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Layne Nurell

"I feel nothing anymore, and that scares me."

0 · 441 views · located in Thedas | Kirkwall

a character in “Dragon Age: The Plight of Kirkwall”, as played by HOLYCRAPAGHOST


❝Layne Nurell❞

❝I did it for my family.❞


❝The Basic Facts❞

| Name |
Layne Nurell

| Nickname |
The Golden Swan

| Gender |

| Age |

| Sexuality |

[color=your choice of hex color]| Race |[/color]

| Eye Color |

| Hair Color |
Dark Brown

| Height |

| Weight |

| Skin Tone |
pale white

| Distinct Markings |
Several scars mark her body, but none are as prominent as the thick mark running from her right shoulder down across her back to her left hip. She received it years ago, but it still stands out harshly against her skin as if she received merely days ago.

| Physical Description |
A young woman standing at a short height, Layne is small and nimble, using her long arms and thin frame to easily hide and creep up on unsuspecting targets. Her heart shaped face is framed by long dark brown hair that falls just past her shoulder in thick layers. It is often kept down, but easily trapped behind her dark hood and mask. The only part of her face that is often seen are her golden eyes, that resemble the rising sun. Wears an assortment of broiled and studded leather armor top that does it's job well in protecting her body, but light enough to not weight her down or make too much noise. The armor is black, matching the color of her hooded scarf, sleeveless, leaving her arms bare. The top goes past her waist, but splits into a front and back cover that stretches to her knees. Her pants are black and tight, but still comfortable to move in. Her boots are simple black leather, and her black gloves stretch just past her elbows with an intricate golden design along the length of the left one. Two daggers are strapped to her back.

| Habits |
-Stretches her back, by thrusting her chest forward and rolling her shoulders.
-Cracks her neck by throwing her head to the right, causing a loud audible pop and a sigh from her.
-Mumbles to herself in soft whispers
-Often will cause self pain in minuscule fashions i.e. small cuts on arms and legs

| Likes |
-Her family

| Dislikes |
-Bright lights
-Blood Magic

| Strengths |
-Excellent swordsman
-Strong morals

| Weaknesses |

-Passive Aggressive
-Silent in opinions

| Weapon(s) |
-Twin daggers with black and gold hilts.
-Lock pick

| Potential Interest |
[Who is your character interested in?]

| Family |
Father: Charles Nurell | Age: 52 | Status: Unknown---presumed dead
Mother: Olivia Nurell | Age: --- | Status: Deceased
Siblings: Brother: Wesley Nurell | Age: 18 | Status: Alive
Brother: Trip Nurell | Age: 14 | Status: Alive
Brother: Isiah Nurell | Age: 10 | Status: Alive
Sister: Crissy Nurell | Age: 6 | Status: Alive

| Personality |
Layne is quite reserved, preferring her own thoughts to the words of those around her. She spends a great deal of time alone, and in the shadows, which has led her to find the greatest of companies with her own mind. Some people call her mad, but everyone knows that she is quite intelligent, often three steps ahead of others. She comes off cold and cruel, and only comes off as a "warm" person when with her family. She is observant and quick on her feet, but has difficulty relaying information to anyone helping her. She prefers to work alone.

| History |
Layne was born in Lothering, and is the eldest of the Nurell children. Although her next sibling was a male, her father took great pride in teaching his eldest how to properly use a blade. The family was happy and healthy for quite sometime, but during her mother's final pregnancy, Olivia began to grow ill. Not much was known as to the cause, for she had bore several children previously without complications. All they could do was hope. Shortly after Layne turned seventeen, her mother gave birth to her one and only sister, but lost in life in the midst.

