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Roulant d'Ornano

War hero turned farmer

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a character in “Dorchadas”, as played by Ragnarรถk



Roulant d'Ornano

Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 37
Rank: Captain, 1st Battalion, 3rd Platoon, Frontier Wolves (Retired)
Magic-Rank: Minor Mage

Physical Description:
Roulant is a tall man at 6'4 with a heavy build to match. He boasts thick blonde hair that is forever in a natural coif. An ugly scar crosses the bridge of his nose from where he was nearly killed by an enemy Lancer. A slight limp is evident in his left leg when he walks and he when on foot he seems ungainly and awkward at times.

On horseback, the man has no such imperfections. He is a master horseman, un-matched swordsman and a crack shot with a carbine, mounted or otherwise. Like all the men who serve in the cavalry he is strongly built, corded arms and a thick neck created by years of swinging a blade. His time as a farmer has only served to strengthen him.

This man, this War Hero, was a soldiers soldier. He is awkward in Politics, not horribly clever when it comes to witty barbs or small talk, but he can lead and kill men like few before him. He always had a dislike of the Officer Core, the idea of purchasing a rank rather than earning it sickened him and his disdain for officers led to his lack of promotion. Though no one could ignore his battlefield merits. He is hopeless with paperwork, so much so that his farm in great danger of being seized by the government for lack of tax payment.

He enjoys playing a guitar, singing, and drinking as much as any career soldier.

When it comes to his men he had several simple rules. They would not steal unless from the enemy or when starving, they would not drink without his permission, and they would fight like the devils. He backed these up with his fists rather than the more formal methods of flogging or decimation.

He rarely smiles or yells. He exudes confidence so much that it is often mistaken for aloofness or disdain. He rewarded men who fight well, and has those who shirked transferred somewhere else. He was a soldier all his inferiors and superiors privately sought to emulate on the battlefield. Fearless. Courageous. Skilled. And quite possibly suicidal at times.

As a Farmer he is bored, un-married, restive, and above all, determined to make things work. His war is over and he wants nothing more than to raise cabbage and be left in piece.

Roulant was born a nobody on an Island with no man. His mother was a farmers daughter, his father a travelling tinker. His father was in his life for one wild night with his mother and never seen or heard from again. His mother gave up the baby to a Monastery in secret to keep shame from her family. The Monks raised him to be one of their own, like so many others, but it was hardly to be.

Roulant had a spirit inside him that drove him to test his boundaries. He displayed some small skill in Magic, mostly in the realm of being able to track or detect other people which the Monks encouraged so that they might help look for people messing in the Messa that covers the Island.

Roulant, through lash and stick, learned how to read and write multiple languages of the Kingdom and its neighbours. He was assigned to assist the local hunters in securing food for the Monastery. During one of these hunts Roulant was speared by a wild boar and the injury left him with a permanent limp in his left leg, but he killed the boar, who out weighed him by four times, with a knife. His fearlessness was noted by the Huntsman.

Six months later a soldier from the local garrison arrived at the Monastery and, without any ceremony, informed the Monks that Roulant would be leaving with him. So began Roulant's induction into the Army at the tender age of fourteen. No one ever asked him his age.

For two years he trained an infantryman at the local Garrison but quickly showed aptitude for horse work and at sixteen he was sent to the Capital to join the Imperial Dragoons as a stable boy. It was here, at the heart of the Kingdom, that he began to flourish.

At 18 years old he found himself a terrified Trooper at the Battle of Verona, his first military action. For the Kingdom is was a disaster, for Roulant it was the beginning of a legendary military career. As the Army retreated with the enemy close on their heels, the Imperial Dragoons fought a dogged retreat, buying time for the rest of the army to escape with their lives. At a high bridge over a deep river in a village with no name, a young Roulant committed what was later described by his Commanding Officer as the "Damnedest piece of swordsmanship I have ever seen."

A wounded Dragoon Officer had been unhorsed on the bridge, the last of the men to try and make the crossing as bullets shattered the stonework around him. He was crouched behind his dying horse as the enemy closed in for kill. As his comrades watched in horror the young Roulant, still baby faced, gave a wavering cry and kicked back his heels. His charge carried him onto the bridge and into the face four enemy Lancers advancing on the downed Dragoon. In a flurry of blows and one single handed carbine shot, Roulant killed or wounded the four men. While still under fire, he dragged the wounded Dragoon Officer over his saddle and rode to safety. They would later count thirteen bullet holes in his cloak and one that had lodged itself in the thick leather of his saddle two inches in front of his leg.

For his action he was awarded the nations highest military award for bravery, the Golden Phalerae. It was the first time, but certainly not the last time, that Roulant d'Ornano would charge in certain death and emerge victorious. The young Officer he saved would one day become the Imperial Dragoons Commanding Officer and the action was not forgotten.

Several years later the young Trooper had become a Lance Corporal in the Frontier Wolves, an elite cavalry regiment that often ranged behind enemy lines. Roulant was leading his own Squad in the blazing southern campaigns against the endless of Nomadic savages riding from the ancient steppes at a place called Jena. The Frontier Wolves fought impressive skirmishing actions throughout the day, forcing the enemy cavalry to withdraw. Exhausted and bloodied, the Wolves had retired to a heavily wooded area to rest. Then, as they watched, the enemy army began to advance into the plain, thousands of infantry and horse drawn artillery. The Kings Army was caught flat footed as the enemy began to turn their flank. In what would later be known as the Charge of Jena, the Frontier Wolves burst from the woods and smashed into the enemy Army who had overlooked this single Regiment concealed on their flank.

Four enemy regiments were completely smashed and their siege train over run in the charge. Roulant was one of four men who captured enemy standards that day and he was granted a battlefield promotion to Lieutenant on the spot. The fight had been vicious however and Roulant suffered a savage facial wound that forced him to return home to recover.

For three months he hovered on the verge of death, body racked by fever, as the wound festered. In time however he recovered and, when he was able to stand on his own two feet, was brought before the King who presented Roulant and the other soldiers who had captured standards at Jena with Golden Phalerae. Then, in front of the entire assembly, the King did the unthinkable, and offered the nineteen year old Lieutenant an early Honourable Discharge for his services rendered to the Kingdom.

Roulant thanked the King but stated he wished to continue to serve the Kingdom as a soldier. The King had nodded and then handed the scroll with the Discharge to Roulant and told him to put it in his saddle bags and, when he was ready, he could retire with the King's blessing. Roulant kept that scroll and when the time came, and enough blood had been shed, he took the King at his word and retired to a small farm in the Outlands to grow cabbage.

By the end of his military career, Roulant boasted four Golden Phalerae, the most of any soldier in the history of the Kingdom. His name was legend, his combat skills studied, but he had had enough. Roulant never forgot the man who gave him the choice that he had made so many years ago and he now travels to pay his respects to the greatest man he has ever known.

So begins...

Roulant d'Ornano's Story