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"Yes, I am sure your realm is fascinating, but I have an island to protect!"

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a character in “Doors and Portals”, as played by Lyx



"Strength and cunning will carry you towards a goal, but it takes courage and fortitude to reach the goal yourself." - Theme Song: Ignite

Name: Kieno

Gender: Male

Realm: Kieno is from a realm of vast skies without any earth like we would think of. There are floating islands across the skies, but there is no planet to be a ground. The floating islands are jealously guarded by their inhabitants, especially the flightless ones. Even those who can fly claim flying islands because at the end of the day they will need a place to rest. Sometimes full scale battles are fought for possession of the floating islands. Usually the grounded inhabitants of the islands have great flying ships that they use to transport goods and people. The inhabitants who can fly either claim their own islands or live on an island with others, often in exchange for food and other such things.



Appearance: In his true form Kieno is a fifteen foot long, serpentine dragon. He has scales that shift from sky blue to black depending on the time of day. Sprouting from his back is a mane of silky white fur. Both his front and back feet are tipped with sharp talons and have opposable thumbs. His eyes are golden in color with slit pupils.

Like the winds that he flies through in his home realm, Kieno has a changeable temperament. He can be a gentle as a cool breeze, playful and calm, or he can be fierce like a storm. Even though he is capricious, he does recognize that some matters are serious. When times call for it he becomes level headed and can be quite the strategist. But that will just be the times where he feel that he or his allies are threatened. Unlike his temperament, his loyalties do not shift easily. Once he says he will do something he will keep his word.


Summon Style

Stylized Appearance: WIP

Power: WIP

Mortal Disguise: WIP


Kieno was a being with the power of flight in his realm. For a long time he enjoyed the freedom this gave him, flying from island to island, hoping they were unoccupied. Many islands were taken and not many of the inhabitants wanted to share their resources, but there were enough small, unwanted ones that he could rest on. Eventually, tired of not having a home, he decided to settle down.

He made a bargin with the Shollen people, who inhabited a fairly large island. He would protect them as long as they allowed him to reside on the island and gave him access to their resources. This was the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship that lasted for hundreds of years. He helped fight off invasions and pirates and was fed good food as a thank you. Then one day people started coming on small flying boats, not to trade or invade, but to seek refuge from a group of raiders. Kieno started patrolling the area around the island of the Shollen people, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the raiders. During one patrol he was yanked into another realm. Now he has to put up with some otherworldly creatures while his allies face raiders without him.

So begins...

Kieno's Story


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The city of Spireworth was bustling as usual even after the welcoming warmth of the sun had fallen. In it's place was the pale luminous moon casting its light upon the crowds. Said crowds were with the magically gifted as well as those who were 'normal', as it was common for many mages to use their talents to make a living in a variety of ways. Stall owners called out selling crystals that held special healing properties, additional accessories for Conducts, and as normal in many markets an abundance of food. Apparently there is nothing better for roasted corn cooked by a fire mage..although normally the stall wouldn't be producing so much smoke.

A few disgruntled shoppers coughed loudly as the smoke continued, even a few remarked at the level of smoke. The fire breather merely shook his head mutely as the smoke continued to bellow out in a hurry. Said smoke was coming from behind the corn stall, seeping through the doors of a bar. There was a loud feminine cough as a young woman walked out clutching something in her hands along with a fat-looking wallet. An angry shout quickly followed the woman's exit as a rough bar patron pointed an accusing finger at the elegantly dressed woman "You cheated! You don't deserve that money..don't try to deny it. Only a cheat would do something as dirty as try to escape using that...thing...". Said thing merely glared with black eyes at its attacker before spitefully puffing out more some from its' head as a dainty hand waved the fumes away from her face "Kind sir, I am appalled you would accuse me of such a thing. I won our wager fair and was playing 'dirty' as you claimed due to your violence reaction to loosing...around". A smirk came onto the woman's face as she waved the wallet towards its former owner "Say..five hundred dollars? Shame luck wasn't on your side tonight. Maybe next time you should keep a better poker face..".

Struggling to find the right words, as the man let roar of rage, flames engulfing his fists as he swung blindly at the young woman before dropping to his knees clutching his manhood as the curved horns of Ollie slammed brutally into the man's stomach before trotting, albeit a bit clumsily towards the waiting Belladonna. The young woman merely gave the goat a gentle pat on his horns before walking away as if it was just another evening for her. The few spectators quickly cleared a path, not eager to give the hostile goat another reason to charge. Her destination was that of the bus stop which would take her back to the welcoming bed awaiting her return. Her other summon let out another huff of smoke at the small bleating of the goat. It seemed the two summons were having an arguments of sorts..."Now do behave you two, Luck you did good work tonight. Take a rest". The dice cup spirit merely let out a small smoke heart before pressing itself to the waiting card in his Summoner's hands.

