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Leslie Carnile

Death by drowning

0 · 312 views · located in Purgatorio

a character in “Doubt Thou the Stars are Fire”, as played by Leda



Name: Leslie Carnile
Age: 21
Height: 5'4
Gender: Male (transgendered)
Weight: 150

Favourite colour: blue
Favourite show: Soul Eater
Favourite book: The outsiders
Favourite movie: Big Hero 6 (at the moment)
Favourite song: This is gospel



Relationship status: single
Orientation: gay


•tight clothes•


He died January 5th. It had originally been a really nice day, he'd decided to go skating with his sister, Lenix, but they hadn't realized how thin the ice was. He fell through and caught under the ice. His body numbed up from the cold and he drown quickly, and if that hadn't killed him the cold definitely would have...

He was born on August 23, biologically name Sarah, but grew up to be Leslie. He never felt like who he was "supposed to be", and when he finally told his family they were abit upset but promised to still love him. He believed them in that promise but they continued to refer to him as Sarah and him being too young, couldn't move out. He was always a shy person, meaning he didn't have many friends, but after becoming Leslie he opened up more, and soon became a quite bubbly person.

His death affected afew people, but the funeral was small and not many talk about it...

Personality: He's a very happy go lucky person "living" for the now, not as open as he should be, and a very caring and kind person. Leslie is the kind of person who would drop everything for some people...kinda foolish and naive if you ask me...

(Im on mobile at the moment unfortunately, but I will try to do a better template when I can, as well as hopefully add an icon when the cropping site is up, if I get the spot :3, also if there's anything you'd like for me to add or change please just let me know! I really hope to rp with you ps also willing to change death!)

So begins...

Leslie Carnile's Story


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Current Thoughts || "Why can't death just be death?"

Another one woke up. He didn't speak his name and it didn't seem like he was in a rush to stand up. Hazel watched him for a while trying to figure out why he hadn't moved. Maybe he was paralyzed. He would become a burden if anyone of the group had to pull him around. At that thought she stopped watching him. There was no point of waiting for the man to move around. Whenever he felt the need he would get up. A blonde who also hadn't said her name spoke up about what Hazel was asking. "Well, we're dead," The strawberry blonde wanted to retort with a sarcastic comment or even an eye roll, but she refrained. The last thing she needed to do was upset the blonde and then she becomes her undoing. Once she starts to understand who she is with, that is when Hazel Von Pellum will truly come out to play.

Hazel got a good look at the blonde though. She seemed almost nervous and scared. As most people would be if they woke up to be told they are dead and left to wait for further instruction. Hazel wasn't normal. To be completely honest, she didn't want to wait for whatever it is to return. How does anyone even know if that is a good thing? They were just told that they were dead and now they are being told to wait around? Hazel wanted to be dead. Although that is a bit morbid she would like her soul to pass on to the torture chamber that Satan had personally crafted for her. Not wait around in limbo to do someone's bidding.

A man by the name of Julian spoke up soon after that also to answer Hazel's question. "Instructions are coming, according to that tree... we'll take it one step at a time," So everyone was being told what to do by a plant. If it was up to her she would explore the woods that she was put in. Figure a way out. Something. This was starting to get annoying. Julian went to tend to the man who was laying on the ground. "Julian's right. No point in freaking out about this. Besides who knows what's out there. We'd be better off sticking together and staying in one place."

First. Hazel wasn't freaking out nor would she ever freak out. There was nothing to freak out about. They had all died. Every last one of them. There was nothing else that could happen to them that could possibly be worse than that. Second. She didn't know any of them. Granted she knows Riley, Julian, and Kai now because they introduced themselves but that is it. How does she even know that it's safe staying with them. Third. No one knows what is coming to explain to them. This could be some kind of sick trick and who ever comes is going to torture them. It seems that Hazel was the only one thinking about how wrong this all felt. If they were dead why weren't they dead? "Okay. I understand that freaking out isn't going to help the situation. But is no one else curious to who we are waiting for?" Hazel moved to sit down on the ground. No need to stand if they were waiting.

"We don't know each other. We are practically in limbo. A tree tells us we are dead and to wait. This all just seems wrong." Hazel didn't really mind speaking her mind on this matter. She seemed to be the only one thinking about it.