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Augustin Lafyette

The Loyal Dog

0 · 773 views · located in Val Royeaux

a character in “Dragon Age: Chasseur de trésor”, as played by umademeink96




|N A M E|
Augustin Lafyette

|N I C K N A M E|
Lap Dog

|A G E|

|B I R T H D A T E|
9:0 Dragon, Wintertime

|G E N D E R|

|S E X U A L - O R I E N T A T I O N|

|R A C E|

|W A R R I O R|
Sword and Shield


|H A I R C O L O R|
|E Y E C O L O R|
Light Brown
|H E I G H T
5' 9"
|B U I L D|
Broad and Muscular
|S C A R S / M A R K I N G S|
Many scars on his body.
He has a long scar that runs diagonal across his back.
There is also a large scar on his left breast right above his heart.
|W E A P O N R Y|
A sword and shield


|P O S I T I V E|
L O Y A L || Once dedicated to someone Augustin will never betray them. After having his life saved by a duke the man swore his allegiance to him and has become a general under his command. He prides himself on this unwavering loyalty and knows he will never betray the man who saved his life no matter what people whisper about behind his back.
H O N O R A B L E || Before dedicating himself to the duke August had a strong moral code he lived by. He did his best to protect the innocent and uphold an honest and well respected life. He was a well known general who was well liked by the public for that honesty and charitable way of life.
V A L I A N T || Gus loves heroics. As a child his father raised him on tales of heroism and the man had always aspired to be like the heroes in these stories. He'd rush into dangerous situations if there were a victim to be saved. He'd do anything from rescuing a kitten from a tree to diving down a canyon to save a stranded traveller.
D O M E S T I C || August has a soft spot for domestic activities. While he loves going out into the field, motivating troops and directing battles he is even more passionate about his hobbies. Gardening, cooking and expanding his library are a few of his favorite things to do.
|N E G A T I V E|
C O N F L I C T E D || Gus has lived his life by a strict moral code. After he dedicated himself to The Duke he has had to do things that go against his morales. He is troubled by this, but still follows the orders of the duke without question to the man's face. He struggles with the things he must do at times, but will always get the task given done.
I R R A T I O N A L || To make himself feel better August is constantly coming up with excuses for his actions. Reasons to make them ok and trying to rid himself of the guilt he feels. The man goes to extreme lengths to justify himself and even he knows that it can be ridiculous, but it won't stop him.
O B S T I N A T E || Once given a task, nothing anyone says will perturb him from it. He is stubborn and even if he does know it isn't the right thing no ones words would stop him from following through.
D E F E N S I V E || People often talk about his change of behavior behind his back, which he doesn't have a problem with. It is rumors of The Duke that he constantly battles and if the man is being spoken ill of Augustin gets extremely defensive and riled.
|L I K E S|
Training | Swords | The Duke | Sweets | Architecture | Cats | Gardening | Delicious Food

|D I S L I K E S|
Long Distance Traveling | Elven Culture | Alcohol | Wasting Time | Magic | Needless Violence | Dogs

|F E A R S|
Losing Purpose | Being Stranded in the Wilderness

|S T R E N G T H S|
Educated | Skilled in Close Range Combat | Cooking | Committing

|W E A K N E S S E S|
Loyal to a Fault | Poor Reputation | Light Weight | Long Distance Attacks


Augustin Lafyette was born to Comte Fredrick Lafyette and raised in the city of Val Royeaux. He lived a very good childhood and was given the highest education possible with the resources available to him. Fredrick Lafyette had lost his wife during the birth of their son, but he never harbored any ill will to the boy. He was granted an epiphany that suddenly housework and other tasks were not gendered and would teach his son all manners of trade that became available to them. So the man became a mother and father, learning the roles that were traditionally left to the woman of the house and passing them on to the boy.

Growing up in this household August became well versed in many different things and is still very competent in housework and other things of that nature. Gus idolized his father, an extremely honest man who donated a large sum of their wealth to the less fortunate and was beloved amongst the slum lands that surrounded the city. One of the best things that Augustin can remember from his childhood was that every night before bed his father would read him tales of heroes in legend. When they ran out of literature his father made up stories that the boy would forever cherish.

