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Amid Neirith

"Just watch yourself... it's already hard enough as it is."

0 · 266 views · located in Namure Republic

a character in “Downfall: a Lasting Line”, as played by Redred33mer


Amid Neirith


Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Rank: Lieutenant

Weapon of Choice: Katana

Known Magic(s): Terraforming, the ability to shape rock as he desires.


Amid was born into a rather poor, farming family. He worked on the farm when he was a younger child with his three siblings and his father, and and occasionally went to the city to sell the food grown on his farm. He was particularly enchanted by the city as it was an unknown lifestyle to him. He continued laboring on the family farm, and would raise the money to settle into the city when he was fourteen, and since then, his family hasn't really spoken to him, viewing him as a bad role model for his two younger siblings, and his brother believe he had bent to the corruption that is found within city life. Amid became lost, and looked for a job to sustain himself. He got a job in a foundry making weapons for the military, and with his off-time, learned how to use them. To shape the weapons, his colleagues showed him a magic they called "terraforming," which was the shaping of earthly materials to the desire of the applicant.

For two years, Amid enjoyed this life with some new-found friends, but still had not talked to his family. The war with the Esvyr kingdom broke out at this time, and being near the boarder, his city was attacked first. He found none of his friends in the aftermath, and joined the Namure Republic's military apparatus. He has stayed a rather low-ranking commander, but has not failed in any of his tasks. He's led a group of about 250 footsoldiers throughout his military career, of which are replaced as casualties are taken. He hasn't been able to attach much to anyone since the initial invasion by Esvyr, but his competence in his unit is clear to those who have been led by him for some time now. He was stationed at Fort Meizure, recently, and has been given 50 new soldiers to replace his fallen.


Amid has a bit more of an obedient attitude, however, he is not afraid to speak up if he's asked to do something he thinks is wrong. He hates having to deal with questioning soldiers, who only slow him down. He also has a bit more of an analytical aspect, as he's taken time to read outside on his time after battles.

So begins...

Amid Neirith's Story