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Raid the Apostate

"If you don't even want to try, might as well fall on your sword now and save the Darkspawn the trouble."

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a character in “Dragon Age: The Dark Age”, as played by Sneakyrio



Name: Raid the Apostate

Real Name: Felix Sevellan

Age: 26

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 200lbs.

Class: Mage
SubClass: - Arcane Experiment

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

History: A long time ago, there was a young boy named Felix. Felix was born in the Poor district of Cumberland, one of the City states in the Free Marches. He had many older siblings who were predominately cruel to him, save one. His elder sister Penelope. She was always so kind to him and she was the only one whoever played with him. Felix was the runt and Penelope was born blind, so they were both the outcasts. Even though his family was dirt poor, Felix was happy.

One day, when he was six, he and Penelope were playing in the streets, when a carriage came racing around the corner. Penelope couldn't see it and it was about to hit her. Felix charged out in front of it and screamed "STOP!" with both his arms raised and eyes closed. He waited for it to hit him....but it didn't. He opened his eyes to see that he had somehow blasted it away with an invisible force. 2 days later, the Templars came for him. Penelope tried ti fight them off, so did Felix, but it was pointless. They carried him away on their backs. He was screaming for Penelope, and she screamed for him. He hasn't seen her since that day.

Growing up in the Circle of Magi was pretty horrible. Abused and monitored every waking moment. Always being watched by people who looking for an excuse to kill you. It was a Nightmare. But, he found some solace in two people he could call friend. His Master Damian Grimoire and an Elven girl named Yara. They often ate meals together, discussed history and different theories of magic. They talked about Circle politics and different ways they could annoy the Templars. Thick as Thieves they were. Though.....we all know what thieves would do to their best friends in a bad situation.

One day, Damian told Felix to meet him and Yara in the lower deeps of the Circle. He said they had something wonderful to show him. When he got down there, someone had hit him over the head. When he woke up, he was strapped naked to a stone slab with a large swirling vortex in front of him. Damian and Yara were there too, wearing dark robes. It was obvious from her glazed eyes that Yara was being controlled to serve Damian. It turns out that Damian was a blood mage and that Felix was a prime candidate for his next and final experiment.

Damian wanted to create a creature that was part mage and part demon. An abomination was too hard to control and they were entirely too destructive. They were just mages possessed by demons. He wanted to create something that actually was part demon. Damian put Felix through what seemed like weeks of agony and torment, sticking things into him and taking things out, all while forced to stare into that void.

Finally, Damian succeeded and Felix was no longer recognizable as human, nor did he look like a typical Abomination, he was.......something else. Damian told him that he now had the power to help him destroy the Templars and end the suffering of Mages. Felix agreed to help him and Damian freed him. Without a seconds hesitation, the moment he was free, he killed Damian. With him dead, the control over Yara was freed. But the strain from being manipulated to long was too much for her body and she died not too long later.

It was at that moment when the Templars busted in and to see the hideous monster that was now Felix and two dead at his feet. They tried to capture and kill him, but with his new abilities he escaped and ran.

H didn't stop running until he crossed the sea and got to Fereldan, were he dawned a mask and a new identity. He now mostly makes his living raiding bandit camps, hiding magical children from Templars and banishing Demons from the bodies of mages. You see, his new body is part Demon and part Mage. Half in the living world and half in the Fade. He can enter the Fade any time he wants or partly enter it. He can also leave any time he wants. So not to scare people, he wears an outfit that covers every inch of his skin. The only hint of his demonic appearance are his unnatural eyes staring at you from beneath his mask.

Personality: Though a hooded and masked man, he speaks more often then one would imagine. Though still rather young, through his transformation he has gathered a large amount of wisdom and knowledge and is oft times the voice of reason in the party. He offers strategies, sage advice, and on occasion, a large wake up call to the members who aren't taking their task seriously. He likes to be a comfort to the party, trying to make them feel they can share anything with him and he wouldn't, or rather couldn't, judge. Does this mean he cannot have a good time? No! He used to be very sarcastic and jovial before his transformation, and parts of his old self do poke through.

Raid gives off the demeanor that he wears his outfit and mask for the sake of other people instead of himself. Though he may say such things, he himself is very afraid of people seeing his face, he is a bit disgusted with what he has become and it is hard for him to accept it. He doesn't really like people staring at him for too long or people going anywhere near his mask. He won't even tell anyone his real name, just addressing himself as Raid the Apostate. He feels that if he accepts himself, he also would have to accept the demonic blood that now courses through his veins.

He seems incredibly polite but not in a normal sense, more in a good neighbor sense. He almost always speaks respectfully to someone, no matter who they are. He seems to almost always take a neutral stance, or rather, a rational stance when it comes to for ones dealing with Maleficar, he seems to hold a deep hatred to those who practice the forbidden arts of magic. He also takes a stand against oppression of any kind, whether it is for the greater good or not. Thus he also has a deep respect and love for the elves and their culture. Having been raised with a Dhalish girl who was captured in the Highlands near Cumberland, he can speak fluently in Dhalish and has great understanding of their Gods and customs. In fact, he prefers them over his original beliefs of the Maker.

He has an odd ability to see which negative aspect any one person represents within themselves. If he were to look at an unreasonable employer, he might see greed, a stubborn warrior, pride and so on and so forth. He can use these faults to his own advantage and manipulate people through them.....though if their sin is Lust, he usually just leaves it to Ryuukasu.

Weapon: Blade Staff

Race: Ex-Human

Warden/Companion: Companion

So begins...

