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Dragon Age: The Dark Age

The Forest


a part of Dragon Age: The Dark Age, by Nami L'Chi.

Where you will find the Dales

Nami L'Chi holds sovereignty over The Forest, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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There is not much to say about this forest. For humans rarely enter these woods. It is said the ones who enter, never seem to return. Elves lurk in the shadows of the woods. The Dalish is what they are known by, elves that travel and never stay for long. There are stories of trees coming to life, and giving rhymes and riddles and puzzles for passage into deeper parts of the woods. They protect the forest and its many secrets itself.

Some humans who are brave that can escape the elves, are known to get lost among the woods, and when found, they are mad. They ask questions, they speak to things you do not see. They wake up in sweats for the nightmares they harbor. Be wary when entering these parts my friend...
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The Forest

Where you will find the Dales


The Forest is a part of Ferelden.


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