The Nurell family had to stick together, so Charles worked, practically, religiously, barely ever seeing his children. While Layne took on the role of mother. She continued to work on her sword skills, while also teaching her younger brothers. They had to be prepared if anything were to happen while their father was away. Three years later, the Fifth Blight plagued Ferelden and threatened to destroy anything and everything in Lothering. With no option but do flea, the Nurell family packed up anything they couldn't bare to lose, and ran for their lives. Unfortunately, darkspawn pursued them, and they barely made it out of the city. Hoping to give his children a chance, Charles forced them to run ahead without him, while he held off the attacking creatures. Layne and her siblings rode to Kirkwall in terror, hoping their father had made it onto the next available ship.

When they arrived in Kirkwall, they awaited their father's arrival for two days before finally losing hope. Of course, the five children were not allowed entry into the city, none of them proving to have family, business, or any valuable skills that the city would need. Fear that her family would be forced to disband, Layne fell into a depression, as the five begged for food on the outskirts of town. One day, however, a stranger appeared and offered a proposition to Layne and her family.

He would offer them passage into the city, if, and only if, they would do something for him---kill a man. A certain man to be exact, a man that had wronged the stranger, but it had to be done quietly. Originally a task given to the eldest male, Wes, Layne took over not wanting her still young brother to endure such trauma. Layne awaited in the shadows for what felt like days before finally making her move on her target, and removing the life within them.

The stranger did as he promised, and got Layne and her siblings into the city, but with still no home. They were still living on the streets, begging for food. But the strange man appeared to the Nurell family once again, and offered the children a home and financial stability. In exchange, Layne had to work for the man in his group of assassins. With no choice, Layne accepted. She became well-known in Lowtown, as the Golden Swan due to her eye colors. The strange man, no known as Ivan, took the name and rolled with it incorporating the golden color anyway he could into Layne's attire. She had the ability to strike fear into the hearts of the people of Kirkwall just with a menacing glare. Her alias was a story for children to tell each other, but never believed she were actually real.

Due to the amount of people she's killed, who have families and were the sole provider of said family, Layne questions whether her psyche is still intact. She will kill someone without second thought, without remorse, and it concerns her. She will often cut her arm or leg just to be sure she can still feel pain. That her body is still capable of emotion. Although the cuts are minuscule, Layne is worried that he siblings will discover what exactly it is she does.

❝Theme Song❞

| Johnny Cash - Hurt |

| Lyrics |
I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only things that's real
The needle tears a hole
The old familiar sting
Try to kill it all away
But I remember everything

What have I become
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away
In the end
And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

I wear this crown of thorns
Upon my liar's chair
Full of broken thoughts
I cannot repair
Beneath the stains of time
The feelings disappear
You are someone else
I am still right here

What have I become
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away
In the end
And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

If I could start again
A million miles away
I would keep myself
I would find a way

So begins...

Layne Nurell's Story

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Layne Nurell

Her sister was whining again, tears rolling down her sunken cheeks as she cried desperately for food. Layne shushed her, hoping to the calm the girl, but there was no use. She was hungry. They all were. They all sat in a circle by the water, while Wes attempted to catch fish for their dinner. They've had nothing but fish for the past couple of days, but at least it was something.

Crissy cried out again, reaching for Layne. The eldest Nurell took her young sister into her arms, hoping the embrace would calm the young one. "Quiet, Crissy." She whispered. "If you cry like that, you'll scare away all the fish. And, if you do that, we won't be able to get any food."

Cirssy's outward cries turned into muffled sobs, as she attempted to quiet down. Layne attempted a sincere smile, but she knew it came off tired and weak. It did little to reassure her siblings that all would be well, but they continued on. They were together, which was more than anyone else could say. When the Qunari attacked, and left the city in the ruined state it is, it was a miracle if anyone got out of alive. Let alone a family of five with two young ones to watch over. Crissy could barely walk without stumbling, and Isiah wasn't even old enough to handle a blade yet.

It took a little of maneuvering to get out of the city all together, but they did it. They were barely surviving, but they were together. Layne let Crissy go, and stood from her spot on a large boulder. Her hair was loose, the dark tendrils gracing her shoulders. She felt dirty, she couldn't remember the last time she had properly bathed. Her and her family had lived in Lowtown for the entire time they were in Kirkwall, and bathing wasn't exactly a hot commodity there. But even now, Layne felt dirtier than ever.