Shuffling the card among the numerous others as Belladonna merely smiled at the events of the night. The money she had earned would help pay off her upcoming rent, and bring in much needed groceries. Eventually the wheezing of the bus broke her trance of shuffling as both Summoner and Spirit boarded the transporter. Eventually the place the duo called home came into view, the house was silent given the late hour. Moonlight gave some light through the windows as Belladonna shuffled towards her room eyeing each passing room briefly. She didn't know much about her roommates, although like every other mage she crossed with there were quirks to deal with. The first room belonged to Martin, a quiet, but kind man. Apparently being sickly all your life made you really focus on keeping a positive environment.

The door across from Martin belonged to an equally secretive Saturday who seemed keen on hiding herself away unless directly her scathing sarcasm at someone. Said sarcasm was actually pretty entertaining as long as it wasn't directed at Belladonna. While down from Saturday was someone clearly hiding something behind all that bravado. Xavier Poll was clearly raised with manners, although it could be hard to tell when the young man was bouncing off the walls with excitement over something trivial. Still she was becoming fond the infectious energy her roommate had, not to mention the utter heart melting cuteness of his rabbit summon. A sigh escaped her as she passed the surprisingly quiet room of her final roommate a house of quiet individuals would considered sacrilege as the man was nearly as boisterous as Xavier, although his energy had a more aggressive feel about it than kind. To say it was surprising this rough and tumble mage was a summoner would have shocked her given the nature of his Conduct. A baseball bat, an interesting choice..but it seemed fitting enough.

Finally reaching the end of the hall for her own piece of mind as soft cotton sheets crooned at her as she tiredly stripped down to her normal sleep ware. A simple bra and under ware would suffice..despite her favored preference of sleeping in the would do little good to flash unsuspecting roommates. Ollie merely settled himself at the end of the bed and was sleep within seconds. Envious of the goat's easy dreams, a sigh escaped Belladonna as she waited for her fatigue to take over her body.

A few hours passed by without any type of interruption...that was until a tingle came down Belladonna's spine. Darting awake as the tingles became like small shocks as her hands groped blindly for something on her nightstand. Finally her hands grasped her chosen object and roughly threw it against the wall. Cards scattered upon her eyes widened at her action of throwing her Conduct. The tingling had stopped..but the cards still rustled as before floating upwards revealing two figures, one taller and the other shorter. Snapping her fingers rapidly as the cards flew back into her hands like eager puppies, and a stunned Ollie merely charged at the taller figure without a second thought...

Who were these strangers and why did they seem so familiar to her magic?????


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Today was a work day, Saturday took shifts on going back and forth from making the art to selling it, today was a day to make art. She decided to make the best of it by doing her favorite thing, painting, she loved to paint and it showed in the amount of canvases that were strewn about the room some bank, others half finished and a few that had already been finished and were waiting to dry.

Her room was a bit of a mess with paint splatters on the tiled floor and walls, half finished projects laying on top of boxes of sewing supplies and paints. Her bed was just a mattress on the floor with a bed sheet in a bunch over the top but it wasn't like she used it much anyway. Button was laying on the bed not fast asleep from a long day of work, but Saturday had no suck luxury. She wasn't a slob or just lazy she just didn't have the time to be cleaning when she needed to make more things to sell.

It had been only a few weeks since she moved into an apartment and already it felt like home, which she couldn't say the same about her roommates. Starting from her least favorite, Belladonna, the woman was alright but she gambled like it was crack, Saturday had a chip on her shoulder for gambling and so this girl annoyed her with her pack of cards and coy smile.

Next was Martin, he was quiet a bit too quiet for Saturday's taste, he had a sort of eerie feel about him which made her want to avoid him, it felt as though he was hiding something even she didn't want to know. Xavier was the polar opposite always way too loud and rowdy making her want to shove pencils in her ears. He just talked way too much and gave weird responses to her sarcasm.

Lastly there was Anthem, she had mixed feeling about him he was the kinda guy that she normally wouldn't get along with but there was an air about him that she could help but subconsciously respect. And then there was his wisp, a little dog with big eyes that melted her heart, and she hated him for it any time he followed her around the house she tried shooing him away only to have him follow her more.

She listened as each one of them came home, hearing them walk past her door which was slightly ajar. But her main focus was on her painting it was a full sized canvas that stood vertical against her wall, she was painting the portrait of a man she had never seen before. She had been painting him for weeks now he started off as a speck in the distance of a landscape she was doing and each time she painted he was always there each time coming closer and closer. This scared and intrigued her but she dared not to stop,

This time he seems to be right up next to her standing in a far away place that was not of this world and he seemed so real almost like he was looking right at her. Then she herd Cho's barks from the other room and was about to go see what had happened when a flash of light came from the painting and she was knocked backward onto her rear.

