Otto von Gailes

If it wasn't for the engineers, you'd be attacking walls with picks and hammers!

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a character in “Dragon Age: Crimson Blight”, as played by Saxious


Username: Saxious
Character name: Otto von Gailes
Titles: "Engineer sergeant", "Siege Engineer"
Social Status: Engineer/Soldier (they blend in)
Origin Title: The Siege Engineer
Race: Human
Age: 47 Years old
Class: Warrior
Specialization: None
Skills: Trap-Making (Level 4) & Coercion (Level 1)
Peon’s Plight – Range: Personal – The Warrior lashes out a powerful blow intending to kill the weakest opposition. A successful hit automatically kills a lesser ranked opponent while dealing double critical hit on elites.

Precise Striking – Range: Personal – The warrior tried to make each blow count, sacrificing speed harder attacks.

Standing 189 cm tall (6 feet 2 inches), this man is at the end of a near life-long career. His arms are large and strong from years of labour and his body too shows obvious signs of the work load he has had. Though he is getting older and his body strength is slowly waning away he is still strong as a bull.
His hair is long and ink black and smells of tobacco, and thin lines of grey hair is seem. Otto sports a fashionable goatee beard, thankfully without any gray hair.
A typical handshake is rough and his hands have long since turned hard and leathery due to the years of working with siege weapons.

The man’s clothes are what show signs of a prosperous life. He wears masterly crafted, clothes, clearly not something bought by the middle class without consideration for how many coins it would cost. Not a single stain of food or beverage has fallen on them; on the contrary the thick dark brown coat that he wears on the outside has taken every beating. From ale to meat pieces, and even stable dirt, this coat has worked as a shield against anything that might dirty his finer clothes. His shoes are made from strong leather and though they have seen the many sides of the army’s actions, they are still sturdy and comfortable in a march.

The man takes his job as an engineer serious, and he demands that his crew does their job with efficiency before they start mocking him about his dirty coat and his on going lack of finding a woman.

Otto was born in a middle-upper classed family of five, his parents and 2 much older brothers. His father was a wealthy merchant and his mother was a highly respected Sister of the Chantry; this led to a strong sense of peer pressure on their children as their peers expected them to follow the footsteps of either of their parents.

Otto’s oldest brother took apprenticeship from his father and learned how to become a merchant while his other brother decided that he’d rather protect the innocent from mages, thus he left to become a templar. Otto remained uncertain as for which trade he should pick up for himself, but he decided that whatever he was to become he would not do it so without a solid education.
He spend many hours in libraries and with private tutors. Learning to read & write, do complicated mathematics and even studied architecture and engineering. The latter caught his attention, and he soon dived straight into the subject, exploring it as deeply as he could, never hesitating to fill his notebooks with ideas and inventions.

He learned the hard way that much of engineering was based upon theory, for when he tried to create a stool that could rotate 360 degrees he only achieved in breaking the whole thing and wasting good wood.
Yet he didn’t give up, and when he couldn’t learn more about building with materials he turned to science and chemistry. The field of chemistry was rather barren, barely touched by scientists and most men saw medicine as more useful than mixing dangerous liquids, however that didn’t slow Otto down, and when he was twenty five, he signed up for Ferelden’s army as a siege engineer. A noble cause that would teach him how the life was like outside the influence of the wealthy.

Engineer or not, everyone who was a ‘soldier’ was forced to learn how to wield a sword. Otto found himself collapsing in their so-called beds every day, bruised and battered from the hard training that their merciless drill sergeants forced them to do, though he learned with time, and his fencing skills improved the more he was trained. He was never an outstanding swordsman, nor was he bad, just average when it came with a sword, but skilled when it came to using weapons larger than two hands could handle.

The lack of siege engineers within the Ferelden army almost guaranteed Otto a ranked officer with his own company at his command. After his initial training, Otto was introduced to the war machines, though not in their top condition, Otto was ecstatic to test fire them all.
Basilisks, catapults, trebuchets, storm-throwers, siege ladders and so many others were in store and ready for usage. Otto was charged with assembling a crew and having them drilled, and so he did, using the nearby fields as a testing area for the crew as they fired with the various weapons at his disposal.
The sword training had gotten him into shape, but working with siege weapons that required a strong body to load them and a clear mind to aim them was something completely else.

Otto later received a laboratory in which he could use his knowledge as a chemist to create deadly weapons. From oil filled clay pots to the exploding chemical compounds he’d be like a child when experimenting with his inventions’ efficiency. If it hadn’t been for his obvious progress he would soon have found himself stripped of his laboratory as his experiments are anything but cheap!

Mount/Companion: Aside from his crew, Otto doesn’t have any companions, nor mount. He has horses at his disposal for pulling the weapons along the road however none of them are used for personal transport.

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