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T-virus rises up

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I'll give more information once more people have "signed up". But generalistically it's about this Squadron of soldiers that are left in Dorsten, Germany while fighting with their battalion against the infection.

A battalion of United States soldiers were in Dorsten, Germany, fighting against the T-virus. The T-virus operates similarly to most other viruses, but also has the abilities to reanimate dead tissue, to substantially mutate its host, and to infect nearly any tissue in any type of host. It animates dead tissue by killing and replacing any mitochondria in infected cells, and then combining with these cells to produce enough energy for motor and lower brain functions. By doing this, most of hte body's systems, such as the circulatory or respiratory systems, are made redundant. The battalion retreated from Dorsten to go back to the United States, where there were several safe pockets that they could hide out in. When they left, they left a squadron of people.

The battalion was a small portion of the soldiers called the Dorsten Warriors. Dorsten Warriors are a group of people, strong like the army and the marines, which are fighting the infected. It is named after the town where the T-virus originated, and where most zombie's flocked to in the beginning. Each Squadron in the Battalion named their own squad, to differentiate it from the other groups. The squadron that was left behind was called Neon Venom.

This is Dorsten; ... -22020.jpg

This is a few key characters in the Squadron;

Geneva Maxine Mercado (Nickname: Max)- Age:27, Hometown: Cadott, Wisconsin.

She joined the Dorsten Warriors when she was 23, four years after the infection had begun to spread. Her squadron is one of the best, held in high esteems by the thousands that are in the Dorsten warriors. Neon Venom wasn't her first squadron, she had been the leader of another called the Black Atom. They had been on a routine run of Charleston, West Virginia, not a high security area because no zombies went there, but her whole team was wiped out by a large group of new born zombies. She had barely escaped with her own life, and also found a teenage girl named Elouise, and saved her life as well.

Max is an extraordinarily relaxed person, but it deliberately conceals the anger that festers within her. She can be compared to a self-righteous lion for the reason that she will not let any person tell her what she should do, other than the Squad leader Payne. No matter the situation she always thinks that she is the one that's right. She'll normally do things her own way, unless she knows it's important for her not to.

She has long, straight brown hair down to her mid-back, with short bangs that end at her eyes. Her skin is pale, contrasted by her green eyes, and dark eyeliner. She stands at 6'1, and is muscular, but not disgustingly so.

Elouise Hope McGill (Nickkname: Hope)- Age: 18, Hometown: Charleston, West Virginia.

Joined the Dorsten Warriors when she turned 18, feeling obliged to join when both parents were taken by the infection, and after she was saved by one of their soldiers. She is second in command in her squadron. Her disposition is an optimistic outlook, no matter the situation, and brings hope to the squad, hence why they call her by her middle name. Although, she's sweet, she's also tough, and can take care of herself and the squad. She saved them all from a serious threat a few weeks after entering the squad, and everyone decided to promote her to second in command.

Hope has naturally red hair, in a pixie manner, short above her ears. Her eyes are blue, and her complexion pale. Standing at 5'6, she's small compared to everyone else, but she knows how to move.

Marcellus Payne (Nickname: Payne)- Age: 28, Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Joined the Dorsten Warriors when they began, one of the founders. He is the squad leader of the Neon Venom, and understands more than most about the T-virus and how zombies behave. No one knows must about his history other than that he was an army major, and then came back and helped his country once again in their time of need.

He looks exactly like The Comedian from the Watchmen.

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