Besides housework Comte Fredrick also gave the boy traditional education in mathematics, history, and classic literature. The boy was not as big a fan of these lessons, but attempted to absorb the knowledge as per request of his father. Other lessons that he took to better included learning of war strategy and swordsmanship. He was a extremely gifted strategist and even better swordsman, despite his father’s pacifist lifestyle these lessons were always Augustin’s favorite and he often dreamed of becoming a great general and war hero.

When Gus was fifteen Fredrick Lafyette succumbed to illness and left his son as the single heir to their estate. The lose of his father was devastating and the boy left his land and wealth to be handled by a family friend as he went to serve in the Orlaisian Army. Being of an educated noble rank the boy was able to climb up the hierarchy quickly, and thanks to his skills in both combat and strategy the boy was able to reach ranking as a general at the young age of twenty years old.

Augustin became a very respected General despite his age. Although Orlais was not in any major wars his skill was still respected for what it was and the troops that served underneath him were loyal to him because they believed that he was loyal to them. It was true, for two years it continued on like this. He had a good life, and carried on his father’s will by continuing to give their wealth back to the less fortunate and practicing the domestic skills that his father had lovingly bestowed to him.

When he was twenty-two was when things changed. It had been part of The Game, he supposed, even for a figure as beloved as him there were still enemies to be made. A surprise attack attempt at assassination had nearly succeeded if not for the quick action of a duke that just happened to be in the right place at the right time had saved his life. Shocked and grateful Augustin suddenly found himself in debt to this Duke. For saving his life was not something the general could ever truly repay the man pledged his indentured servitude to The Duke. A promise of questioned loyalty and lifelong commitment for saving his life may have been over the top, but that was what Augustin believed to be what he owed The Duke. It turned out he had give his life to a kind man though, at least for the first few years. Rarely did The Duke call him for favors, but when he did they were never anything that compromised who he was. Even if the man was labelled Lap Dog since the moment he pledged himself to the Duke he never once minded it.

When he was twenty-five was there a sudden change in his master. The Duke called him to live on his estate and his work load from The Duke was suddenly heaved onto him. Tasks ranging from assassinations to raids were suddenly being given to him, and Augustin believed there was no choice but to oblige. The king duke suddenly turned bloodthirsty, an agenda suddenly made apparent in a matter of months. The things being asked of him were undoubtedly cruel and wrong, and his Lap Dog title suddenly became a hot topic amongst nobility. All these Dukes and Duchess suddenly vying for his services for ranging prices and many staged attempts at saving his life.

He never gave in though, and he is still loyal to his Duke despite having troubles accepting his duties. Currently he is in the city of Val Royeaux hunting for information about Chasseur de tresor, a group of Treasure Hunters that The Duke has taken a special interest in. He has leads that good information about them is in the capital as many Orlaisians have taken interest in the group.


|Face Claim|

Orga Itsuka


So begins...

Augustin Lafyette's Story


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Val Royeaux was a dangerous place. That much he was sure. Although familiar with the habits of the Orlaisian nobility the city never failed to keep Augustin on edge. The Game was something he had been versed in since he was a child, being of wealthy blood made sure that you knew the ins and outs of this lifestyle, and it was because of that knowledge he couldn’t relax. When he had been younger Augustin had never been an avid player, he had lived honestly, and never expected the ill will of the Game to be turned on him. He had trouble now every time he came to the city, no one seemed trustworthy, every glance seemed laced with ulterior motive.

Augustin always felt eyes on him when he visited the city, as he was a topic of hot gossip. He was The Loyal Dog, or was it Lap Dog, probably both actually. His story was something the wealthy here loved to talk about. The perfect subordinate, a drop-everything-at-a-moments-notice type of servant, a man who’d do anything without question. He was desired by a lot, ‘assassination’ attempts had become the appetizer to the brunches he was invited too, bribes constantly attached to warm worded conversations. It was more tiring than concerning at this point.

