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Gabriella los Nosveran

Forever the Rule of the Imperium.

0 · 326 views · located in Thedas

a character in “Dragon Age: Ascension”, as played by Coma


Name: Gabriella los Nosveran
Age: 28


Class: Mage
Primal Magic
Specialization: Blood Magic and basics in Force magic.

Lineage: Dating back to the days of the purge, the Nosveran family line were once exiled with all mages only to return to power when the Andrastrian believers were overcomed. From there, the family began to rebuild its influence of old as rivalries and tense alliances with other familes were slowly interwoven between the great houses.

Having supplied an Archon, the Nosveran family remains a family with influence with considerable wealth and privileges. However, that was the first and only time one of their own would rise to such great heights. Now, locked within multiple family fueds and fighting off assassination attempts, the sons and daughters of House Nosveran seek to assert their power by any means neccessary.

Dreams of a Thedus ruled under an Imperial banner is their goal. Nothing would stop it from coming true.

So begins...

Gabriella los Nosveran's Story


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#, as written by Coma
To a normal citizen of the Imperium, nothing was amiss. The great markets of Minrathous churned with activity as it always did. Slavers played upon the art of words to persuade payment in exchange for their stock, merchants of all countries displayed their fine wares, magical side shows roared about as children squealed with delight.

Gabriella, accompanied by a pair of her retainers, took pause as she watched mage. Conjuring large spirals of fire and melding them into one another - a ring within a ring - it was an amusing feat. She observed the crowd clap and throw some coins into a pot as the performer bowed to them. The mage roamed the crowd until his eyes rested upon her. She noticed a brief glimmer of uncertainty, which was quickly replaced by another expression entirely. The show went on. Gabriella began to bore.

"Would you have a word with the mage, Magister?" Healot, a swordsman whom had long served her family, stepped forward to her side - paying close attention to giving her ample space. There was an etiquette to be followed - even with current history. "I shall fetch him, if that's what you desire."

Smoothing over her painstakingly tailored blue dress, Gabriella shook her head as she turned to walk away. "I've wasted enough time in the markets," she said as the entourage began to move on. "In fact, House Tirian is to visit today. We shall not keep them waiting - with the situation as it is. The Houses are at each other's throats. Have you prepared for our guests? The guards informed and given the necessary wards?"

"You will find them to your satisfaction," Healot replied without hesitation. He got things done; Gabriella appreciated that. "It'd be bold if House Tirian attempted anything within the estate. Surely they're aware of the ramifications?"

"Sometimes sensible people do insensible things, Marric." The trio rounded a corner as the market square slowly faded into the background. A pair of merchants stepped out of the magister's way. Though she loved Minrathous, Gabriella hated the sheer crowdedness of the place. The capitol had become infested with refugees as of late. While Thedas dealt with a civil war, the Imperium had suddenly become a shelter. It was simply offensive. "I'm thinking of taking leave to the country side."

Marric nodded. "A wise choice, Magister. Fresh air always helps clear the mind."

Gabriella laughed. The old man so full of proverbs. "For now, it is but a thought. Many things require my attention here. I heard Herman is bringing in a fresh batch of slaves in the coming week. He assured me several elves. Dalish if I'm lucky. I've had enough of humans. Common breeds."

"I shall dispatch a messenger to the commissioner. They shall bring Herman to you at once - lest they desire insult, Magister."

The gates of her estate came into view as several Tevinter guards snapped to attention. It was the privilege of Altus mages to possess soldiers as their guards. As such, it was an honor for the guards to serve them. She wasn't blind to the mundane duties instead of that of the battlefield, but having the favor of an Altus was no laughing matter. As long as her people performed their duty, she made the experience as comfortable as possible. If they didn't, she treated them as broken tools that needed fixing or replacing.

"Avanna Magister," said a guard at the gate. "I trust your outing was pleasant."

"It was," she replied as she strolled past him. She turned to Marric. "Dismiss our company. We head to the audience hall. The slaves better have readied the place."

Marric turned to the guard whom accompanied them. "Dismissed."

As if stepping into a new world, Gabriella smirked as servants and slaves alike flocked to her as she entered her illuminated atrium. It was gothic in nature combining the most exquisite of Tevinter architecture with influence from Orlais. A chandelier hung in the center as wide, spiraling stair cases rested to either side. Pillars reached to the ceiling as they seemed to direct visitors to the hall ahead. The receiving auditorium. It was all quite extravagant.

"I trust you to get everything in order," Gabriella said to Marric as she made her way to the staircase. "Everything impeccable. I must get ready. Slave, fill a basin with warm water."

A human bowed lowly as he rushed off. Marric motioned for a guard to follow.

Moving up the stairs, Gabriella made off to her chambers. When she got there, she removed a mask from her stand. While it was Orlesian in nature, the mask mystique had caught on some acclaim with the Altus echelon of Magisters. Leaning her staff on the desk where she sat, she began to wash her face upon the slave's departure.

She sighed. She was tired. Longing for the moment she could curl up in her bed and sleep, she began to reapply various cosmetics in a manner that wouldn't smear when she donned her mask.