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Gabriel de la Massimo

A Tevinter Magister of high authority... well, that was until he was disgraced, forced into a position of Ambassador and sent out to quiet exile...

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a character in “Dragon Age: The Dark Age”, as played by Elrith Eldwind


Gabriel de la Massimo

Rank: Tevinter Magister (Former) / Diplomat (Current)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 29

Class: Mage
-Subclass: Arcane Warrior


<>Your typical higher ranking Magister from Tevinter he’s the average noble sort with one of those faces commoners can’t be born with and those eye’s that make everyone both feel welcome and nervous, the typical pretty boy rich kid grown up. He has that dark hair that flows like water, those pearly whites, a physique chiseled for nobility. Yeah, been there, done that. The weird thing about him is his mannerisms and his attire. He doesn’t wear the typical Tevinter Robes that most see Mages from the Imperium wearing, but rather he wears a set of light armor that is laid over a light robe. This is because he’s not a typical Mage, he’s an Arcane Warrior.

(Note that he doesn't always wear the Helm and that he has a complete set of boots, though he wears a smaller gauntlet on his right hand.)

<>He’s from Tevinter, but not a complete ass, it’s strange but he doesn't seem to look down on elves or on those who would be slaves in his homeland. This is why he’s not there, actually. He doesn't get along with the higher ups in his homeland because of this as those in his station are expected to keep the status quo and thus keep slaves. Simply put, he didn't and he was causing trouble because of that. He is a stern man who will defend himself and his beliefs as well as his friends. Despite his past he is supportive of the Imperium nad will defend it in speech should one challenge the Imperium as a whole. as he says "Most peopel in the Imperium are barely better off than the slaves, actually the slaves are probably better off than the general populace. They are the Imperium, not the Magisters. Don't speak of things you know nothing about."

<>Born Gabriel Kindred into a mediocre ranking family of Magisters with moderate skills in magic he was a stand out from day one. When he was born he caused all kind of hell around him due to childish tantrums and his great amount of natural talent. Things would fly around, burst into flames, turn into snakes, the typical kid with too much magic throwing a fit kind of thing. He once went with his parents to the great Slave markets, now at the time he was not yet accustomed to the practice, and so when a young slave girl reached out to him in a plea for help and his mother pulled him away he went on another tantrum that destroyed every chain link on the platform. The resulting Riot was quite the scandal but no one knew what had caused it, thankfully.

But he grew out of that when he entered school. Expected to fly under the radar and end up as nothing more than a clerk in the courts of the better mages he was placed at the back of the class with the other lower ranking officials’ kids where they would watch their betters excel and not cause any trouble. However…, apparently…, Gabriel missed the memo…

He was actually in the same class as several rather high ranking families kids, who all were supposed to be very skilled, but things got complex fast. The second day of class they were supposed to just try to light a candle… of course the more powerful kids tried to show off by lighting one of the fire places… they almost succeeded but in the end none could get it flames to remain. Gabriel stepped up and was told to use a very small amount of power to light the candle… and instead he ended up lighting the whole room up, the dozens of candles, and both the fireplaces.

At first he thought he’d be in trouble for letting his powers go… but instead he got reprimanded for having them in the first place! See, in Tevinter you’re not meant to do anything against the norm, and those that do not tow the line of the social ladder are adjusted. But school progressed and he continued to do much better than he should have. Eventually the teachers stopped trying to get him to accept the status quo and went for another approach. They moved him into the most advanced classes with the highest families and had him disowned by his parents… only to get him adopted by one of the most powerful families in the entire Imperium. Gabriel Kindred was dead, and now a newly born 10 year old Gabriel De La Massimo strode the streets of the Imperium. He forgot his old life, his old name, and became a Massimo is all but blood, losing his real parents and his real family in the process.

He gained some good perks in the process though, the right to use all his powers, a bigger house, a great lifestyle, new friends that wouldn’t look down on him, oh yeah and one more thing… he gained the right to fight for the Title of Archon… Not a bad trade, an old boring life with unconditional love and prosperity for one where he was both loved and hated by everyone he saw and was turned into a tool for political squabbling over the vast power he might one day wield. Either way he was now in the same league as those who would one day inherit the throne of the Imperium.

