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Dragon Age: The Dark Age

Korcari Wildes


a part of Dragon Age: The Dark Age, by Nami L'Chi.

The uknown forest of Ferelden, where the Witch of the wildes is supposidly residing

Nami L'Chi holds sovereignty over Korcari Wildes, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Korcari Wilds are a cold southern expanse of forests whose extent is not truly known. The Chasind "wilders" who live within say that a wasteland of snow and ice waits further to the south, filled only with desolate tundra and nomadic barbarians, but the northerners believe little of what the Chasind tell them. By Fereldan standards, the Chasind are a primitive people, mired in superstition and still clinging to the ways of their shamans. They live in houses built on stilts, travelers tell, and fear the mythic Witches of the Wilds who threaten to pounce on their children. The secrets and dangers hidden in the mists of the Korcari Wilds represent the last true untamed wilderness in Thedas.
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Korcari Wildes

The uknown forest of Ferelden, where the Witch of the wildes is supposidly residing


Korcari Wildes is a part of Ferelden.


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Character Portrait: Malyin N'Powut
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Notes: Guys, I just want to apologise for my post, I'm still new so yeah, on with the role play!

Malyin came out into the Korcari Wildes and onto a small rise, with her dormouse Saphira after days of travel through the passage. She had come after a refugee from an attacked village had stumbled across her forest home. There was darkspawn to kill, and her unexpected guest's family needed saving. She smelt the smoke first, then saw it. The stench was unmistakable. Being careful not to alert anything, she started to approach the village. Saphira squeaked, and Malyin turned around just in time to see the Bereskarn leap at her.

Rolling out of harms way, she quickly shifted into a bear while the beast looked for it's prey. Malyin snapped at its legs, and tore off it's tail before it could react quick enough. The tainted creature bit down on her nose with immense force, making something in it snap. Malyin then tore at its back and its neck, with help from Saphira, who chomped on his ears and neck. Enraged, the Bereskarn charged at her with a deafening cry. Thinking on her paws, Malyin dodged the charge, and Saphira leapt off the thing's back before it charged itself off the rise, and landed head first onto a boulder. It was going to lay there forever now until some darkspawn would come and feast.

After Malyin shifted back to elven form, she tended to her broken nose and gashes, still shocked that she'd been attacked by a Bereskarn of all things! Things really are wrong in Ferelden. Once she was ready, she continued on through the fog to the village.

Malyin climbed up a tree and scouted the village from her vantage point. It wasn't a very big village. Which was probably why it had been taken over by only ten darkspawn. Now how do I do this? Thinking for a moment, she came up with a plan. It was rough around the edges, but it would certainly work.

The darkspawn feasted on the corpse of one of the useless humans that had been running, pumping adrenaline when he had killed it. It wasn't very good, but being darkspawn, he didn't care as long as he could eat it. He was just starting on the leg when it's life ended suddenly by a shot through the neck. The other darkspawn feasting died suddenly and silently too. Malyin came over, and cut out a chunk of their flesh, and threw it in a better vantage point. Three more darkspawn rushed over, and Malyin went back up her tree. The trio of monsters fought over the chunk of meat, and eventually only one was left. He didn't get to enjoy his meal for long before he was stabbed multiple times by Malyin.

The others had noticed, and rushed towards her. She quickly changed into a spider, and poisoned two before being bat away by the largest one. Malyin shot the huge one several times with her web before changing to elven form and shooting him. The two she had poisoned were now kneeling on the ground, the poison affecting them severely. With her dagger, Malyin took down one of the two charging at her with her dagger, and kicked the other way onto an old spiked fence. Malyin heard the big one charging at her, and she drew her bow. But she wasn't fast enough. The mighty warrior hit her weapons out of her hands and pushed her down. He then lifted his axe, ready to bring it down on her neck.

Suddenly, Saphira jumped off of a nearby roof and into his eyes. Roaring, the darkspawn lieutenant clawed at his face, and dropped his axe at Malyin's side, allowing her to pick it up and behead him. His heavy head fell to the foggy earth with a thud, as the two poisoned darkspawn collapsed, their hearts stopped. As the final dead body fell, Malyin collapsed with exhaustion against a wall. She exhaled, and retrieved her weapons from the ground. She dragged the corpses into a pile, and buried the human ones in an open space. After looking for a while, she found where the survivors were hiding, and let them out.The best I can do is help them.

After a few days, Malyin left the village that was now mended to some extent, and journeyed back through the passage, and to her peaceful home in the Brecilian Forest. After sending the refugee home, she put down her weapons by the door, and returned back to her normal, darkspawn free routine.