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Ryuukasu Narmolanya

"Oh Look, more darkspawn, anyone wanna flip a coin to see who gets first chance to attack?"

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a character in “Dragon Age: The Dark Age”, as played by Soki



Name:Ryuukasu Narmolanya



Weight:165 Ilbs

Class: Rogue
SubClass: Assassin


Sexuality: Pansexual

History:Born to a Dalish Keeper and Huntress; though he does not know if this is true or from the fact he his entire clan was massacred and himself sold as a slave in Antiva. A young Elf no older then five dalish tattoos upon his face already and but of course he was sold to one of the brothels due to him being an "exotic" elf, to help care for the 'workers' that was until himself was old enough to be on display. He spent the next five years like that, His tenth year in Antiva was when his life seem to really take spin, as one of his clients turned to be a part of the famous crows, since the man admired him such he was brought forth to be tested, he passed. Thus his training to be a crow began, and continued for next eleven years. His first actual mission was a trip to Orlais, a noble woman who had been causing issues for another noble; which regardless he was hired to kill her. His attitude towards it well, knowing nothing else but death in his life he did as he was told. After the job was completed though, something inside of him broke; maybe it was a sign he wasn't cut out to be an assassin? or maybe it was his morality and he was ready to be an assassin full time, regardless for now; he would continue his life amongst the crows another six months.

Ryuu at age twenty-one, one of the best Assassins the crows had to offer, and yet he hated the existence he had earned for himself, wanting nothing but to escape from this life. His wish coming true in the form of an assignment. They needed him to assassinate a noble who was visiting the capital of Ferelden; Denerim; and because of this, he had found his escape; taking the assignment gladly he left for Denerim almost immediately, but upon his arrival instead of killing the man, he left him a note "Be wary the crows want you dead" thus began his life as wanderer, or it would have if not for the encroaching blight.

Personality:Ryuu is well a charming, silver-tongued rogue to put it bluntly; having been trained to be in any situation by the crows has given him the natural ability to force out any type of personality that further helps hm complete his mission. Though in reality, Ryuu can be incredibly charming, and sarcastic; never taking things to seriously even when it's life threatening due to his life having been in constant danger all the time. He's very laid-back and tries to be funny no matter the situation, which seems to cause annoyance for some people who spend time around him. he can be vindictive and hateful, when pressed for information about his past, but most of the time he's just a mild-mannered former assassin.

Weapon(s) He wields twin personalized Dirks, as well as a Dalish longbow he had acquired through not entirely legal means

Race: Elf

Warden/Companion: Companion

So begins...

Ryuukasu Narmolanya's Story


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Welcome to Ferelden... a beautiful land it once was. Covered in beautiful green grass, tall oaks and pines. Flowers blooming on the sides of the roads and paths peopled walked. The Cities were full of life, full of laughter, and full of people. Now all you see are spikes with heads on them. Dismembered bodies, limbs thrown about. Blood covers the dirt, and ground. The trees are now full of death and decay. Buildings crumble, people are hiding in fear of the darkspawn hordes. The country itself seems to reek of death.

Other nations refused to come to Ferelden's aid in its darkest time. They gave up on the people, they let them die. They believed there was no hope for the Nation itself. They were wrong... there was hope... and still is... it's just about finding the right amount of people, and the right amount of faith where you go. And one elf, has found others...she has found the warden recruits she was looking for.


So'Lina wandered around the small encampment that she had set up. They had to do the Joining tonight. She held the Chalice in one hand as she dropped the vials of Darkspawn blood in it, along with Lyrium. Setting the Chalice down gently she pulled out another vial. This vial had a darker color of blood than the previous ones. She could hear its voice in her head, just from the drop of blood. Closing her eyes she opened it, and poured it in the chalice. She wasn't eager to see the new recruits go through this ritual, but it was of some importance. She had hope for Ferelden... and so did these people who were with her.

