Nabari Atimone Trilune

A quiet boy who has the forest within his eyes.

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a character in “Draco Potestas Animi”, as played by Ameryln


Age: 15
Race: Human, though an awfully strange one at that.
Occupation: Unknown


He has a delicate head, one that has not quite reached the age of puberty, even though he is 15 years of age. His cheeks are slightly angular, and come to a fine point.

His hair is a smooth gray-black, with slightly lighter natural highlights streaked in it throughout, giving off the pseudo appearance of great age. In the morning, it is neatly aligned to the head, but no amount of brushing and mousse will keep his hair down. It tends to take on a naturally tousled look, curling up at ends as if it had went through a great wind. He doesn't have very pale skin; it's between tan and pale, and it has somewhat of an eastern look, as are how his eyes are shaped, for he retains some Asian blood along his family line.

In public, he dresses in a formal clothes, but in a casual manner. He wears a loosely-buttoned collared shirt over an open green jacket. He sometimes wears khakis, sometimes jeans, sometimes dress pants, it all depends on the day. A red tie accommodates his white shirt, and his outfit is complete with formal, black shoes.

When he is alone, he prefers to dress in airy, sturdy shirts and work jeans. He usually spends his free time roaming in the forest, so he has a pair of hiking boots to withstand the muck easier.

His most stunning feature is his eyes. They are not bright, not dark, not an especially interesting shade of green, but whenever people see them, they see nature within them. The subtlety within them is piercing. Perhaps the feeling of walking by a cool brook on hazy afternoons come to them when they peer into his eyes, or the smell of the slowly fermenting leaves on a forest floor, or the scent of freshly cut grass. It is almost like his eyes reflect his soul within him. But, they are normal eyes, and hold no special power.


He will never speak more than the bare essentials. Therefore, his word choice is simple, conversations with him would be succinct and to-the-point, and no more. He will never digress from a subject, and if another were to do so, he would ignore all comments regarding that matter, and wait patiently until the other either comes back onto subject, or stops talking altogether.

He can wait for quite a long time, mind. When people are not talking to him, he sits, or stands in a unnoticeable area. With practice, he could train himself to be unnoticed among the general population. Therefore, people who do not take note of him constantly will easily forget his face, for it hold no stunning features. The only thing they will remember are his eyes.

To strangers, he maintains a polite but distant relationship with them, one that never draws farther or closer. He has not made any friends of yet, so it is unsure how he treats them.

Sometimes, on calm sunny days, he would go out to a forest, lay there, and dream.


He has no weapons, or items of assistance about him. One could say that his weapon is the world itself. With its nearly unlimited supply of energy, would there be any need to have a weapon?

His spirit animal is one of the dragons. As you may infer, he is Verdos, the Green Dragon. Such a trait is probably the main reason he has such a connection with the Earth.


He has a shrouded past. It may have been a simple past, it may have been a complicated past. It is even unsure if he is human or not. He won't talk about it if you ask him, nor will he be prone to reveal parts of his past through certain interrogations, for he seems to act like he didn't even have one in the first place.

In other words, wait and see.

So begins...

Nabari Atimone Trilune's Story