Lauren Hisakata

"I can't rule out any of you until the wolf is dead"

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Lauren Hisakata




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Lauren is a small and thin seventeen year old girl. Often you will find her shoulders slumped forward in a way that is usually described as unconfident. She will tilt her chin down and try to avoid eye contact, frequently gazing into the floor. Her eye colour is comparable to a clear sky, but is rarely noted due to her posture. She has long, dark brown hair that often appears black and her bangs are neat and a uniform length. Her skin is more pale than average as she doesn't tend to go outside often. Her eyes reflect a large amount of light, almost as much as a dog or wild animal, leading to confusion in the dark. Cleanliness is an important aspect of Lauren’s routine, she knows that smells can deeply affect a person and she does her best to make it a positive effect.

Clothing Style:
Lauren’s clothing style reflects her need to blend in. She is often found wearing dull pastel toned colours like grey or black. Sometimes she will adjust the colouration of her clothing to correspond with the surrounding environment. Her clothing style is generally very modest and she is rarely seen without a sweater, regardless of temperature. When she does wear t-shirts, they usually have some form of animal on them. Her clothes, regardless of age, are taken care of to the point where they look almost new, maybe slightly faded. She cares about comfort as well and tends to wear soft or knitted clothing. The one exception to her generally dull style is the placement of accessories in her hair such as flowers or feathers.



Back when she was younger, Lauren’s father used to play piano right before she went to sleep. As she got older this happened less and less until it stopped altogether. Whenever her parents were gone she would experiment and play things she had heard earlier that day or mess around until she created a song that reflected her feelings. She has done this since she was seven and now at seventeen is quite proficient.

She is able to hear snippets of conversation, assign them to a person, and remember what they said for quite a long time. She will also remember what a person was holding (like a pencil), and what the time and date was when she observed this. Because of this she is able to ascertain whether someone is lying better than the average person.

Due to afore mentioned memory skills she is able to almost perfectly memorize a person’s face and then draw it. She is able to sketch and then colour anything she has seen before with very little error. She is, however, not very good at imagining things or concepts to draw unless they have been very rigorously described or thought about. She is not an immensely creative person, and if drawing creatively will steal concepts and designs from others.

Books that involve mystery
Lauren loves to try to predict what a particular character will do, she enjoys mystery books the best because it makes this task even more challenging. Crime novels are also among her favourite genres and the old time classic of Sherlock Holmes is probably one of her favourite series from the genre. She loves the way that Sherlock is able to pick up on the slightest clue and has aspired and trained herself to be like him.

Soft rhythmic noises
The tick and tock of a clock quickly become a tempo for some song inside her head. Whenever she hears it she will rush to the piano and play something out until she desires no longer. In the shower the pitter patter of the water crashing against the walls of the tub will cause her to hum almost instinctively.

Warm food
Food is an intense experience for Lauren and also reminds her of her earlier days when her mom and dad used to cook for her. Now that she sees them so rarely, Lauren reserves food at particular temperatures for special occasions so that she does not dilute the memories.

The intricacy that can be put into a dance never fails to amaze her, regardless of how many times she has viewed it. Out of all the things she wishes she could do but cannot, she wishes she could dance. The ability to put rhythm into a visual form is very interesting for her, but she does not have very good muscle memory and that makes her sad.

Lauren likes owls because of their large, focused eyes. They are almost always found in high places, waiting and observing before swooping down to catch their prey. She feels she can relate to owls, except for catching prey of course.

Harsh non-rhythmic sounds
Lauren intensely enjoys songs and pieces provided that they have rhythm, when they don’t it is almost painful for her. Harsh sounds will cause her to roll into a ball when not in public and in public she will unknowingly adopt a facial expression reflecting pain.

Lying people
She can understand how a person might get confused about something and misinterpret it but she cannot stand people who knowingly lie. In her perspective these people only do it to take advantage of others and she refuses to be fooled or let other people be fooled and will call them out if the lie is harmful enough.

Terribly written works
Pieces and books where the writer has not bothered to put in overtones or significant themes annoy her. She understands that not everyone is a writer, but everyone can put in effort. If a book’s quality is deemed controversial she will usually be on the side that dislikes the book.

Cold weather causes great discomfort for her, she hates the way her hairs stand on end in it. In an effort to avoid it, she is hardly seen without a sweater.

Unexpected physical contact
Lauren loves hugs… if the people giving them ask first. Anything unexpected or not predicted scares her and makes her deeply uncomfortable.

Large degrees of uncertainty make her nervous. What cannot be predicted effectively scares her and as a result she clings to what is predictable and known. She would be perfectly fine with sky diving, she knows exactly what risks there are and how to prevent them, it’s the stuff that is unknown or that has too many variables that really frightens her. When she is not confident with a prediction or uncertain she will, depending on the situation, make up an excuse to go home. If she cannot do so then she will start pacing and adopt a facial expression of worry.

Sharp objects
Anything that’s sole purpose is to pierce flesh puts fear into her. She witnessed a stabbing in down town New York once, the way the man on the pavement’s blood and life flowed out him easily scarred her at an age of nine. It has affected her to the point where she gets very nervous just cutting up vegetables with a sharp knife. Even just being in the presence of someone with a knife or needle makes her nervous enough to faint. The power to kill scares her, but it scares her even more when it is in someone else’s hands.

Lauren is constantly reminded of the incident she saw when she was nine every time she sees a new person. The person who stabbed and killed the unsuspecting individual dressed and acted like an average person of middle class. Before the stabbing he was indistinguishable from anyone else. The fact that anyone could become like that man and no one would be able to tell beforehand frightens Lauren immensely. This incident caused her to have a general distrust in individuals and humanity that continually grew as she avoided contact with people and paid close attention to the media. It has led to her being incredibly cautious on the streets and observing her surroundings stringently.

Lauren is very shy and socially awkward girl. On the outside she is, put simply, mild. The clothing she wears is usually very drab and grey to make it so that others don’t notice her. When people see her they generally form the impression that she is a very boring and uninteresting girl. Speaking to her takes effort and she must be prodded if you wish her to reply in multiple sentence answers. Most people give up after realizing this and ignore her, sometimes they will glance at her, but nothing more.

Lauren finds the people who try to speak to her somewhat annoying and somewhat scary. She is cautious of people who approach her and will desperately try to avoid eye contact. There are very few people she trusts and among them are her parents and a few friends. Even with the people she trusts most, she is constantly gauging their behaviours and reactions. She has pretty major trust issues, but will eventually loosen up around people she knows. This is helpful in some dangerous situations, but greatly hinders her ability to work with others.

One thing that Lauren excels at is music. Her brain is wired a bit differently that the average person and it is likely that she has some form of visually induced auditory synaesthesia. Memories and visuals are heavily linked to sounds and musical pieces in her case. This helps her remember things very well, as she will simply think of a particular piece and be able to summon a memory. In addition to her auditory synaesthesia, she is able to proficiently play the piano. Hardly anyone hears her play, however, as very few people are invited to her house.

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Lauren grew up with parents who were successful entrepreneurs who travelled and worked mainly in Japan and the United States. She has never really had a permanent dwelling to call home as her parents moved quite a bit. Moving a lot also affected the depth of the relationships she could have at school, which is part of the reason she is so shy. She has a few friends she keeps in contact with overseas and few friends at school, but not many. Because her parents were entrepreneurs they were often very busy, leaving her alone almost to the point of neglect. In these times she took up reading, watching television, and various forms of art.

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