But, he did make friends in this new life, even though everyone who he went to school with was fighting with him for the top spot, and that friend would one day become the thing they all desired… the Archon of the Imperium. So, he went on with his life as a simple high ranking Magister with endless power and wealth… things were good, until his past caught up with him. His origins couldn’t be kept from the world for long and political rivals took that and his personality and stance toward the culture of the Imperium, which is to say slavery, and turned it against him. In short order, he was expunged from his place of power.

However, past friendships do go a long way, and instead of being imprisoned or killed he was simply exiled, though with perks. The leaders of the Imperium wanted him out of their hair and the Archon wanted him left alone, so the compromise was that he would be named an Ambassador to the rest of the world and sent out to travel it in the name of the Imperium… but he’d never again return home. He still hasn’t decided if he’s better off but at least his life is his own now, for so long others have decided how he would live, who he would be, and how he would act… now they could all go find a nice shady place and **** themselves, he is his own man, and with his power he is going to stay that way.

So begins...

Gabriel de la Massimo's Story


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Welcome to Ferelden... a beautiful land it once was. Covered in beautiful green grass, tall oaks and pines. Flowers blooming on the sides of the roads and paths peopled walked. The Cities were full of life, full of laughter, and full of people. Now all you see are spikes with heads on them. Dismembered bodies, limbs thrown about. Blood covers the dirt, and ground. The trees are now full of death and decay. Buildings crumble, people are hiding in fear of the darkspawn hordes. The country itself seems to reek of death.

Other nations refused to come to Ferelden's aid in its darkest time. They gave up on the people, they let them die. They believed there was no hope for the Nation itself. They were wrong... there was hope... and still is... it's just about finding the right amount of people, and the right amount of faith where you go. And one elf, has found others...she has found the warden recruits she was looking for.


So'Lina wandered around the small encampment that she had set up. They had to do the Joining tonight. She held the Chalice in one hand as she dropped the vials of Darkspawn blood in it, along with Lyrium. Setting the Chalice down gently she pulled out another vial. This vial had a darker color of blood than the previous ones. She could hear its voice in her head, just from the drop of blood. Closing her eyes she opened it, and poured it in the chalice. She wasn't eager to see the new recruits go through this ritual, but it was of some importance. She had hope for Ferelden... and so did these people who were with her.

Picking up the silver Chalice once more, she turned to face the three recruits. In her musical voice, sounding dark and grim she spoke the traditional words spoken before a Joining.
"Join us, brothers and sisters. Join us in the shadows where we stand vigilant. Join us as we carry the duty that can not be forsworn. And should you perish, know that your sacrifice will not be forgotten. And that one day we shall join you." Taking a deep breath she walked to Eddic, a human nobleman she had picked up along the roads, who helped her battle the darkspawn, only to see that he had been attacked the night before by darkspawn the taint almost killing him.

She had healed him, stopping the taint from growing... it was as if he were forced to become part of the Wardens. His Green eyes looked into hers, as she spoke. "Eddic, you were chosen to be a part of our ranks because you showed great valor in fighting and defending yourself against the darkspawn." She'd pause as she handed him the chalice, the scent of the darkspawn blood clear in her nose.

He took the chalice and drank. Taking the chalice back, she'd hand it to the next in line, she stand there and begin to speak, "Chionn you were chosen among-" She was cut off from the sounds of someone choking and shiverring. Looking over at Eddic she saw his emerald green eyes wern't there, he was on his knees, the whites of his eyes showing, the taint darkening his veins, suffocating him. That moment So'Lina's heart broke momentairly.

"I'm sorry Eddic... you were not strong enough." Taking out her dagger, she walked behind him, grabbing his hair, and holding his head against her stomach, to expose his throat. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and placed the dagger at his throat and sliced it open, letting him bleed out. Keeping her dagger out should the other two wardens not make it, she'd open her eyes and whisper, "I'm sorry brother."

Her crystal blue eyes turned upon the Last two Warden Recruits. Trying to lock eyes with Chionn, she mentally hoped he would make the Joining, along with the Dwarf, Thorgar. Her Mabari hound,Alistair, named after the Warden who sacrificed his life in the fifth blight, sat at her pallet his eyes full of knowledge, watching the whole Joining Ceremony, as if he knew about it, and the sacrifice that was made.


