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Otto von Gailes

If it wasn't for the engineers, you'd be attacking walls with picks and hammers!

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a character in “Dragon Age: Reckoning.”, as played by Saxious


name: Otto von Gailes
Race: Human

Skills and Abilities:
Otto is a soldier of the Ferelden army. Trained like any other soldier, he can handle a sword well enough to defend himself, however unlike the majority of the rest of the army, Otto's profession requires extensive knowledge and expertise in handling weapons far bigger than what normal men can handle... He is an Engineer, the master of catapults, trebuchets, and ballistas. He is a skilled alchemist when it comes to producing siege ammunition, such as tar pots, liquid sugar and other deadly weapons

Otto is 48 years old. He knows that he is at an end of a professional career as a soldier and he's getting ready to retire back and enjoy his savings and inheritance for the remainder of his life somewhere in the capital once he's filled fifty. He is a merry drinker and enjoyes an occasional 'puff' with a friend or two.
The man takes his job as an engineer serious, and he demands that his crew does their job with efficiency before they start mocking him about his choice of clothes and his on going inability to get a women.

Otto isn't experience dealing with other races than humans and elves from the Alienage. Therefore he has little to no knowledge of the Qun, and he wouldn't understand the 'primitive' lifestyle that the Dalish has. While he has heard very promising tales of the Dwarven ingenuity, the idea of nor worshipping the Maker is an alien concept to him.
He wouldn't consider himself a hero. Since he saw battle for the first time he understood that being away from the action was actually more favorable for someone who enjoyed life too much.

Otto wears clothes upper scale clothes to differentiate himself from common soldiers, and he is armed with a typical longsword. He is generally seen carrying a spyglass, books, quivers and ink with him.

Otto was born in a middle-upper classed family of five, his parents and 2 much older brothers. His father was a wealthy merchant and his mother was a highly respected Sister of the Chantry; this led to a strong sense of peer pressure on their children as their peers expected them to follow the footsteps of either of their parents.

Otto’s oldest brother took apprenticeship from his father and learned how to become a merchant while his other brother decided that he’d rather protect the innocent from mages, thus he left to become a Templar. Otto remained uncertain as for which trade he should pick up for himself, but he decided that whatever he was to become he would not do it so without a solid education.
He spend many hours in libraries and with private tutors. Learning to read & write, do complicated mathematics and even studied architecture and engineering. The latter caught his attention, and he soon dived straight into the subject, exploring it as deeply as he could, never hesitating to fill his notebooks with ideas and inventions.

He learned the hard way that much of engineering was based upon theory, for when he tried to create a stool that could rotate 360 degrees he only achieved in breaking the whole thing and wasting good wood.
Yet he didn’t give up, and when he couldn’t learn more about building with materials he turned to science and chemistry. The field of chemistry was rather barren, barely touched by scientists and most men saw medicine as more useful than mixing dangerous liquids, however that didn’t slow Otto down, and when he was twenty five, he signed up for Ferelden’s army as a siege engineer. A noble cause that would teach him how the life was like outside the influence of the wealthy.

Engineer or not, everyone who was a ‘soldier’ was forced to learn how to wield a sword. Otto found himself collapsing in their so-called beds every day, bruised and battered from the hard training that their merciless drill sergeants forced them to do, though he learned with time, and his fencing skills improved the more he was trained. He was never an outstanding swordsman, nor was he bad, just average when it came with a sword, but skilled when it came to using weapons larger than two hands could handle.

The lack of siege engineers within the Ferelden army almost guaranteed Otto a ranked officer with his own company at his command. After his initial training, Otto was introduced to the war machines, though not in their top condition, Otto was ecstatic to test fire them all. Basilisks, catapults, trebuchets, storm-throwers, siege ladders and so many others were in store and ready for usage. Otto was charged with assembling a crew and having them drilled, and so he did.
The sword training had gotten him into shape, but working with siege weapons that required a strong body to load them and a clear mind to aim them was something completely else.

Otto later received a laboratory in which he could use his knowledge as a chemist to create deadly weapons. From oil filled clay pots to the explosive chemical compounds; he’d be like a child when experimenting with his inventions’ efficiency. If it hadn’t been for his obvious progress he would soon have found himself stripped of his laboratory, as his experiments are anything but cheap!

So begins...

Otto von Gailes's Story


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#, as written by Saxious
"Engineer, how's the weapons looking?" sergeant Ericson asked as he approached Otto.
"Been in far better condition. The moist and the mud is taking its toll on the wood, attracting termites and causing the wood to rot. I've ordered the dismantling of one ballista, if the Maker is with us it will also be the only one," Otto answered as he surveyed the soon-to-become battlefield from the stone bridge. Otto and his crew had worked tirelessly to prepare the warmachines for this battle, dozens of oil pots had been prepared, as well as stones, and arrows for the archers.
"How will a single ballista affect our defenses? The rest are still functional and the catapults don't seen to even have a scratch. What is there to worry about?" the sergeant doubted.
"The ballista that was dismantled was the one guarding our left flank along with your men," Otto explained, though he had to pinch himself so he wouldn't sneer at the dim-witted sergeant.
"A minor loss then, besides those men can kill ten times more darkspawns than your precious warmachines," the sergeant remarked, though Otto didn't take the bait and returned to looking at the ruined castle's defenses.

Otto had learned that heroes were those who wielded a sword against the monster, not a group of men who hurried to load the next projectile on a catapult or ballista. Men like Otto would always be in the background when it came to heroic tales, though as he had explained to his crew, there were brighter sides, such the near guaranteed chance of escaping from a battle with your life, the warmachines were generally far away from the main battle for the crew to know if it would be time to run or stay.

After Otto had finished his second inspection of the defenses he returned to where he and his fellow siege officers had agreed to meet for a drink before the battle started. "Oi, Otto, check them out, over there by the bonfire. Mercs?" Sebastian asked. Sebastian was a clever man, he had an eye for measuring distances and would overlook the ballistas during the battle, while Tom was more of a brute and would be working on loading stones and pots onto the catapults.
"Mercenaries working for the Ferelden army? I wouldn't imagine it so," Otto answered as he placed the bottle of brandy on the ground between them. "Maybe some royal, fancy ass soldiers to come and make all the other lads look bad," he then suggested, giving a grin to the other two.
"You know, I heard the Templars talk about them as well. They called them for 'The Wardens' or something like that. I don't know, I was trying to catch a glimpse of those witches," Tom explained as he poured three glasses.
"Careful, you know what they say about those magic users. They are locked up in that tower for a reason," Otto warned, taking a little sip of his drink.
"Whatever the case, lets cheer that their powers will be used on the darkspawns and not us," Sebastian raised his glass and the men cheered.