice was that of someone who had no emotion, his stance showed that he was slightly relaxed. He was still in his armor. Of course, with how quickly he could end up at the end of a exploding engine, he always needed his armor.


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Issac was silent for a moment, processing the new data. "My apologies in advance, Lieutenant DeKry. I might just end up eating my own words." Working swiftly, the coordinates of the approaching ships were localized, allowing for targeting systems to activate deep scans of the ships, gathering as much detailed data of the ships as he could before the Captain decided to give the order to blow the vessels to pieces. "Lieutenant Heather, if we are indeed boarded, please do try your best to have the Captain to remind his troops not to desecrate anything of relative technological value. Including the bodies themselves, if it's not too much to ask." The second portion of the question was directed partly to the Captain, who had just made his way to the Bridge.

Able to run things on autopilot for now, giving a bit more freedom to the bridge to do as they needed, Project Issac brought most of his focus back to Ophelia. The only thing the bridge might notice would be the ceasing of his jokes, processing power staying the same.

Well, damn. She was currently on the phone with her sister. He mentally chastised himself for even bringing the thought up.

Issac, you idiot, why did you even say anything? You know nothing worries her more than her sister! Idiot!

Another perk of being but a brain: hiding emotions was easy without a face. He waited patiently for Ophelia to finish her call, not being able to help overhearing both sides of the conversation, 'smiling' as Octavia gave her sister a hard time. As the call was ended, Issac gave a small laugh. "Well, you certainly won't have to worry about her changing her personality, I can feel you that much." To avoid being chastised for practically supporting the sister's shenanigans, the then promptly offered his services. "If you'd like, I can remotely lock your office from here so that she cannot enter."

After heeding Ophelia's request to either lock the office or not, his voice shifted, sounding almost unsure. "I, ah, know that the diagnostic checks are almost done, but could you perchance spare moment or two to stay? Nothing important, I just want to chat..." back when I was Issac John Farstar. The second portion of his thought was cut off by the obedience drive. He was a bit annoyed at that, but his bigger concern for the moment was to keep Ophelia inside the Core until the quite plausible attack upon the Valhalla had both happened and subsided. It would keep her safe in the likely event that the alien ships boarded.


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Shepard was in his private quarters. The hero commander was seated still in his full armor, his helmet lay beside him on the simple metal bench he was seated on. In his hand was the holo deck that was normally attached to the interior of his left forearm that served as the mobile platform for Eva, his AI. She now stood in a ray of shimmering blue light in front of him no more than twelve inches in height. She looked at him with concern in her inorganic eyes. The relationship between USC Marines who were high ranking enough or skilled enough to be given their own AI's were well documented. It was a bond unlike any other, stronger even than the bonds of brotherhood forged between fellow soldiers. The bond between the AI's and their Marines was something indescribable. It was as if when the entire world around them could be nothing but cinder they always had each other.

Eva was not just some computer simulation created to replicate human thoughts and emotions, she was a true AI. Artificial intelligence that had it's own wants, dreams, feelings and emotions. She was attached to John in a way few understood. She loved him like a sister, a mother and a wife all rolled into one. She was his best friend and would always be there for him. Now she could see the conflict in his unsteady gaze she had not seen since the horrors of trench warfare in Serenity Valley.


She asked with blatant worry.

"I'm here Eva."

"Just checking, you've been weird since you ran into that Octavia girl. I ran her file and-"

Shepard's eyes flicked up and locked onto hers with mild amusement as if he was turning to a jealous girlfriend.

"You pulled up her file?"

Eva opened her mouth to speak then chuckled allowing her holographic lips to twist sweetly into a mischievous smirk.

"Is it so bad that I want to know a little bit about this girl whose got you all wound up?"

John shook his head slowly and looked away.

"I'm not wound up. I'm angry, frustrated... and a little happy all at the same time."

Eva arched her eyebrow curiously.

"Like I said."

She shot back sarcastically. John gave her a disapproving yet amused look that she fed off of with a dainty giggle.

"Octavia and I have... history but that's all it is. History, Eva. She doesn't care about anybody but herself. I learned that a long time ago and now I'm worried she's going to get one of my Marines hurt just to spite me."

Eva just gave her Marine a skeptical look.

"You sure that's all it is? You sure it's not-"

Eva stopped mid sentence as her eyes began scanning a data stream only her AI eyes and mind could see. Shepard picked up on it instantly and focused his attention on her.

"What is it Eva?"

Eva didn't answer right away as she was still processing the intel, seconds ticked by and she regained focus.

"Direct line from the Captain John, he want's the Spartans mobilized! Looks like we might have a boarding party soon."

Commander Shepard stood with the purposeful duty of a career military man as he grabbed his helmet and a fixed it back onto his head, the clean hiss gave voice to the tight seal it created. His speech once again took the tone of the rebreather like quality that gave him an eerie sound to his tone.

"Then we'd better go welcome them. Open up a line to all USC Spartans."

He said as he grabbed his rifle after securing Eva back onto his inner forearm and made for the exit.

"Line is open Commander."

"All USC Spartans, report for dispatch. Repeat, report for dispatch. This is not a drill."