She quickly pulled her hair up, using an old ribbon she had had from when she was a babe. She pulled on her hood, and adjusted the mask on her face. "I'll be back," She said to her siblings. "Trip, keep on an eye on Crissy and Isiah. Teach them how to fish, if you can."

Her brother called back to her, but she didn't quite hear. She had already turned away and began a slow climb back up to the path. Most of the wildlife had wondered off, leaving just the fish as their only food. But, Layne was determined to find something. Anything, that could calm the aching emptiness in her stomach.

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During her walk through the dense forests, Layne wasn't surprised to find nothing to trap. Animals had ceased existing this close to Kirkwall, the fish were the only ones to stay. She continued to hunt, however, in hopes of finding something, anything, to bring back to her siblings.

She could see their faces in her mind's eye. Scrawny little things, still trying to grow. But without any proper food, they would be scrawny like that forever. Their cheeks sunken in, their ribs protruding through their skin. Layne had to stop moving and bend over, letting out haggard breaths as she tried to get the image out of her mind.

What would her parents think of her, if they knew what she got her family into. Her mother would probably curse for putting poor Crissy into this situation. Although, not all of it was entirely her fault. She didn't ask the Qunari to lay siege on Kirkwall and behead the Viscount.

Layne placed her hand on a tree trunk, pushing herself back to an upright position. She took in a deep breath, as she removed the mask from over her face. She settled on the fact that she wasn't going to find anything and turned to head back to the camp.

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"Perhaps I can be of some assistance?"

Layne was already moving from her crouched position up, to face the stranger that had appeared behind her. She had heard them coming before the one spoke. She held her daggers out, defensive, as she took in the two strangers.

She had seen them around camp before, the Elf especially. If she remembered correctly, he was a Tevinter Magister. Apostates were still treated with caution, some people couldn't let go of their old ways. Layne had no problem with mages. It was a gift, that was abused by certain people.

But not all people are the same. She wasn't sure about the Elf. The one next to him, a Qunari, looked a bit nervous. As he should be. Layne had seen him on the outskirts of camp, trying his best to blend in with the surroundings. Parents hid their children from him, grown men would throw insults and sometimes rocks. He didn't seem to be apart of the Qunari that attacked Kirkwall.

If anything, he looked to detest his heritage. At least, that's what she had seen.

"Who says I need assistance?" Layne finally questioned, as she scooped up the trapped animals. It wasn't a lot, but it was enough for her family.

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The Saarebas stepped back a bit from the woman, holding his hands up to signal that he wanted no trouble and was unarmed. He was already nervous from being so close to the survivor camp. He could already feel the rocks that would be thrown at him for just being this close to the camp. He remembered a few years back, when he tried to ask for supplies and was violently rejected and forced to live on the very edge of the camp.

He didn't try to speak, just keeping his eyes low to the ground. Avoiding eye contact and every now and again keeping an eye on the nearby camp to watch if he needed to make a run for it or now.

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"No one did. It is just good manners to offer it," Antius told her with a laugh. At least this woman wasn't hostile. Merely suspicious. He continued, "I could help you hunt bigger game. A stone or shard of ice tossed at a high enough speed proves to be a quick death for a say a deer. And I know a few spells to keep meet frozen and preserved until we find some spices. I think the camp could use some good stores of food."

He shrugged, "But I forget my manners. These fine gentlemen are Marcus, Cassus, and Pollux. The Qunari here is no Qunari. He is a Tal-Vossoth named Kost. The role of a mage is not a good one among the Qunari. The Chantry is merciful in comparison. Perhaps the Chant does restrain them. Or Koslun was truly a monster."

He paused for a moment, regarding the human woman before him. She was beautiful, but somehow familiar. He thought he saw her features somewhere before. Not in person. Perhaps on a drawing. Still, he could not place her face.