Picking up the silver Chalice once more, she turned to face the three recruits. In her musical voice, sounding dark and grim she spoke the traditional words spoken before a Joining.
"Join us, brothers and sisters. Join us in the shadows where we stand vigilant. Join us as we carry the duty that can not be forsworn. And should you perish, know that your sacrifice will not be forgotten. And that one day we shall join you." Taking a deep breath she walked to Eddic, a human nobleman she had picked up along the roads, who helped her battle the darkspawn, only to see that he had been attacked the night before by darkspawn the taint almost killing him.

She had healed him, stopping the taint from growing... it was as if he were forced to become part of the Wardens. His Green eyes looked into hers, as she spoke. "Eddic, you were chosen to be a part of our ranks because you showed great valor in fighting and defending yourself against the darkspawn." She'd pause as she handed him the chalice, the scent of the darkspawn blood clear in her nose.

He took the chalice and drank. Taking the chalice back, she'd hand it to the next in line, she stand there and begin to speak, "Chionn you were chosen among-" She was cut off from the sounds of someone choking and shiverring. Looking over at Eddic she saw his emerald green eyes wern't there, he was on his knees, the whites of his eyes showing, the taint darkening his veins, suffocating him. That moment So'Lina's heart broke momentairly.

"I'm sorry Eddic... you were not strong enough." Taking out her dagger, she walked behind him, grabbing his hair, and holding his head against her stomach, to expose his throat. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and placed the dagger at his throat and sliced it open, letting him bleed out. Keeping her dagger out should the other two wardens not make it, she'd open her eyes and whisper, "I'm sorry brother."

Her crystal blue eyes turned upon the Last two Warden Recruits. Trying to lock eyes with Chionn, she mentally hoped he would make the Joining, along with the Dwarf, Thorgar. Her Mabari hound,Alistair, named after the Warden who sacrificed his life in the fifth blight, sat at her pallet his eyes full of knowledge, watching the whole Joining Ceremony, as if he knew about it, and the sacrifice that was made.


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#, as written by Soki
The darkness had been a good cover for the Ex-crow as he maneuvered his way between the ranks of a scouting party of darkspawn, his daggers finding chinks in the armor of a few of the Hurlocks, while just completely beheading the three genlocks. "six darkspawn.." He mumbled to himself wiping blood from his face. and sheathing his daggers, drawing his bow and letting loose one quickly notched arrow into the base of the skull, of a retreating genlock. "Seven..." He said that with a smirk. Ryuu had been making his way through the wilds, on a quest of his own to help protect a small town just north of the wilds, needless to say one elf wasn't going to stem the entire tide of the horde, but at least it gave a few of the villagers some peace of mind knowing he was out here decimating scouting parties and the like.

He had currently wandered quite a ways south; having been tailing that scouting party for the better half of a day, having moved so far south that the only sign of anything that wasn't darkspawn were ruins of old towers and such, though he had spotted hound tracks, amongst other things, which in itself was a good sign that he wasn't alone out here with the darkspawn. "It's getting late.. those tracks are my best option to find a place to lay low for the remainder of the night.." He thought to himself out loud, as he jogged into the wilds following the tracks of hounds, and humans. He forced his way through the thick of the wilds, dodging camps of chasind and such; knowing the tracks weren't their's considering they weren't careless like this. It wasn't long before he moved out into a more open area; near a giant set of ruins, which he had heard about in taverns and such during his travels; Ostagar. Though he never truly paid attention to current events figuring he had played enough of his hand in causing the fall of kingdoms and such, to actual care about any possible offense against the darkspawn horde; it seemed that Fate had led him here; and regardless of his desires to not be here, it was obvious that his gut had led him after that scouting party.

"Alright, I suppose I can look around here, keep to the shadows, mind my own business and get out of things get way to dangerous for me." He thought to himself spotting the outlines of a couple of people near the entrance to the ruins. He made his way quietly towards them deciding if he was going to find out anything about the plan for the horde was, it would be to silently observe, without getting caught hopefully.