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Adion heard the John over his mike as soon as he handed the card over to Octavia. The metal suit went straight for the armory, pulling out a 'mount anywhere' turret instead of a rifle. "By the way, we are being hailed." Adion said to Octavia upon exiting the door.

"John, give me the where and when. I'm bringing a boarding pass." Said Adion to John over the channel.


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Octavia peered over a rather dainty shoulder for a Marine, even for a female Marine. But looks could be deceptive, just like her seemingly innocent countenance which was shot to smithereens as soon as she opened her mouth.

That,” She said looking up at the armoured man from her position on the floor. “is exactly what I was looking for. My thanks Sergeant.” Octavia flashed him a smile that disappeared as quickly as it appeared as she slipped her Key Card out of his grasp.

Least that saved her a pretty penny. She was a USC Soldier and they sure as hell didn't pay her enough that she had money to spare for things besides necessities. That's why she economised; O mused with a smirk . . . And speaking of food . . . She was starving.

All USC Spartans, report for dispatch. Repeat, report for dispatch. This is not a drill.

Cracked the sharp voice over her wrist that Octavia recognised now immediately. She cursed John Shepard to the seventh hell of Hades. Wasn't enough for him to think he could order her about but now he was stopping her from eating.

Yet, O knew full well it was completely her own fault. She wasn't able to resist the opportunity this morning to make a little money off Watson – which he still hadn't paid her – instead of getting something to eat.

And she didn't work particularly well on an empty stomach. Octavia cursed herself into the same pit she had only moments ago been cursing Commander Shepard.

“By the way, we are being hailed.” Sergeant Volf broke her frowning thoughts as he exited the armoury bay.

“Yes, thank you Sergeant. I'm not deaf.” O replied cuttingly but unfortunately Volf had already exited the room to have heard her.

Sighing she got back to her feet and stuffed the Key Card without care into her locker as she began suiting up again. By the time she had booted the TIOS back up; the rest of the Marines were pouring back through the doors. All looking eager for the fight ahead.

Catching Barton's icy gaze, Octavia didn't pull her eyes away as she stared him down. There was no way on Earth she was going to let this asshole believe that he had won or that he had her scared.

As Barton turned and broke eye contact with her, a much friendlier face came and stood at her side.

“Already ready to go Sinclaire?” Remirez questioned with a raised brow and his ever present smile. “Thought you were getting a beer?

Octavia laughed.

“My heart is unreliable. I tell it one thing it does another, unfortunately.” She replied casually as she replaced the ear piece back in her ear after the AI completed the system checks; foregoing her helmet till it was necessary putting it on.

O wasn't particularly fond of the HUD; she much preferred the use of her own eyes. However it was an integral part of standard USC Armour and she'd have to wear it before going out.

“I'll have to keep that in mind.” Remirez winked as he began gear up.

“You do that.” Octavia replied with a slight smile.

Her thoughts seeming to meander their way back to their Commander; feeling something Corporal Octavia Sinclaire didn't want to.


Her and John had never before actually been deployed on a real mission together. She wanted to see what the Legendary John Shepard was made of and again to her annoyance Octavia was in no doubt that Commander Shepard would not disappoint.

She had to just try not to shoot him . . . No matter how tempting . . .


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"Captain, the shielded ship has positioned itself so that we are between the boarding ships and it." Heather said. Gunther nodded. The bridge was silent after that, even after the enemy got within range. Nothing was heard. The missiles, as predicted, did severe damage, but they took up a formation so that they would not be able to hit two. The boarding ships themselves looked grotesque. They looked like a mosquito's head, except that it has an 'eye' on every corner. They produced a beam that damaged the missiles, but failed to prevent them from hitting the ship. The pulse cannons and IELfire Missiles decimated five of them, but then they collide with the ship. Gunther told Issac beforehand to position the regiments to the locations that would be boarded, to prevent them from getting a foothold.

Spartan Regiment was quiet as they sat in the corridor. Its been a few minutes, but they've been briefed on the situation from the captain himself. They were ready. A massive tube burst from the wall in the next room over, and the air lock sealed immediately. The tube was composed of dark metal, with metal that looked almost green spider-webbed across its surface. There was silence for a few seconds, then a cover popped into place between the alien tube and the ship's hull, and the room filled with air again. The airlock opened, and Spartan Regiment rushed in. They took up positions behind cover, pointing every gun at the tube. There was a quiet rumbling at first, then suddenly there was a loud bang, and a tall creature fell from the hole and landed on its massive feet. It stood 8 feet tall, had arms and legs the width of logs, and wore little armor. Only a mask covered its face, only blurring its glowing yellow eyes. It didn't seem to have hands, simply having five clawed fingers and a gaping hole in place of this. It looked around the room, showing no emotion, then grabbed what appeared to be a small canister at its hip and banged it on the tube, sending a loud ringing across the room. It grabbed a second on its belt and pointed it at the largest group as two more started dropping from the tube.

(Bromander Shepard, I noticed that you failed to abandon your character. If you would be so kind as to do that so that we may continue the RP?)


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Adion stood still, looking at the massive beast. He had the 'mount anywhere' turret mounted on the cover that he was crouching behind, aimed at the beasts coming out of the tubes. "Don't shoot till they do." Adion ordered to his men.