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Thorgar Helmi

Adventurous Dwarven Noble

0 · 449 views · located in Ferelden

a character in “Dragon Age: The Dark Age”, as played by phanos


We Kill the Darkspawn


Name: Thorgar Helmi

Age: 32

Height: 4'0"

Weight: 180 lbs

Class: Warrior (Champion)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

History: Thorgar was born in the prestigious and ancient dwarven noble house of Helmi in the city of Orzammar. Although born into privilege, Thorgar stood to gain little in power or inheritance as he was his father's third son. But Thorgar was ambitious and sought glory. Not satisfied with the pampered life of a noble, Thorgar began to train his martial skills and chose the warrior's path. He became quite accomplished and skilled in both combat and command but he was still not satisfied. It seemed as if nothing could quell his ambitious need for adventure. That was until the Grey Wardens came to Orzammar looking for recruits. Seeing it as an opportunity to escape his lot in life as a third son, Thorgar eagerly volunteered to join the Grey Wardens and was accepted a recruit. Now the young dwarf travels the word as a Gray Warden recruit rooting out the darkspawn wherever they may hide while waiting patiently for his opportunity to take part in the Joining.

Personality: Thorgar is outgoing, arrogant, and ambitious. He sometimes overestimates his abilities which has gotten him into several scrapes from which he's barely escaped from intact. Although he is honorable and good at heart, he is a self-admitted glory hound. He wants to make a name for himself both as a dwarf and a member of the Grey Wardens. When not on the road, Thorgar likes to spend his time drinking, carousing, and woman chasing in whatever tavern or bawdy house is available.

Weapon(s): Two-handed battleaxe, dagger, crossbow

Race: Dwarf

Warden/Companion: Warden Recruit

So begins...

Thorgar Helmi's Story


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Welcome to Ferelden... a beautiful land it once was. Covered in beautiful green grass, tall oaks and pines. Flowers blooming on the sides of the roads and paths peopled walked. The Cities were full of life, full of laughter, and full of people. Now all you see are spikes with heads on them. Dismembered bodies, limbs thrown about. Blood covers the dirt, and ground. The trees are now full of death and decay. Buildings crumble, people are hiding in fear of the darkspawn hordes. The country itself seems to reek of death.

Other nations refused to come to Ferelden's aid in its darkest time. They gave up on the people, they let them die. They believed there was no hope for the Nation itself. They were wrong... there was hope... and still is... it's just about finding the right amount of people, and the right amount of faith where you go. And one elf, has found others...she has found the warden recruits she was looking for.


So'Lina wandered around the small encampment that she had set up. They had to do the Joining tonight. She held the Chalice in one hand as she dropped the vials of Darkspawn blood in it, along with Lyrium. Setting the Chalice down gently she pulled out another vial. This vial had a darker color of blood than the previous ones. She could hear its voice in her head, just from the drop of blood. Closing her eyes she opened it, and poured it in the chalice. She wasn't eager to see the new recruits go through this ritual, but it was of some importance. She had hope for Ferelden... and so did these people who were with her.

Picking up the silver Chalice once more, she turned to face the three recruits. In her musical voice, sounding dark and grim she spoke the traditional words spoken before a Joining.
"Join us, brothers and sisters. Join us in the shadows where we stand vigilant. Join us as we carry the duty that can not be forsworn. And should you perish, know that your sacrifice will not be forgotten. And that one day we shall join you." Taking a deep breath she walked to Eddic, a human nobleman she had picked up along the roads, who helped her battle the darkspawn, only to see that he had been attacked the night before by darkspawn the taint almost killing him.

She had healed him, stopping the taint from growing... it was as if he were forced to become part of the Wardens. His Green eyes looked into hers, as she spoke. "Eddic, you were chosen to be a part of our ranks because you showed great valor in fighting and defending yourself against the darkspawn." She'd pause as she handed him the chalice, the scent of the darkspawn blood clear in her nose.

He took the chalice and drank. Taking the chalice back, she'd hand it to the next in line, she stand there and begin to speak, "Chionn you were chosen among-" She was cut off from the sounds of someone choking and shiverring. Looking over at Eddic she saw his emerald green eyes wern't there, he was on his knees, the whites of his eyes showing, the taint darkening his veins, suffocating him. That moment So'Lina's heart broke momentairly.