He wasn’t currently in Val Royeaux of his own free will though, if it was up to him he’d spend none of his time in the city, he was here on orders from The Duke. The noble man had taken a sudden interest in the group of thugs that called themselves Chasseur de tresor. He didn’t know too many of the details, but many of the rumors that swirled around them were that the individual members were incredibly strong. Over the past years The Duke had been trying to grow his military strength, expand upon his assets, and over all become a force to be reckoned with. Many rumors swirled around him, and in the past few months even whispers of the man attempting a Coup and taking the throne for himself. August had a hard time believing it himself, he had known The Duke for a long time and he had never been this power hungry or aggressive before. The man had to believe that there was a reason behind his actions, that something important was happening, and he couldn’t let Gus know as it might put the both of them in danger.

He had many theories about the man’s change in behavior, they made the tasks asked of him a little more bearable. He was on a different assignment at the moment though, a lot of the tasks asked of him were usually raiding places or killing people, and this was actually a breath of fresh air. August was supposed to be gathering information on the group, The Duke had specifically asked him to get close to one woman in particular. Her name was Reyna Theirin and she was rumored to be close with the group. He had never actually been a spy before, if this could even be called that, but it was still a drastic change from what The Duke generally asked of him. It had taken awhile to arrange the patio lunch with the girl, she was a hard person to get in contact with, and he had no idea how he’d win her favor, but since it was asked of him he’d do his best to succeed.

The white haired man was heading over the the reserved café at the moment, the entire outer terrace had been reserved for them so that they would be dining alone, any means necessary, was what The Duke had told him. He was certain he was able to succeed.

August arrived at their meeting place a half hour before they were scheduled to meet and the hostess guided him to reserved area without delay. His white hair was slicked back with wax instead of the unruly mess he generally left it in, and he was wearing his military uniform. It was sharply pressed and decorated with the various medals he had been adorned with over the years of his service. At his side was a single sword, one given to him by his father, and as he sat the sword clanked loudly against the metal wire chairs.

The man leaned back and propped his right leg up so his ankle rested against the top of his left knee and folded his hands in his lap. The terrace was beautifully laid out, the floral arrangements included red fanal and blue juniper that complimented each other just enough to make the colors pop side by side. There was also lavender placed periodically throughout the area that gave the environment a gentle pastel color and a pleasant smell. The café must had hired a skilled gardener to decorate as the plant life was expertly placed and arranged.

The man tore his eyes away from the foliage and let his head loll backwards. He had no idea how he could possibly coax the girl into trusting him with secrets of Chasseur de tresor, especially with his reputation. He didn’t know if he’d say something insulting or offend her by carrying an expression that was just slightly insincere. August had always lived honestly, he never tried to deceive others and had little confidence that he could succeed in pretending to be this girl’s friend.

Maybe he’d actually be her friend, that was always a possibility. It wasn’t like he was tasked to kill the diplomat, on the contrary he wanted her to trust him. Becoming genuine friends seemed the best route to him.


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Val Royeaux, the city of intrigue. Trace smiled warmly at a passing child as she made her way through the city streets. To her left, and leading the group, was The Duke. Her Duke. He was in his late forties, his chestnut hair giving way to strands of grey, and he sported a well-groomed beard and mustache. His clothing was impeccable, as always, and on his hip he wore an ornate sword. His four guards walked alongside them on all sides, and the crowds of citizens parted to make way for the party.

They were headed to the market, to visit the various shops and boutiques that more than occasionally had items of interest for sale. Above them, crimson banners hung from ivory towers and tall, sunbathed walls. Everything was bright and pristine and adorned with flowers and flowing tapestry. It was a far cry from home for Trace. Though grand, Val Royeaux paled in comparison to Minrathous, with its shattered towers held upright by powerful magic, and its walls patrolled by towering golems. Where Val Royeaux was flowing and beautiful, Minrathous was stark and imposing. The soft features around her almost made her uneasy, knowing that they concealed the ugly, underhanded face of The Game. At least in Minrathous, one knew what to expect. Here, betrayal hid behind smiling faces.

Despite her distaste for the pageantry, Trace knew it was important. Playing the Game was her test, and when she passed and returned to Minrathous, she'd be named a Magister's heir. She had learned much on her journey, and although she appreciated her master giving her the opportunity to learn so much first hand, she was also glad it was nearly over. Once she had the infamous treasure hunters in her pocket, she would make her leave and return home with all the wealth and power and experience one could ever want and take her rightful place as Prall's heir.