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Gabriel de la Massimo
“The Conjurer at Court”

The Boat rocked more comfortably now, sailing south east in a more relaxed manner than a few moments before primarily thanks to the relief that had flooded over those on board. After all how else were they to feel, since the pirates that had been perusing them were nothing more than a burning wreck of ash floating along behind them. Lying back in a makeshift hammock spread between two of the ship’s mast, while still clad in the complex and intricate armor of an Imperial Arcane Warrior, was one of the ships saviors. He was a mage, apparently, though he wore heavy plated armor on one arm and leg. His dark hair flowed in the salty breeze of the waves as he sat back with his eyes closed attempting to find some semblance of rest.

“Excuse me, sir…” a young boy said as he tugged gently on the hammock. He held out a cup filled with an amber liquid to the man. The armored mage opened one eye and glanced at the young boy. He smiled and took the cup with a nod.

“Consider it a thank you to you and your companion,” another voice chimed in as three others approached the man, “without you two I’m sure we’d have been goners.” The first was an Orlesian, a very tall and pale man, behind him was a man form Kirkwall who had a darker tan from spending all his time in the markets, and then the final was a woman though the Mage was unable to place her origin.

“Those Pirates didn’t know what hit them, you two were great!”

Sitting up more in the hammock and looking to those gathered near him the Mage raised an eyebrow in slight surprise, “Well, thank you, but it wasn’t really much, a few sword swipes and a couple of fireballs is just another day in the park for us…” he was surprised at how so many people had become more accustomed to Magisters, or at least they seemed to be, typically your average person would be too scared and suspicious of a Mage not bound by the Chantry to come within a hundred yards of them. But then again he was clearly not an apostate, not in the legal sense anyway, and these people were no doubt more worldly, traders or statesmen perhaps. “Though I think that’s enough excitement for one trip, don’t you. Hope we don’t have any more trouble from here o Fereldan…” he commented to those before him, afterward adding another thought more quietly, “though, considering the Blight and all, there isn’t much hope of a boring diplomatic venture I suppose.”

The woman’s eye gave a slight twinge as she caught his comment and spoke up, “Ah, so you’re a diplomat then? I was wondering what would bring a Tevinter Magister all the way out here in this time of war?”

“You recognized me as a member of the Imperium?”

The Orlesian piped up next, ringing his hands with a jovial smile, a merchant of questionable morality if the Mage had ever seen one, “But of course, you outfit is clearly of the Imperium, and most Mages don’t go gallivanting about without a dozen Templars otherwise.”

“I suppose,” the Mage sighed as he prepared for pleasantries, it was his job however unhappily it came to him, “I guess I should have expect as much, most people who are trying to get into Fereldan are probably more world wise than others right now, takes a true merchant to see the Profit through the danger. Most are just fleeing the Darkspawn.”

“Where there is war there is money, that doesn’t’ change unholy monsters or no.” the Kirkwall man commented with a wide grin. The Mage’s stomach turned internally.

“So, might I have my saviors name?” the lady questioned prompting an almost genuine smile this time form the Tevinter Mage.

“My name is Gabriel… Gabriel de la Massimo…”


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#, as written by Onuwa
It had been a long battle. Arrietty sat at the front of the ship which she now knew as the bow. Her ears tingled a little as the sea wind pushed up a little spray from the ocean. The trip over sea had certainly been an interesting one, her first few days were spent annoying the crew men searching for terms and what not. By the end of her second day she had most of the terms down and had taken quite a liking to the word "Belay!" and she used it as often as she could.

She watched the horizon for a moment and then looked back down at her sword, it was blood stained and a bit duller now that she had sliced a few pirates down. She and Gabriel had risen to the occasion, striking down the pirates that how chosen to board them. However unwisely. She remembered a particularly larger gentleman who she had faced. He had come to her wielding a mace and magic. Her training had taught her to be faster and more erratic than her own opponent and soon she had him hitting blindly as he tried to keep up with her movements.

Her sword slashed through his armour and pierced skin, cutting through muscle and eventually bone. The man was no match for her as were the rest of her opponents. Soon they had taken care of each and every pirate and as a warning their ship and the bodies had been set ablaze. The smell hadn't been all that pleasant but had gone away the farther they drew away from the carnage.