"I'm sorry Eddic... you were not strong enough." Taking out her dagger, she walked behind him, grabbing his hair, and holding his head against her stomach, to expose his throat. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and placed the dagger at his throat and sliced it open, letting him bleed out. Keeping her dagger out should the other two wardens not make it, she'd open her eyes and whisper, "I'm sorry brother."

Her crystal blue eyes turned upon the Last two Warden Recruits. Trying to lock eyes with Chionn, she mentally hoped he would make the Joining, along with the Dwarf, Thorgar. Her Mabari hound,Alistair, named after the Warden who sacrificed his life in the fifth blight, sat at her pallet his eyes full of knowledge, watching the whole Joining Ceremony, as if he knew about it, and the sacrifice that was made.


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#, as written by phanos
Thorgar remained silent as he watched Eddic's lifeblood soak into the cold ground. He wouldn't necessarily called him a friend, but he did like the young man. It was unfortunate that he did not survive the Joining. The dwarf looked down and said a silent prayer for his fallen comrade as Chion took his sip from the chalice. The half-elf seemed to fair a bit better and Thorgar assumed he must have survived the Joining as So'Lina did not slit his throat with her dagger.

As So'Lina approached him with the chalice, the dwarf felt his resolve starting to melt away. Though he looked calm and collected on the outside, last minute doubts crossed his mind and his heart felt as if though it were going to beat out of his chest. If she spoke any words to Thorgar, he didn't notice as his nervousness overtook him. When she offered him the chalice he grasped it with his stubby fingers and looked at the thick, dark liquid contained inside. It had a heady aroma that nearly overtook him but he closed his eyes and tried to regain himself. Without opening his eyes, he forced the chalice to his lips and forced down several big gulps of the liquid.

Almost instantly, he fell to his knees placed his hands on the ground to try and regain his balance. However, no matter how hard the dwarf struggled, the darkness looked to overtake him and he soon drifted into unconscious darkness.


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The dragon over looked his army of darkspawn, an evilish grin on his dragonlike face. That was when he felt it, a shock running through his body. He knew the Wardens were nearby. His white eyes searched for the wardens but seeing none he let out a ferocious roar. Get the Armies moving! I want everyone in this land to die. He'd command the darkspawn as he turned and blew out a jet of purple fire, his mighty wings flapping. Ferelden was going to regret the day that Urthemiel came back. That was, if they hadn't already. He turned his face where he felt the presence of the Grey Wardens, and gave an evil laugh, and another stream of purple fire, before turning and flying off into the distance.

The new Warden Recruits however, were there in spirit. It was their first encounter with the Archdemon. Urthemiel just couldn't see them, because they wern't there in body. Though the dragon isn't stupid however, he knew there were new warden recruits, but he was confident in his abliity to destroy the wardens once more.


So'Lina wasn't too pleased with the fact that she had lost one Warden Recruit, but she was relieved that both the dwarf and the half-elf survived it. They were true warriors, if they could watch their first mate die because of the Joining, and still didn't back down. That was when she got the vision, the same vision the recruits would see. The Archdemon knew... she could feel his presence just as he could feel hers. After letting the vision pass, she'd slowly stand up, before turning and vomiting in the bushes.

Wiping her mouth she'd grimace, sometimes the visions make her sick, but it felt as if the Archdemon could see through her, to her very soul. Picking up the dagger she'd sigh once more cleaning Eddic's blood off her blade. Looking down at the two unconcious Wardens, she'd sigh and take the two vials she had in her pocket and fill them with Eddic's blood as well as a bit of the blood from the chalice. She made a mental note to collect more Archdemon blood for future Joining rituals.

Pacing around she impatiently waited for the Wardens to wake from consciousness. Her sensitive ears heard people approaching the ruined gates of Ostagar. Turning on her heel, she tightened her grip on the dagger she had. No one was going to interrupt the ending of the Joining Ritual. Not even stupid Darkspawn. Blending herself in with the shadows she'd continue listening, as the people got closer, her blue eyes shimmered, and she leapt out in front of them. Her blade close to the throat of what seemed another elf, a male, accompanying a bear. Not taking her eyes off of the elf or the bear she drew her other dagger and pre-paired to throw it at the creature.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?!" She'd hiss, narrowing her blue eyes, her blonde hair surrounding her like a storm. "Make any moves, and its your head on the dirt." Her voice was cold, but soft, almost like steel hidden under wool. Her gaze never broke with the elf, nor the bear, that had a backpack on its back... a brow raised, but nothing more was said.