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Abel Da'Kar

"Such uncivilized occurrences, in an uncivilized time. A pity I was not born during an earlier, more refined, era."

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a character in “Dragon Age: The Circle's End”, as played by Magus1108


Name: Abel Da'Kar
Age: 57
Nationality: Orlesian
Race: Human
Organization: Grey Warden
Class: Warden Mage
Rank: Senior Mage of the Montsimmard Wardens
Magi: Senior Enchanter
Templar: n/a

Appearance: Image

Equipment/Description: Abel carries around a walking stick that doubles as his staff. He also has a knife stripped to his ankle for emergencies, and a backup knife hidden in his boot. He also takes care to carry around liberal amounts of Lyrium potions, whenever possible.

Battlemagic and Blood Magic.

History: Abel was born as the bastard son of an Orlesian nobleman, the Viscount of Jader, Richard Odilion, and a high class prostitute. After his birth, the Orlesian noble paid off his lover, and kept the boy's birth a secret. This worked...for a time. Eventually Abel's mother grew greedy, and asked for more money, or else she would make her son's birth, specifically who the father was, known to all. That ended up being Abel's father's breaking point.

When he was four, Abel's mother was murdered by agents of Richard, right in front of him, in fact. To this day Abel does not know why he himself was spared the assassin's blades; perhaps his estranged father couldn't bring himself to kill his own flesh and blood. Either way, Abel was made an orphan...though not before his mother was able to give him some final, dying words. In that moment, he learned the truth of his parentage, and who, exactly, had killed his mother.

Shortly after this, Abel himself was soon put in the custody of the Chantry. Abel spent the rest of his short-lived childhood as a Ward of the Chantry, not living the best of lives, but still looked well after by the local Sisters. He was not quite living in luxury, the same way he had with his well funded mother, but the local Sisters raised him the best they could. That too changed, however, the day he displayed affinity with Magic.

Not long after, he was carted away by Templars, and sent to the Montsimmard Circle of Magi, where he was honed in his magical abilities. Life in the Circle was not nearly as pleasant as being a Ward of the Chantry, however. Abel grew to despise his treatment at the hands of the Templars, and when he grew older, he plotted his escape.

A month before he was to take his Harrowing, Abel made his escape from the Circle, and began the next chapter of his life as an Apostate. He stuck to hiding in the nearby forests, living off the land as he waited for the heat to die down. Twice he came close to being recaptured by the Templars; he was able to evade one patrol successfully, and absolutely slaughter the other one, when he could not. After that, Abel moved on, deciding to leave Orlais altogether.

He hiked his way across the country, eventually entering the Frostback Mountains. From there, Abel soon made his way to Orzammar, the last free Dwarven city, and it was there he made his fortunes. Unlike the Surface People, the Dwarves had nothing against magic; if anything, they valued it a great deal, considering how useful Magic was. Abel was able to find swift employment in Orzammar, hired by a local Dwarven noble family. During the next decade in his stay at Orzammar, Abel made many friends, learned the various ways of the Dwarven people, saw the threat of the Darkspawn first hand, and most important of all, he amassed a good fortune for himself.

On the eve of his 29th birthday, Abel left Orzammar, a very wealthy man. From there, he soon returned to Orlais, to begin his life anew once more. He soon returned home to Jader, making a name for himself as a self-made merchant. Abel put his fortune to good use, buying his way into the local Merchant's Guild, and opening up a profitable business of his own. In Jader, Abel built up an even greater fortune, soon becoming a prominent figure within the city's society. And all the while, he kept his magical abilities a close-hidden secret, never using his powers in public.

A good five years passed as Abel inserted himself into the nobility and wealthy class of Jader. Soon enough, he even came into contact with his still alive father, though the old man did not recognize him at all. Which fit in nicely into Abel's plans.

Abel had learned many things while in Orzammar. The least of which being the Art of Blood Magic. And with his newfound powers, Abel put forward a plan to earn him ultimate revenge on the man who had denied him his birthright, and murdered his mother. But at that point in time, his revenge was not just limited to his had expanded to encompass the local Chantry, who had betrayed him when his Magic manifested, it expanded to the entire noble elite of Jader, who he viewed as much in fault as his father...he blamed the entire city, however irrationally, for being complicit in the murder of his mother.

No one in Jader was safe from his wrath.

He spent years collecting the blood of the leaders of Jader, most especially his own father. And when he finally had the blood assembled, and the right ingredients prepared...he enacted a devastating plan. He used the collected blood of the Templars and Chantry officials, and snuffed out their lives in the blink of an eye. Then he used the blood of the nobility, and forced them to become his thralls. He made them set fires all over the city, and made the hapless individuals burn in the flames. He made his own father kill his own family, his wife, his legal children, everyone, before making the man die in the agony of the flames.