She glanced over her shoulder over towards where Gabriel lay and she saw him surrounded by a few of the grateful men of the crew. She sighed softly and wondered if maybe now that she had saved them if they would give her some more information on all things nautical. she stood after giving her sword a few more cleaning swipes and then sheathed it. She adjusted her her shirt a little and then wandered on over.
"Sir" She looked at her master and gave him a soft smile, her gaze turned to the rest of the men and she gave them a curt nod. "Do you know when we will be arriving ashore?" she asked him. Even though he was laying she was only a head taller than him in that position. The man in front of her had been her saving grace ten years earlier and she was forever grateful to him for it.


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Gabriel de la Massimo
“The Conjurer at Court”

”Hmm?” Gabriel was more alert as Arrietty spoke to him. He knew she had a tendency to be tedious in her questions but he never seemed to have a problem with it, he would just sit up no matter what he was doing and listen ever so carefully to the young child.

“Do you know when we’ll be arriving ashore?” she inquired prompting Gabriel to sit up in the hammock and look out to the horizon.

Kirkwall was just a tiny speck now, almost nothing remained in view, and to the other three directions there was naught but endless sea, without a single speck of land awaiting your eye’s glare, “Well, I’d say we’ve still got awhile let to go…” he rubbed his chin in thought for a moment and then looked back to the young elf, “I’d suggest you take a nap, Ari, I know I intend to… but you do have more youthful energy.” He laid back into the hammock and pointed his nose toward the helm of the ship, his eyes closed as he spoke louder this time, almost shouting, “Or perhaps the Captain and Helmsman will be more accepting of your questions now that you’ve saved their lives! I know I would be!” the Captain, a bigot, frowned in frustration but said nothing in response.

“Either way this is the first time we’ve been able to take a nice day at sea for a long while, just enjoy it okay?”

He again sat up a bit, still lying down though; to turn his attention to the others there, “So, let me guess… you lot must be either crazy or ingenious to be heading into Fereldan at the height of a Blight…”

“Well, where there are those in need there are always those who respond to that need.” The Kirkwall merchant commented rubbing his hands together with a creepy smile like any greedy bastard would have on their face.

Gabriel figured as much, the other nations surrounding Fereldan were not really forthcoming with aid at the moment. In fact Gabriel had sneaking suspicions (in other words he was absolutely certain) that those pirates they were attacked by were employed by Krikwall under the table to intercept any “aid” intended for Fereldan. “That country is being offered up on the sacrificial alter…” he muttered.

“Pardon, sirrah?” the Orlesian woman piped in having caught his mutterings.

“Nothing… anyway your philosophy is astounding, Sir, or perhaps I should say tedious… isn’t that just a nicer way of saying ‘where there is need, there is profit’?” Gabriel surmised prompting the man’s smile to fall, “So I can assume that the reason we were targeted by those pirates is that one of you has something on board they really shouldn’t, right?”

“Ho-How dare you insinuate!” they all jumped back as Gabriel continued.
“Incinuate that you’re breaking the embargos of the Orlesian port by shipping… what is it? Potions and Lyrium, yes?” he commented looking to the woman who went from anger to shock, “You’ve got lyrium dust on your collar… and you, Sirrah, Kirkwall has an abundance of food right now due to all the rain, I don’t suppose the Officials would mind a trade agreement with Denerim for the right price.” Unlike the woman the Kirkwall merchant just smiled and stood straighter, almost proud of his business savy, “Which brings us to you, Arms I take it, you’re the one the Pirates were after in the end…”

“You’ve got no evidence of that, Sirrah…”

After letting them sweat for a moment Gabriel just relaxed again, “Don’t worry, I’m not chastising you… hell I applauded you all. This whole, ‘let Fereldan die so that we can survive” is a sickening plot to me. If you can get aid to the masses of that country by all means do so…” they too relaxed, “Though I take it your goods come at a cost.”

“Of course I personally try to keep costs low for those unfortunate people… however, there are costs to consider.”

“Indeed…” taking one last look at the merchants who had already brought him trouble Gabriel closed his eyes at last and began to work on getting back to sleep, “We’ll leave it at that for now… if you’ll excuse me saving your arses has left me rather sleepy… Ari! Try not to distract the Helmsman too much, please!” he called unsure if she could hear him or not as the others dispersed muttering curses at him. He didn’t care as he drifted off into a light nap.