A warrior without a name, who became a Hero.

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a character in “Dragon Age: Saga of Vigil”, as played by X-Striker



Name: Xero

Age: 28

Race: City Elf

Height, Weight, and Build: 6’0”, 155 lb, Slim but toned and slightly built

Class: Warrior, Reaver

Magical Affinity: None

Weapon Style: He currently wields the Summer Sword

Personality: At best, he is an elf of few words. Besides his raven-colored hair, ornate armor, and sword, those that first set eyes on him would think of him as no more than an ordinary elf, which is not far from the truth. His demeanor is plain and due to his prolonged time traveling alone, he prefers it to be that way and isn't too thrilled about being in the company of others. He also has a mercenary mentality, not wanting to do things unless there is sufficient pay involved or there's something in on it for him.

Nation of Origin: Ferelden

Skills: Besides being an excellent combatant with all manner of blades and close-quarters-combat, he is a surprisingly good infiltrator for a warrior and has a sharp and tactical mind in combat situations. He is also a good survivalist, being knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of different areas, and is able to navigate his way around the many locations of Thedas due to his previous adventure across Ferelden and his journeys after Vigil’s Keep was saved.

Background: He was born in the Alienage in Denerim and grew up with bitterness towards humans. He witnessed fully how horrible his people were treated by the hands of humans and so he held humankind in contempt throughout most of his adolescent life. His mother taught him swordsmanship the moment he was able to wield a sword and by the time he reached adulthood, he became a fine swordsman. These skills would later serve him well, since he was unaware of the fate that lay in store for him that fateful day.

The young city elf was betrothed to a beautiful elven girl from Highever. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for this, but for the honor of his family he had no choice but to take part in it. The wedding festivities were cut short though when the Arl of Denerim’s son, Vaughn, decided to crash the wedding and kidnap the elf’s bride, along with his cousin. The Grey Warden, Duncan, who came to the Alienage to visit an old friend, provided the elf with the weapons necessary to save his betrothed and his cousin. This would be his undoing, as when he came to save them, he had no choice but to kill Vaughn. In doing so, his fate was sealed, and execution was all that lay in store for him.

If it wasn’t for Duncan, he would have been dead long ago. By invoking the Right of Conscription, the young elf was inducted into the ranks of the Grey Wardens immediately. His life now was theirs, and so he threw away his birthname, never to use it again.

Thrown into the chaos that ensued at Ostagar, Xero, along with Alistair, Wynne, Duncan, King Cailan, Teyrn Loghain, and the rest of the king’s army fought a losing battle in order to end the coming Blight then and there. Just as the battle was taking a turn for the worse, Teyrn Loghain, who was a man that the king’s father trusted the most, betrayed the king and left Ostagar, leaving the Grey Wardens and the royal army for dead. With the king and the senior Grey Warden dead, it was up to Xero, Alistair, Morrigan, and any who would accompany him to put an end to the Blight.
During his adventure to unite Ferelden against the coming Blight, he was able to get the mages and the Templars of the Circle to work together, so the Circle in Ferelden is stable for the most part. He was also responsible for ending the Aeducan bloodline by placing Harrowmont as the new King of Orzammar. Despite the inner hatred he held against the humans and what they did to the Dalish elves, he allowed Zathrian and the Lady of the Forest to rest and returned the lycanthropes back to their human selves, sparing them in the process. Despite all of the chaos, Leliana was able to open up his heart and the two of them fell in love. His love for her made him feel uneasy about the final battle when he found out that he would lose his life by dealing the final blow to the Archdemon. He could have Alistair do it, but at this point in the journey, he knew that he had to finish the mission that was bestowed upon him. In the end, he chose to live, and this led him to bare a child with Morrigan, as in doing so it would save his life once the Archdemon was dead. Since that victory, Morrigan left the group, along with his child and disappeared into a rift into the Beyond.

Other Info: The sword that he used to kill the Archdemon during the Fifth Blight was Yusaris, and the sword that he used to kill the Architect and the Mother was Vigilance. Contrary to popular belief, both of these swords rest within the vaults of Vigil's Keep.

During his travels, he came across Soldier's Peak where he stumbled upon a concoction developed by Avirnus. Drinking this concoction, he unlocked the powers given to him by the tainted darkspawn blood. Also, while searching for the Ashes of Andraste, he drank the blood of a dragon given to him by Kolgrim, which also unlocked a new power within him. Channeling dark energies around him, he has the ability to induce pain to others at the expense of his own life force, but he is also able to take the life force of others in order to sustain himself. All of this said, he did not defile the ashes and instead deceived the Reavers in order to gain their dark power.

Anora was appointed the Queen of Ferelden by him.

Leliana and him parted ways after their brief time traveling around Ferelden. He was called to Vigil's Keep and she was called to serve the Divine in Orlais. What fate has in store for them is yet to be seen.

So begins...

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