Although she's never loved anyone, even her own family, if she ever did it would be Vellius Prall. The Magister had always treated her with respect, though she suspected it was mostly due to her magical ability rather than an innate kindness. Still, it meant a lot to her, considering her own family only valued her because she advanced their social position. Once she was a Magister, she could be rid of them entirely. The thought brought a small smirk to her face.

Somewhere in the city, The Duke's lap dog was hunting for information on Chasseur de tresor. That man amused her. He followed the Duke's orders without question, even when they were horrific and cruel. Trace didn't even need to use blood magic to make him obey. She took pleasure in making him do increasingly immoral tasks and watching him grudgingly obey. She knew he hated it, and his discomfort gave her no small amount of pleasure.

At last, the group entered the market proper. There was one shop that was of interest to Trace, and she directed the group there. Tomes upon tomes were stacked against the walls on dusty shelves, and the elderly shopkeeper greeted them as they entered. The Duke offered no pleasantries, and merely looked on as Trace browsed silently. After a moment she approached the shopkeeper with a smile, and spoke in a quiet, polite tone.

"I'm looking for A Chant for Dreamers, by Magister Oratius. Do you have a copy?"
The shopkeeper seemed a bit surprised. Old Tevinter poetry was hardly sought after in Orlais, where most people wanted stories of romance or adventure.

"I will check right now, my lady, if you don't mind waiting a moment."

"Of course, we are in no hurry."

The shopkeeper hurried back to her desk and rummaged through some papers, likely a list of inventory. After a moment she stood and walked briskly to a back corner and retrieved a single book with a worn cover. She returned to Trace and handed her the book.
"Excellent!" Trace smiled warmly and turned to the Duke. "Time to pay the kind lady, my lord." The duke nodded and ordered one of the guards to complete the deal with the shopkeeper while Trace returned to his side. "You look tired, my lord. Let's retire to your manor in the city and await Ser Augustine." The Duke nodded once more and motioned for his men to move out.


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It seems as though this group that Devan was talking about in his letters has caught quite a lot of attention of the Court even Celene is interested... She traced her fingers along the crisp paper in her hands, she couldn't help but chuckle at the prospect of being affiliated with such a notorious group. "The Diplomat" she recited to herself before she let go of the paper into the lit iron brazier next to her desk. Her blue eyes glinting in the flames, watching as the parchment burns into ash, almost as if the letter never existed. Devan had asked this of her, he said that he didn't want her to be linked to them is things ever turn sour. What he doesn't know is that Reyna is stronger than she looks; she was able to master the Grand Game in her youth even when she was constantly under threat as a Fereldan Royal, so she remains.

Sitting in her quarters in the Imperial palace, Reyna lent back into the cushioned chair as she soaked in the radiant sunlight. It defiantly washed over her plush and decorative room as if they peeked through the wispy silk curtains that cover the archway to her balcony high up in the palace. Rey took a deep breath and stood up from her chair before she replaced it in front of the desk. As she adjusted her dress, she knew that this design was going to be accepted by Celene as she consistently asked Reyna for her sketches and drafts on knew fashion in this new age. The fake, scented roses both smelt nice and looked nice against her porcelain skin, with her hair pinned up in an elaborate braid that had been done by her Elven servants who enjoy the company of the princess as she is known in the alienage of Val Royeaux.

She walked out of her room, which was flanked by two everite-plated chevaliers both towered over Reyna which isn't really a hard achievement given her small stature, "Do you require an escort my lady?" asked the chevalier on the left of her. He spoke in a heavy Orlesian accent, Rey looked up to the man and saw the golden mask as he looked down on her, "No, I think it will be quite alright. I am only going out momentarily." she finished with a genuine smile, which caused the man to flinch and fluster out an acknowledgement. She giggled as she walked down the massive ornate hallways of the Imperial Palace, a certain aura of purity circulating around her.

