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Caldean Narzaren

"Not all Apostates are Maleficarum; It just so happens this one is.."

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a character in “Dragon Age: The Dark Age”, as played by SirLancelot



Name: Caldean Narzaren

Age: 21

Height: 5'10

Weight: 140lbs

Class: Mage
SubClass: Blood Mage

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Caldean was raised to two parents, one was an Apostate Mage and the other a simple farm woman. They met and had a child, knowing the risk of the Templars coming at any minute but they did it anyway. They had a small house quite a long way from any towns or Chantries and were ready to have a simple life together with their new born baby boy. His father worked on a small farm while his Mother raised him.

It was his Mother that first witnessed Caldean's 'gift' of magic and it was his Father that helped him understand it. Caldean's father knew that if his son was to survive with Magic, he would have to know how to use and control it just as he had learned to. Caldean was taught the use of Magic from his father. He attempted to make as little noise as possible and draw little attention which he thought he did well.

One day however, when Caldean was still young a knock sounded on the door and Caldean heard the sound of heavy armour march it's way down the path to the door. His Mother opened the door and a Templar stood and marched into the room, explaining how his Caldean's father was dead and that Caldean must be taken to the Circle of Magi. His mother attempted to defend herself and her son with a blade but was cut down by the Templar, as the Templar dealt with his Mother, Caldean ran using his nimble feet to outrun the heavy Templar.

Caldean had no-where to go. Nothing to do. No family to take care of him. He wandered, still only young and naive. He needed protection. He needed power. Eventually Caldean fell into the trap that is sadly the fate of other Mages, he became a blood mage as a way to protect himself from the big bad world, he hasn't been taken by a demon yet but he's waiting for it.

Personality: Caldean used to be a kind and polite boy when raised by his parents, even slightly awkward but having lived years away from the rest of the world, the only interaction being with Bandits that try to kill him and Travelers that fear him he has become a somewhat hostile man. He knows his mistakes that he's made and he knows that he will one day be either killed by the Templars or taken by a Demon.

However, Caldean has his old self buried deep inside him. The only thing that would be needed to bring his out is for someone to want to get to know him. For someone to actually care about him, something that he hasn't had since his parents died and without it all that will happen is that he falls deeper into the pits of the Fade and may never resurface.

Weapon(s): Staff and Dagger

Race: Human

Warden/Companion: Companion

"It's simple; we kill darkspawn"

So begins...

Caldean Narzaren's Story


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The sound of clanking armour made it's way through the trees. A hooded figure clutched itself to a tree, panting. He was going to be discovered any minute and being an Apostate was bad enough without them finding out about his talents. Templars were making their way through the woods muttering to each other and themselves about Andraste and the Chantry. Their boots hit the ground and were getting closer and closer. Caldean would have to run soon, he couldn't take two Templars at once. He struggled with one. They were too close now. He needed to leave. The Apostate lifted and ran as fast as he could, turning and firing a blast of lightning at the Templars. The bark of a nearby tree exploded and sent shrapnel everywhere, the wood bouncing off the hard armour as if it was nothing.

Caldean sped through the forest, jumping over logs and rocks. He was faster and that was his advantage, they would cut him to ribbons if they caught up which hopefully they wouldn't. He needed somewhere to disappear. He couldn't hide from the Templars really, they always seemed to find him but he could run from them. The Wilds. They wouldn't be able to find him there would they? It'd be like finding a needle in a hay stack. He could always tap into that if the time was desperate and then he'd need to run again. He hated running. Couldn't he just one day not have to run from anything? Not run from Templars. Not run from Darkspawn. He just wanted to stand still for a moment.

The Apostate ran. He'd lost them for now. As he hid, hoping for the Templars to not find him and allow him to move along he heard something. He heard talking from a group not far from him. A Dwarf and a few Elves. The minorities had banded together it seemed but that was when he heard two words he really didn't expect. Grey Warden. Caldean allowed the conversation to die down a little before he broke through the brush. The Templars would follow him soon. "I'm just passing through. Mind your own business." Caldean turned to watch his back as he attempted to not be caught up in whatever it was that these guys were doing.