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George Weasley

dont worry ginny I'll send you a hogwarts toilet seat

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a character in “Draco Dormiens Nunquam”, as played by jackrules158


Name: ;George Weasley

Age/Year: 3rd year 16

Gender: male

Blood Status: a pure blood

House: gryffindor (like every other weasley)

Appearance: Image

Personality: George is much like his twin brother loves to experiment with magic to see what fun pranks he can do with it. Unlike Fred he tends to be the quieter of the two he's the more level headed one when it comes to reacting to situations like when dealing with the jerks from slytherin. Regardless he loves to cause all sorts of mischief.
History: George was born on April fools day (his favorite day of the year mind you) with his twin brother Fred, to the weasley family which was always short on cash but never short on love for each other. When George and Fred began attending hogwarts they had a knack for getting good grades but they were also easily bored in class so they decided to liven things up for everyone by playing various pranks on everyone in the school. They also love to do it at home like when they set off dungbombs under their great aunt's chair during christmas. George and Fred also met their best friend Vanessa during their first year who also shared their love for pranks and jokes. George and Fred were urged to join the quidditch team as beaters because they were naturals on brooms and they had great communication skills with each other and they greatly accled at it.

Prefect? No they don't want to be like Perfect Percy

Patronus?: n/a

Quidditch? Beater

Boggart: Ironically George's Boggart would be clowns they are just flat out creepy.
Wand Wood: Ash

Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring

Best Class(es): flying, charms, care of magical creatures, potions, defense against the dark arts

Worst Class(es): transfiguration, herbology,

Hobbies:playing jokes, playing quidditch, playing exploding snaps,

Friend(s): Fred Weasley, Vanessa Dragomir

Enemy(ies): Malfoy, anyone in slytherin

Love Interest: Vanessa Dragomir

So begins...

George Weasley's Story


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Fred was walking alongside his twin George and childhood best friend Vanessa. They were laughing and smiling as they told jokes. "I got an idea for you lot!" Fred exclaimed with a mischievous grin.

Vanessa's full lips set into a mischievous smile waiting for him to discuss his plans for the prank. A light blush was on her cheeks. It was normal for her when she was with George.

Fred looked at his twin and then at Vanessa as they entered there normal compartment door in the back of the train. He held a very mischievous excited atmosphere about him now. "Okay so remember those stink pellets we have in our hidden store in Hogwarts? Well I was thinking we could set it off in one of the classes." He told them as if his idea was genius.

Vanessa smiles more. "I volunteer Professor Snape's Potions class!" She told them in a quiet voice as if telling a secret.

Fred grinned "Can you imagine the look on his face when a bunch of stink set off in his class!" Fred told them in the same secret low voice with wide eyes grinning more.

Vanessa smiled. "Bloody Brilliant!" She answered happily. She looked at George and smiled a bit wanting his input.


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Fred clicked his glass with Vanessa's and George happily. "Cheers." He said and took a drink of it.

Vanessa giggled following there acts and taking a sip of hers. "So......should we change into our school clothes?" She asks happily.

Fred sighed and nodded. "Seems it's that time again eh fellahs." He said with a smirk.

Neville nods sullenly. He looked to the side and saw Trevor and sighed in relief picking him up. "Trevor!" He said happily.

Vanessa walked off to go change.

Fred looked at George "So...when you and her getting married?" He laughed teasing him like he always did. "How long you been googoo for her anyhow? I reckon too long. You dont ask her I sure will." He smirked with a challenging grin.


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Vanessa nodded putting Jynx on her shoulder as she got her suitcases in her hands and stood up quickly. "Agreed." She said.

"Yea lets get out of here." Fred said as he followed Vanessa's action getting his suitcases in each of his hands and then walking to lead them off the train.


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Vanessa blushed a darker shade of crimson. "I-is that a y-yes?" She stumbled through the words quickly.