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"Good morrow to you, though with the how things are now, don't expect me not to place an arrow through your temple.."

0 · 640 views · located in Ferelden

a character in “Dragon Age: Damnation”, as played by Soki


Username: Soki
OC name:Ryuu Narmolanya
OC titles: Grey Warden, Shadow Wolf
OC social status: Nobility
Origin: The Crows
Race: Elf
Age: 21
Class: Rogue
Specialization: Assassin
Skills: Combat training Lv3 Survival Lv2 poison making Lv1
Spells/Talents: Dual-weapon Finesse, Flurry, pinning shot, Coup De Grace, mark of Death
Appearance: Facial features
He's skin is slightly tanned, giving him an brownish hue, his eyes the darkest brown, nearly black. His hair short in the back though quit long in the front, always parted to his left, his facial complexion is flawless like most elves, and as well as a clan tattoo from the right side of his neck to his right cheek and just below his right ear. Though the unnatural thing about him is his height about average in height to a human man, making him quite a stand out amongst his clan, or any band of elves in general causing him to feel more awkward in areas where stealth is involved, or the like. Causing him to be abit shy about it as well, causing him to normally shy away from questions to why's he's so tall or sometimes talking in general. Though even with the increase in height it does not hinder his grace, nor his assassination abilities in the least, even though it causes him to have less confidence in his own abilities when it comes to reconnaissance. His body is slim if not slightly feminine in areas due to his increased height which has only added to his natural physical attractiveness, that he's put to advantage in his past, allowing his old choice of career to move more smoothly, though don't let that fool you, he's quite strong and very handy with a Sword and Dagger. his armor of choice He also has a suit of armor that he had stolen from the Champion of Neveria himself, or his corpse anyway as he tells the story
Mount and/or companion: He rides on the back of a Warg named LenwΓ«

So begins...

Ryuu's Story