This meeting between her and this Augustin Lafyette was a strange occurrence for her, he was called the name Lap Dog by many noblewomen, even Celene had gossip over this man. What would this person want with her? She had only agreed to the meeting out of pure interest but she kept its existence private from others, she doesn't want to be tied in with the rumors.

A renowned café near the core of Val Royeaux is where the setting was arranged. Reyna had heard of this place but had never been, not until now. As she walked into the view of the hostess she almost squealed with excitement, well, she did, and everyone turned around looked at Reyna with utter interest. "Princess, you are exactly on time for your engagement." the hostess flustered as she walked over with all the dignity she could muster, bowing her head before indicating to the marble archway on the side of the café, "If you would kindly follow me I will take you to the terrace." Reyna smiled and followed the hostess through, her porcelain skin shining under the sun as she walked.

As they came into the terrace there was no one to be seen, empty tables and empty chairs sitting in the frame of elaborate and colorful hedges and flowers, giving privacy from the city outside. Reyna looked to the middle of the terrace only to see a man looking her way. She had to stifle back a gasp when their eyes locked, his white hair glistening in the sun along with the rest of his being. She looked away, instantly blushing at how attractive this man is, where she has never given a second thought to those of the opposite sex, other than diplomatic or due to the Game. The hostess, who observed the exchange between the two had to stifle back another squeal, instead she pulled out the chair opposite the man for Reyna. Smiling at the woman and sitting down, Reyna continued to avoid the mans gaze. Regain your composure, never give an opening, this is nothing Reyna. "I will be back soon with your food, excuse me," the hostess left as quickly as possible, dissapearing back through the archway. She relaxed a bit, before employing her tact. Crossing her legs under her chair and cupping her hands into her lap she decided to start this engagement, "I don't need to bother introducing myself as you would probably know all about me at this point," she locked eyes with him once more, smiling and tilting her head slightly to the side, "So please, indulge me on your identity Monsieur Lafyette."


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He wasn’t positive, but it felt like people were talking about him. August was sitting still, his eyes and head only tilting slightly as he scanned the terrace and strained to hear the slight whispers that kept whisking around him. He was used to being whispered about, but that didn’t stop the curiosity that bloomed in his chest at the slight hints of his name being said. The man thought it human nature to want to know what others thought of oneself and he was not an exception to that nature. It was lilt giggling and high pitched squeals of the wait staff and he closed his eyes in resignation. There was no point fighting the attention, and they weren’t actually approaching him so it didn’t make that much of a difference if they weren’t doing any harm.

It wasn’t until the energetic buzz all but stopped did August return his attention to the present. The man angled himself so he had a clear view of the entrance way and watched as a small girl with the oddest silver hair walked onto the patio. The staff member leading her seemed overly enthusiastic about the whole ordeal and looked like she was about to lose it. August returned his gaze to the young woman, and she looked away from him. The hostess escorted the diplomat to the seat across from him and he gave the woman a polite nod before she retreated back into the restaurant. The girl seemed nervous, almost fidgety, and Augustin was unsure about the behavior. He had heard this girl to be a force like no other amongst the nobility of the grand game and he had been excepting her to appear much more confident and imposing than she currently was. As he ran over this in his mind her whole demeanor shifted and it had the man raising an eyebrow in interest. Her switch seemed to flip instantaneously and he felt himself straighten with her demeanor change, she was certainly a player.

“I don't need to bother introducing myself as you would probably know all about me at this point, so please, indulge me on your identity Monsieur Lafyette."
He felt himself smirk, she was interesting. What ever shyness that had overcome her at the start had vanished and was replaced with someone not to be taken lightly. He leaned forward slightly, offering a kind smile and a slight bow of the head, before speaking to her.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Princess. Please, call me August there is no need for such formality here.” He paused only for a moment, deciding on his next moves. Reyna was smart, no doubt she knew of his nature and title, there would be no point in crafting elaborate lies and ploys to win her over. Still though, he needed to play the game, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t do it in a way that made him comfortable. Honesty was not generally a part of playing the game, but it might be able to get the diplomat in front of him to open up. “I was sent by my duke to befriend you, he wishes for stronger ties with Fereldan and you seem the best way to do that. I won’t force you though, I’d rather be friends if we are to spend any sort of time together.”