It was a night that no one in Jader, those who survived at least, would never forget.

With his vengeance sated, Abel left Jader in ruins, going off on his own. For a time, he became aimless, now that his main goal in life had been fulfilled. Eventually, he settled upon the idea of becoming a wondering Apostate. He traveled the length and breadth of Orlais, sometimes playing the part of a mercenary, assassin, healer, smuggler...whatever put coin on the table and food in his mouth. This amount of time encompassed the next thirteen odd years of his life, until everything changed for him once again.

By pure chance, Abel was caught by a wandering patrol of Templars. They caught him off guard before he could put up a fight, and imprisoned him in the gallows of Montsimmard, the nearby city. The irony of the situation was not lost on Abel, though he did not have long to reflect on it. His identity was soon discovered by the officials of Montsimmard, and he was summarily put up for execution. Not that the Chantry not knowing who he really was wouldn't have helped him; at his age, Apostates were killed, not even given the chance of imprisonment at the Circle.

Fate, however, intervened. The Grey Wardens of Montsimmard took an interest in him, and Abel was personally visited by the Warden-Commander. The two had a long discussion, and by the end of it, Abel was Conscripted into the Wardens, much to the consternation of the Chantry.

Soon after he was put through his Joining, and survived. From there, Abel insinuated himself into the Montsimmard Grey Wardens, and spent the next ten years advancing in the ranks, and contributing a great deal to his new Brothers in Arms. The advent of the Blight just last year got his blood boiling, and he yearned to participate in the event, but orders from on high left him unable to do such a thing, unfortunately. And, much to his surprise, the Fifth Blight ended less than a year later, Ferelden miraculously earning a victory over the fabled Archdemon Urthermial.

It is now Dragon 9:31, and Abel is in his tenth year as a Grey Warden. He has risen to the ranks of Senior Mage, and often acts as the Grey Warden liaison to the Montsimmard Circle, looking for any sort of talent that would help out the Wardens. Abel has taken to his new role with great gusto, especially since it gives him the chance to annoy the Chantry with no chance of him being punished for his actions. Truly, life couldn't be better. Joining the Wardens was the best thing he had ever done.

So begins...

Abel Da'Kar's Story


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Abel Da'Kar

Abel Da'Kar, Senior Mage of the Montsimmard Grey Wardens, strode leisurely into the Circle, after being reluctantly admitted by the Templars guarding the doors. The older man soon walked through the halls, intending on heading to the Circle's library. On the way, however, he came across the First Enchanter, and another Mage, whom he was unfamiliar with.

"Ah, Dirth!" Abel smiled, and nodded at the Elf, quite pleased to see him. "Good to see you, my friend. And how are you today?"

While they had known each other, if not especially well, during Abel's brief time as a Circle mage, they had more than reconnected since Abel's Joining of the Grey Wardens. Abel made it a point to be familiar with and friendly with many of the Circle Mages in Montsimmard, and the First Enchanter was no exception. Over the past decade they had become fairly good friends, and Abel liked to think that they were allies in the common cause of seeking better treatment for Mages.

Of course, it didn't hurt that his friendship with the First Enchanter absolutely enraged the Templars. The Templar Order absolutely hated him, but due to his status as a Warden, they could do nothing against him. And so Abel just loved to take advantage of that. In fact, annoying Templars had become somewhat of a hobby of his since his induction into the Wardens.

Maker, he loved being untouchable.

"Oh, I hope I am not intruding," Abel apologize a moment later, gesturing to the other Mage. "I would be happy to talk more later, if you are not busy already, Dirth."


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#, as written by Dae Mec
Arran nodded as the First Enchanter explained the theory behind merging Entropy and Force magic. He smiled ruefully as the mage explained the lack of potential in combining the two schools. He had been told as much by the other enchanters, but Arran still wanted to try.

"I understand, sir. When I do attempt the spell combination, I'll be careful." It would be very bad if the Templars noticed him. It would be worse if the spell caused harm to others. The First Enchanter then answered Arran's second question about the hedge mage.

“Ah… I see. It’s nothing to be worried about, Arran. Only another apostate who seems to have gained a hold on her powers without our assistance. The Knight Commander is only being overly paranoid, as is to be expected of her. It is her job, after all. In fact, her name is Ariel. I’m sure she’s feeling lonely, surrounded by unfamiliar mages and all these glaring Templars. I’m sure she could do with a Friend. Perhaps, if you find time between your experiments, you should introduce yourself, befriend her if you can.”

Arran shifted in his seat at the suggestion. "I suppose I could," he said. He didn't want to go against the First Enchanter's recommendation.