She looked up to see her painting had come to life, something that had never happened before. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at the man she had painted, he was real, had she created him? “Go away,” she said half forceful half bewildered.


ImageA certain star floating through the void of space, not shinning any brighter or dimmer than any of the others, just another in an ocean of twinkling light.

This particular star had felt ordinary and plain even though most of the stars in the universe had taken bride in their jobs in painting the night skies with light. But most had their own shine to them, some had hues of color and some were bright, some were dubbed part of constellations, but not this star.

It didn't necessarily feel left out just bored in its placement in the sky, questioning its own existence if only to add a tiny dot in the night. It was the living embodiment of an identity crisis, it got confused on why it was only one of a billion, then frustrated for not knowing then exhausted from the mix of emotions.

But that all changed when he felt the tingling, it started off small but it had already recognized the sensation from the past times that it had shown itself. It knew what was to come next, the feeling would fade and everything would go back to as it was, normal. Boring.

But something was different this time, the feeling didn't go instead it grew and the star looked around hurriedly, was this what it was like when a star died. But this one was a practically young star only having live a couple thousand years, it couldn't be dieing now, but the feeling grew more and more coming from the inside out.

The star began to glow brighter and it panicked thinking that this was it this was the moment it would explode, but not having any eyes to close it had to watch as a strange light overtook its own shine until there was nothing but the light. Then suddenly, abruptly it winked out of the night sky, but instead of winking out of existence he found himself in a strange place that he had never seen before and could not describe.

He had his arms over his head and his eyes were shut tight as if he was still bracing himself for death, but when he realized it had not come he opened his eyes standing up straight. There were two other figures in the room but his eyes were still adjusting to the light. “Who the hell’s there?” Came a voice from one of the figures, the one furthest away from him. “Answer me!” But he was too petrified to speak.


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Eyes locked, a clock continued to tick, a wisp napped, Saturday held her breath waiting for the man in front of her to disappear or worse, stay. When neither of them had moved for quite some time she finally couldn't take it any more and she let out a huge gasp of breath continuing to breathe once more. But this did not ease her nerves in the least in fact it only made her skin prickle more with that fact that he would not leave or speak. She wondered if he could speak like he was Frankenstein's monster new life that was incapable of doing much of anything, or perhaps he was a doll unable to move unless she moved his arms and legs for him.

She wondered if it had just been an optical illusion as she might have painted him so well that he looked real to her, she was on the ground still sitting up on both elbows legs sprawled out on the floor. To test her theory she leaned to one side to look around the man glancing at the painting behind him. Alas, she was wrong he was standing about a foot away from the painting and in his place there was an outline of where he had once stood and inside the outline was a world she had never seen before with creatures she couldn't name.

While she was wondering what kind of place it was she noticed that it was in her style of painting even down to the fine details but she didn't remember painting them, perhaps it was something that she didn't have control of like when she painted him. The man that stood before her, he was still not speaking so she assumed him ill, Saturday slowly stood up before him looking him up and down. She abruptly move her body trying to catch him off guard as she moved towards him pushing against the strangers shoulders trying in vain to get him back into the painting.

She tried hard to move him her socks sliding across the tiles as she only managed to push herself backwards, her attempts were interrupted at a loud noise coming from down the hall. This made the girl stop almost causing her to fall to the floor again but she caught herself just before only to look over her shoulder at the door behind her, eyes narrowing. It had sounded like a crash and she remembered that there was a commotion in Anthem's room as well. “What the..” was all she could say before there was a knock at her door.

"I am assuming we need to have a house meeting... might I suggest we leave our guests alone to get to know one another.." She looked back up at the guy as Belladonna spoke get to know one another? she wondered confused as to who her 'guest' was supposed to get to know, ”do you know anything about this?” without waiting for an answer she moved toward the door listening as footsteps moved in the hall, she backed away from the door going over to a mirror hanging from the wall checking that her reflection was presentable.

There was odd colors of paint all over her hands face and hair which was pulled up into her signature mini buns, Saturday huffed raking her fingers through her bangs hopelessly trying to get them to lay flat. When she gave up she took off her apron and tossed it onto the bed waking her small wisp, Button followed his summoner to the door but she raised a hand for him to stay to which he stopped abruptly noticing the other figure in the room. Button put up his arms trying to act like an intimidating bear of some sort but with his small body and ever present smile it didn't work too much. Outside Saturday moved towards the kitchen her steps firm and deliberate against the floor boards, when she entered the room she heard Anthem finishing a lecture on not being a time for a drink.

