Downfall: a Lasting Line

Downfall: a Lasting Line


Between your oppressors and your capitol, lies you. Struggle under the harsh conditions of over-extension in a war. Prevail... or die.

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Welcome to the Meizure Fortress, soldier. The line between the Esvyr Kingdom and our capitol city, Feirith.


I hear you're one of the 500 soldiers Lord Pierce sent us. Well... you've seen it's not exactly the... greatest, here. There's low food supplies, it's getting awfully cold during the nights, and we got what's reported to be three Esvyrian legions, heading to or around us. It doesn't exactly make it easier when we're trying to harbor the civilians who got out of the war zones to the West. I hope you trained hard! Those Esvyrian bastards stand for this... sad expression of monkey dung. What do they have? They have soldiers, soldiers, some farms, and more soldiers. We... the Namurians... we have some order to our lives. There is individuality, there is pride, there is freedom. We must stand strong, my brother! For our glorious republic! There may not be a tomorrow if we fail here...

Come, up to the wall with me. Look...


This... This is what they've done to our glorious land, soldier! This is why we fight! They have desolated the forests, pillaged the towns, and most likely raped the women! They are a threat to our sovereignty! We must protect our homeland of Namure... We must protect our families... we must protect our friends... we stand here or die.

For those looking to join, read the OOC thread "Character Sheet," and to keep updated on important characters not necessarily listed in the "Characters tab," go to the OOC thread, "Important Characters" who supplement those who are in the "Characters" tab.

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Character Portrait: Amid Neirith


Character Portrait: Amid Neirith
Amid Neirith

"Just watch yourself... it's already hard enough as it is."


Character Portrait: Amid Neirith
Amid Neirith

"Just watch yourself... it's already hard enough as it is."

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Character Portrait: Amid Neirith
Amid Neirith

"Just watch yourself... it's already hard enough as it is."

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