Kurloz Makara

"To the gentleman i'm Miss Fortune to the ladies i'm Sir Prise."

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Kurloz Makara




Sexual Orientation:

Love Interest:
No one as of now.


He has wild locks of hair. These locks shine with brilliance and flow with life, from the careful care he's given them. He rarely cuts his hair, but it usually doesn't grow larger than its current state. His hair appears to be tinted lightly with purple when light shines directly on it, but it appears black when in darkness or moderate light. His teeth are a clean white and his smile is usually calm. There are faints signs of his lips having been stitched together, but those scars cleared away, mostly. His skin color is natural beige, being of hispanic and gypsy descent. His chin is defined neatly. He has an Adam's apple that is usually hidden by his scarf.

Clothing Style:
Kurloz wears a purple color scheme, seeing as his hair would match with it. He rarely covers his face with anything, seeing as there is no point in doing so. He wears a purple scarf around his neck that was made by his previous love. His shirt is a purple one with crosses put on it towards the top. He folds the ends of his sleeves over, as to allow him to freely move without getting his sleeve caught on anything. His pants are a simple black with a not folded bottom. His pants end a bit above his socks, leaving a patch of skin exposed. His shoes are mainly black with purple shoelaces and a purple capricorn sign on the side. The soles of his shoes are white.

5ft 8 or 70 inches / 158lbs



♑ Lying/Trickery ♑

He, being of gypsy descent, was taught the ways to steal from , lie, and trick people. He can keep his emotions hidden and fake other emotions, effectively making him perfect when questioned. He could tell you a rock has gold in it, and you would probably believe him. He rarely uses this talent on people who are poor, seeing as stealing from the rich wouldn't get him as much hate.

♑ Mixed Martial Arts ♑

He has been trained in defensive martial arts, and has combined those to get the best of each style. He isn't trained in offense, but he can still punch. He prefers to not start fights using his martial arts, seeing as protecting is better than attacking, or at least it is in his book.

♑ Detail catcher ♑

He can study a thing quickly, from books to a crime scene, but this can work to his disadvantage. After all, being too quick at looking at things could make him miss the bigger picture.


♄ Books ♄

He enjoys reading books as a way to escape from the world temporarily, not that he doesn't like the world, it's just that everyone needs a break. He prefers fantasy and isn't inclined to read sci-fi. He does however, have a facisnation for horror and abstract concepts.

♄ Lovecraftian lore ♄

He loves the books from HP lovecraft, seeing them as something that strikes him as interesting. Creatures that live beyond the understanding of humans facisnates him and makes him wonder, but mostly facisnates.

♄ Music ♄

Self explanatory, although he does prefer piano to modern music.

♄ Darkness ♄

He has a liking of the darkness. Mostly due to his hair appearing a strange color in it, and it's quietness.

♄ Candy ♄

He has a soft spot for candy.

♄ Nature ♄

His previous love was obsessed with animals, which in turn made him enjoy seeing animals and plants. He'll still eat meat though.


♄ Ants ♄

♄ Rock ♄

♄ Pricks ♄

♄ Idiots ♄

♄ Hot-heads ♄


He has Homichlophobia, the fear of fog. He fears fog due to the unknown factor to it. There could be demons, murderers, or ghosts in the fog for all he knows. He becomes tense and tries to find a way to fight off any creatures possibly in the fog, and he may end up seeing things that are not there.

He has Myrmecophobia, the fear of ants. He is utterly terrified of being touched by them, but he'll be fine if they aren't touching him or his clothes. He drank an ant before and developed this phobia. He'll freak out when touched by an ant and possibly scream like a little boy.

He has Peniaphobia, the fear of poverty for a very good reason. He's experienced poverty and doesn't enjoy having to wonder where his next meal is coming from. He doesn't want to have to worry about stressful things like this. He'll probably not worry about the poverty of others, but he'll freak out when he is becoming poor. He'll probably end up stealing something and selling it.


Kurloz has a genius look in his eyes, gained through his constant reading of books. He rarely speaks, deciding that silence is much more preffered. He speaks with an eloquent and soothing voice, one that appears to always tell the truth. He has a mysterious aura to him, made even more by the fact that he rarely shares his past. He has a tendency to try calming situations down. Some people are unsettled by him, and they have a right to be. He has a deep interest in the Lovecraftian mythology. He does however, has a weakness: speaking of his former love. She died, and that left him slightly broken. That's all he'll tell people. He speaks fluent spanish, learned from hearing his family speak it through at his house.

Feelings About the Other Characters:
Thoughts and opinions on the rest of the gang if you would please. If you don't understand, take the GM or co-GM's profiles examples. You can fill this out later when all the characters are in.


Kurloz was born with gypsy and hispanic ancestry. He was trained by his mother, a fortune teller, to steal, lie, and trick others. He was told not to steal from the poor and only the rich. He didn't speak very much from the beginning of his life, but he was quite verbose. When he did speak, his voice held a sweet melodous tone to it. His father was a Mexican man, one that took care of Kurloz after his mother died. Kurloz's mother died after he was ten years of age, but he didn't show his sorrow. He hid his emotions well, speaking less than he usually did. He began playing more and more with one of his friends. He and his friend eventually became more than friends, and they kept on building up. It was obvious that they loved each other, but she died when he turned eighteen. He became more secluded and took an interest in less-than-loveable hobbies. He began reading Lovecraft, researching surgery, and becoming a bit more creepy. He eventually found a new game, one that seemed like it would help him get his mind set on something. He decided to join the game, and try winning. Perhaps it would take his mind off of the world he lived in.

Theme Song:
La la la la, La la la la, La la la la, La la la
La la la la, La la la la, La la la la la

Eat, Sleep, breathe it,
you're full of the stuff
Go bag it, tie it up tight
Wheat-meat-dairy-free, teetotal, happy clappy
High on life, you should try it, try it, you know
Go on while no one's looking.

A-ha! Gotcha now!
Caught red handed in the biscuit tin!
Cost you to keep me quiet!

Golden boy boots, Pocket pedal stool
Picking sharp smart moves
Plastic, tin can, paper separator
Busy bee wave, wave save the planet flag
But sneaky in suburbia

A-ha! Candid Camera
Hook, line and sinker
For the four-wheel drive
Cost you to keep me quiet!
Keep me quiet!
(Keep me quiet!)

Nicest, sweetest,
upmost in everything
So charming, very charming
Well read, can play the fool, no one's ill at ease
and put their deepest swiss bank trust in you
No one saw it coming

Aaaha! Aaaaaaha! Aaaaaaaaaha!
You killed a man
Cost you to keep me quiet!

So begins...

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