Raid the Apostate's Story


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Welcome to Ferelden... a beautiful land it once was. Covered in beautiful green grass, tall oaks and pines. Flowers blooming on the sides of the roads and paths peopled walked. The Cities were full of life, full of laughter, and full of people. Now all you see are spikes with heads on them. Dismembered bodies, limbs thrown about. Blood covers the dirt, and ground. The trees are now full of death and decay. Buildings crumble, people are hiding in fear of the darkspawn hordes. The country itself seems to reek of death.

Other nations refused to come to Ferelden's aid in its darkest time. They gave up on the people, they let them die. They believed there was no hope for the Nation itself. They were wrong... there was hope... and still is... it's just about finding the right amount of people, and the right amount of faith where you go. And one elf, has found others...she has found the warden recruits she was looking for.


So'Lina wandered around the small encampment that she had set up. They had to do the Joining tonight. She held the Chalice in one hand as she dropped the vials of Darkspawn blood in it, along with Lyrium. Setting the Chalice down gently she pulled out another vial. This vial had a darker color of blood than the previous ones. She could hear its voice in her head, just from the drop of blood. Closing her eyes she opened it, and poured it in the chalice. She wasn't eager to see the new recruits go through this ritual, but it was of some importance. She had hope for Ferelden... and so did these people who were with her.

Picking up the silver Chalice once more, she turned to face the three recruits. In her musical voice, sounding dark and grim she spoke the traditional words spoken before a Joining.
"Join us, brothers and sisters. Join us in the shadows where we stand vigilant. Join us as we carry the duty that can not be forsworn. And should you perish, know that your sacrifice will not be forgotten. And that one day we shall join you." Taking a deep breath she walked to Eddic, a human nobleman she had picked up along the roads, who helped her battle the darkspawn, only to see that he had been attacked the night before by darkspawn the taint almost killing him.

She had healed him, stopping the taint from growing... it was as if he were forced to become part of the Wardens. His Green eyes looked into hers, as she spoke. "Eddic, you were chosen to be a part of our ranks because you showed great valor in fighting and defending yourself against the darkspawn." She'd pause as she handed him the chalice, the scent of the darkspawn blood clear in her nose.

He took the chalice and drank. Taking the chalice back, she'd hand it to the next in line, she stand there and begin to speak, "Chionn you were chosen among-" She was cut off from the sounds of someone choking and shiverring. Looking over at Eddic she saw his emerald green eyes wern't there, he was on his knees, the whites of his eyes showing, the taint darkening his veins, suffocating him. That moment So'Lina's heart broke momentairly.

"I'm sorry Eddic... you were not strong enough." Taking out her dagger, she walked behind him, grabbing his hair, and holding his head against her stomach, to expose his throat. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and placed the dagger at his throat and sliced it open, letting him bleed out. Keeping her dagger out should the other two wardens not make it, she'd open her eyes and whisper, "I'm sorry brother."

Her crystal blue eyes turned upon the Last two Warden Recruits. Trying to lock eyes with Chionn, she mentally hoped he would make the Joining, along with the Dwarf, Thorgar. Her Mabari hound,Alistair, named after the Warden who sacrificed his life in the fifth blight, sat at her pallet his eyes full of knowledge, watching the whole Joining Ceremony, as if he knew about it, and the sacrifice that was made.


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Raid the Apostate

In a forest near the Southern Hills, not a single sound was stirring. It sounded as if there was not a living soul within the forest. An eerie silence had settled over the forest, and an air of wrong had seemed to surround it. If one was close enough, one would hear the footsteps of a being. Humanoid in shape, but what it actually was, none could say. It wore a mask and was hooded. Everywhere it stepped, the land seemed to twist and darken with an odd purplish glittering dust. Any mage would be able to tell you it was ectoplasm, physical traces from the Fade. It is known that only Demons leave this behind when they are defeated in this realm and banished back to the Fade. But, could this individual be a demon? Perhaps, and perhaps not.

The masked figure approached a small pond and bent down. It removed it's mask and plunged both of it's hands into the water. It then began to drink from the pond. After drinking for a time, the water of the pond began to slowly blacken and swirl. The individual seemed to notice this and back away from the pond. It then raised out it's hands and an odd purple glow seemed to emit from them. The black in the water began to recede and float into the masked figures hands, it the seemed to disappear. The figure fell to it's knees, coughing and sputtering. Black goo came from where it's mouth was and it began to singe the earth beneath. It caught it's breath and put the mask back on it's face. It then went on it's way.

After a few hours of walking peacefully, it finally spoke. "Hmm, it seems all of the animals are fleeing from my very presents, again. Oh well, I guess that just means I can enjoy one of my favorite past times........talking to myself." The figure stated with a rather deep bass, his voice seemed to echo with itself. He gave a very deep sigh and continued on.

After awhile, he came upon a very large and slightly destroyed tower. "What's this? It's not the Tower of Ishall, I'm miles from Ostagar, and I don't believe I heard any of the villagers from Vintiver mention anything about it. It does look like it would get a great view from the top.....and I am hungry.....when am I not hungry? I have a part of a Hunger demon inside me." He chuckled softly, but it sort of died out.

He looked to the top of the Tower, then shrugged. He raised one of his hands, a swirling purple energy building in it. He then grabbed it and seemed to pull it down. In a swirl of purple energy he was gone. Moments later, The same swirling energy appeared at the top of the tower, soon revealing the masked figure from before.

He breathed easy and looked over the vast landscape of Ferelden. "It may not be the Free Marches, but Ferelden is alright by me." He sighed dreamily and sat down on the rood of the ruined tower. He was fine just sitting there awhile longer, enjoying the nice view and the smell of the sea air...