The underage girl slipped the bottle out of Belladonna's grasp tipping it back for a swig before setting down on the island counter top in front of the woman leaning against it across from them. ”I say, if not now then when is the time.” She gave a little half smile but it didn't show in her eyes, ”and what do you mean by guests I only got one guy in my room I have no idea where he came fr-... She stop suddenly noticing Chow causing her heart to stop for a beat, she swore that no matter how many times she saw him it would always be the same reaction but she shook it off and finished what she was saying, ”..from.”


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After having spent several days straight of being awake the waves of exhaustion hit Saturday like ocean waves beating against a solid rock, if one were to look closely enough they would see her move and sway ever so slightly as if in response to the push and pull of the water. But she tried her hardest to make sure that there was no sign of weakness no sign of her struggle to perform normal tasks to keep the bitterness from becoming too harsh she even covered up the bags from under her eye just to keep people from knowing. She made it no secret that she never slept, often leaving her lights on all night, playing music or making noise at odd times in the morning. These were things that were not unusual for her room only on the rare occasion during the day would her door be shut with the lights off but this would be for only thirty minutes at a time before she was back to creating what ever project she left unfinished.

A poke to her forehead brought the girl back to reality causing to her to glare at the woman as she spoke, ”Stay away from my drinks, kid.." Where did she get to calling me a kid? Her eyes followed Belladonna as she left the room only to return a moment later holding a rather large book, this caught Saturday's attention forcing herself to focus and take things a little more seriously. She listened intently as everyone spoke, Spirits? Summoning? she knew that summoning was a thing that she could do but summoning a whole spirit that was something to be excited about, she only grimaced when Belladonna mentioned having relations between any of the roommates she looked around thinking that she hardly gave any of them the time of day much less... that!

When Belladonna had left Saturday moved over to the book still left open leaning over the counter to take a look at it, eyes half closed she read parts of the writing skimming over the words as she went. Ignoring everything else in the room as people spoke and moved around, it wasn't until a spirit walked through the front door that she looked up feeling the power radiate off of him and even though she would never admit it deep down she felt scared. Instead she covered up the fear with hatred hating the way he stood, how he scoffed at them, how calm he seemed even though she wanted to throw something heavy in his direction. Her jaw clenched in anger and she looked over at the tall figure her palms beginning to sweat as she pushed down the fear trying to forget it.

It wasn't until Anthem approached her that she looked away from Grey when her attention caught on Chow her face flushing pink from how cute he was her eyes going wide, when he let out a small bark Saturday quickly turned her head staring back into the book. Her heart had completely melted by then trying not to let it show her face returned to its usual stone like qualities allowing Anthem to continue speaking, ”Anyway, you know like, if you need any help or whatever, then you just come and ask me or, stuff. Since Chow seems to think you’re ok, and I ain’t gonna argue with him.” What a stupid thing to say, of course she didn't need any help, she had taken care of herself for so long that she wouldn't even know how to ask for help but instead of saying any of this she just replied in a cold voice, ”kay.”

When he left she she tried concentrating on the words in the book but it was proving more difficult than she could have thought, not having a high school education she couldn't understand some of the larger words which were long and foreign to her. It finally occurred to her that she should return to her room and address the man she had left there, so she picked up the rather large and ancient looking book and hesitated thinking for a moment before grabbing the bottle of alcohol from the counter taking a swig of it as she went making her way towards her room giving a glance toward Grey as she passed him eyes narrowing as she did.

Saturday opened the door only to be surprised at not seeing a man in her room she looked around the room only seeing Button sewing eyes onto a doll who pointed over to the wall where she followed his indication. She saw the painting that he had previously come out of noticing that he had returned to it but instead he had his back to her walking back into the painting as if he was going back to where he had come from. She couldn't help but feel more than a little disappointed in this even though it was what she had originally wanted once she had learned what he was and how he had gotten there she got herself pumped up ready to have someone else in her life but now he was gone.

Not letting it get her down she tossed the book on her bed giving a thumbs up to Button to let him know to keep working as she left her room to try and see if any of the other spirits had left as well. She followed the scent of burning to Martin's room where he was standing outside talking to his door, Saturday strolled up next to him taking another long swig from the bottle she still held about to put it down to say something to him when a voice from the other side of the door made her jump a little, "I would love to come out. I want to meet the other people! But I don't know how..." The voice surprised her it was not only loud but female, Saturday looked from Martin to the door and back again crossing one arm over her chest and nursing the alcohol to her lips with the other raising an eyebrow.