"First Enchanter. The Templar Captain in charge of he the guards here at the tower have shown concern towards the new Mage and is requesting she be placed with a personal guard, if only for the first few weeks. I have been ordered to ask you permission for this position," said an unfamiliar voice.

Arran looked up, startled at the interruption. A veiled Templar with pale skin and brown eyes addressed the First Enchanter. Her clothing hid most of her appearance. At least, Arran guessed the Templar was a "she" from her voice. It was a rather nice voice, too, he thought irrelevantly.

A Templar as a guard for the First Enchanter? It seemed to be directly caused by Ariel, the new mage. The Knight Commander was either extremely paranoid, or the hedge mage was actually dangerous. Honestly, if Ariel was threatening enough to endanger the First Enchanter, then an ordinary Templar guard wouldn't be very effective. Arran didn't see the point. Unless, of course, this Templar was more than what she appeared to be...

"Ah, Dirth!" A heavy-set human walked into the library, calling the First Enchanter by his first name. Heavens, was everyone set on interrupting him? "Good to see you, my friend. And how are you today?" Arran stared at the man. If he remembered correctly, that man was a member of the Grey Wardens.

"Oh, I hope I am not intruding," the warden said. "I would be happy to talk more later, if you are not busy already, Dirth."

Well, Arran could take a hint. He glanced at the templar, then the warden, distinctly aware that either could easily kill him if they so choose. "Er, no," replied Arran, hoping the warden wouldn't be offended because Arran answered instead of the First Enchanter. "I can leave now."


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Sensing the discomfort that his words had caused in the mage, Dirth shook his head. “Please, Enchanter! Don’t think I’m ordering you to do anything.” He took a step forward, laying his hand on the Arran’s shoulder. “I encourage exploration, you know? Both in academic pursuits and social ones.” The comforting, warm smile never left his face.

He’d also hoped he hadn’t completely dashed the Mage’s hopes. What he was trying to do… It had been attempted before but too little avail. Still, one never quite knew what the future would hold, and for all he knew, Enchanter Arran could go on to do great things with his research.

However, his musings were interrupted by the voice of a woman. Turning his gaze, he saw the young lady, almost completely veiled and hidden away save for a pair of brown eyes, who had come before him. What was this? A personal guard. A sour look jumped across his face, before shifting to a neutral look. He’d already argued with the knight commander once today. Could he really risk another confrontation with her, especially after bringing up the bears again? He shook his hand, instead retrieving the book he’d intended to read for the day and handing it off to a Tranquil. “Do as you must, Ser.” He offered a farewell nod to Arran. “Good luck in your experiments, Enchanter.”

At that moment, he found himself cut off once again. A loud voice, practically booming within the spacious library, stole away almost everyone’s attention. "Ah, Dirth!" The First Enchanter turned around, eyebrow raised. He recognized that voice, and instantly a Smile crossed his lips once again. "Good to see you, my friend. And how are you today?"

“Abel!” The Elf exclaimed, moving to greet one of his oldest friends. Dirth’s hand moved forward, grasping the Enchanter-turned-Wardens hand and giving it a firm shake. “How wonderful to see you again.” Abel finally registered the company of the other two at that moment, deigning to try and excuse himself.

"Oh, I hope I am not intruding I would be happy to talk more later, if you are not busy already, Dirth."

Dirth only shook his head in response, before gesturing to Arran. “Not at all! Enchanter Arran was simply seeking my advice on some research he was doing. It’s actually quite interesting, he wants to try to fuse spells from the Entropy and Force schools. He’s already shared some of his notes with me, in fact, and I must say I’m really very intrigued to see how his experiments turn out.” He was about to continue on the fascinating topic when another templar arrived, slightly winded, likely because he’d entered at a jogging pace.

”First Enchanter! Knight Commander Jacqueline wishes to see you in her office, straight away! It seemed rather important!”

Dirth sighed and waved off the Knight. “I understand. Thank you ser.” The Knight left quickly; seemingly eager to return to whatever other duties he was performing before being sent on messenger duty. Meanwhile, the old Elf turned back to his friend. “Apologies, Abel, but it seems that the Knight Commander hasn’t had enough of our yelling matches today. I must be off.” He paused then, before smiling devilishly, the way that only devious old men could. “Of course, you’re certainly free to join me, should you wish.”

The First Enchanter was more than aware that Abel enjoyed the reaction he invoked in the Templars, even if he didn’t completely approve the of mages practices. Despite that, Abel was not the only mage in the room who delighted in riling up to Templars. Dirth, of course, would never approve of such a thing. Out loud, at least.

Regardless of whether or not Abel decided to join him, Dirth offered one last nod to the younger enchanter. “Good luck, Arran. May you find success in your endeavors.” And with that, Dirth went on his way, delving back into the corridors and this time ascending the fortress to reach the Knight Commanders Office.