Zam Zappaz

In a word...an asshole. Only time will tell if his upcoming dventures will change his attitude.

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a character in “Draco Potestas Animi”, as played by PirateofPie


Age: 25
Race: Human
Them Song: You're the Best by Joe Esposito
Occupation: Television Star

Height: 6'7
Weight: 215
Clothing: Normally wears a blue jacket, blue pants, and a yellow shirt.


Zam is full of himself. So full of himself that he uses his own powers to make himself famous on his very own reality tv show, where he uses his powers to fight crime. He's loud, practically obsessed with making the most awesome show possible. He's a tremendous show off, and has a pretty big mouth. His main goal is to constantly find new and interesting things to do in his superhero show, which will of course, make him rich.

If he has any good points, then it's the fact that he (usually) cares about the people he's saving, though his grandstanding makes this trait hard to see.


While not equipment, his camera crew follows him constantly. And if they are not present, Zam has his own array of camcorders ready to film any crime he puts an end to or any life he saves.

Spirit Animal: Gaillo, the Yellow Dragon of Lightning. He uses it to control his electric abilities, though he isn't aware of it's presence.


Zam led a fairly average life until around the end of his senior year of high school. It was around that time, he began to discover his abilities over lightning. Of course this, cranked his already hotheaded personality up to eleven. He decided to use his abilities to help people (for a price, of course) throughout college. During the latter half of college, Alice Liara, his then girlfriend, now future manager of his show, suggested that he use his powers to stop crime. And he did...though he wasn't really making any money out of that, he did find it pretty fun.

After college, he and a few friends gathered to make their own show about him stopping crime. It was soon picked up by a local television network. And while, Zam was skeptical at first, one look at his paycheck caused him to quickly change his mind. Now hosting the show, Lightning Justice, Zam travels the world, looking for new ways to show off his cool abilities to fight crime (and get high ratings).

So begins...

Zam Zappaz's Story