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Siobhan Suffrage

With passion'd breath does the darkness creep. It is the whisper in the night, the lie upon your sleep.

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a character in “Dragon Age: The Sword of Andraste”, as played by Retrovertigo


Name: Siobhan Suffrage
Age: 30
Nationality: Orlesian by way of Sahrnia

Race: Human

Organization/Occupation: Seeker Of Truth


Equipment/Description: Siobhan is never without her twin daggers and small cache of throwing knives, and is most often attired in modified prowler mail. Beyond that she wears a plain silver chain that once belonged to her mother, the only thing that the orphan owns of a personal nature. Siobhan also carries a small pack of supplies for basic survival needs - flint, medicinal herbs, potions etc.

Specialization: Bard - Siobhan can spin a tale and sing like a bird. She can also kill you in the blink of an eye without mussing her hair or wrinkling her clothing.

History:Siobhan Suffrage was born in Orlais in the small village of Sahrnia, a place which had its own part to play in the battle between Corypheus and the Inquisition. The tales of the Corruption of Sarhnia spread far and wide, the townspeople stolen or rather given to the red templars to mine red lyrium. Many of whom died, the rest rescued from captivity by the Inquisitor and Divine. Siobhan had been ten years old and watched for years previous as the War of the Lions destroyed her home and had to hide and watch yet again as the red templars stole her family and rendered their home’s destruction complete.

The young girl, now without kith or kin remained the ward of the rebuilt chantry in Sahrnia where it was believed she would eventually enter into service. Siobhan, though dutiful and devoted also possessed a bit of an impulsive streak. So when the opportunity came along to hitch a ride to Val Royeaux with a traveling merchant Siobhan seized upon it. She might have only been fourteen but she couldn’t imagine spending the rest of her life in Sahrnia, it only reminded her of what she lost and ultimately how weak she really was in the face of such onslaught. She vowed she’d do everything in her power to keep from being taken advantage of again, from being seen as weak.

This was why she’d been drawn to her bardmaster in the first place. He’d been everything she’d wanted for herself, cool, calm and collected. So perfectly in control of everything, it was masterful and Siobhan coveted that for herself. So at the tender age of fourteen she began her training having shown the bardmaster tenacity and a talent for amusement. Nearly six years later she would come into her own as a bard, often called The Black Belle in her widespread travels.

For nearly five years, Siobhan lived the life of a bard. She was welcomed amongst the nobles, and became a grand player of the game for a short time. It was an incredible achievement for the little orphan girl from a mining village. It was actually on a stop in Sahrnia, now rebuilt and functioning up to levels previously seen before the War of the Lions that Siobhan had a crisis of fate. Seeing her home, simple as it may be, up and running again forced her to take a long look at herself. What had happened to her dreams of serving the Maker? She should have been here helping to rebuild not out gallivanting the world playing at some game that cost people their lives.

Making the break from her bardmaster had been the hardest thing she’d ever had to. Harder than losing her parents, harder than the vigil she’d undertaken when she’d become a Seeker Of Truth and to this day there is a small part of her that longs for him and his guidance. Something she quickly pushes down with repeated visits to the chantry and mumbled canticles beneath her breath.
After her initiation into the Seekers of Truth, Siobhan was stationed in Starkhaven in the Free Marches where she’s been ever since, proving her loyalty and leadership qualities to all those around her.

So begins...

Siobhan Suffrage's Story


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Mathias opened his eyes, the light from the sun creeping into his rented inn room. Sitting up calmly, he breathed deeply, collecting himself and allowing his senses to return. The Fade was a Vast Place, and it took a moment to recollect himself after awakening from his dreams. Still, the night had not been without progress. He stood up, pushing himself off the bed and onto his feet before collecting his robes and equipment. He'd been sent here, to the Prancing Wyvern Inn, along with Seeker Suffrage to await the Mercenaries and Hirelings that would joining them. The Sword of Andraste was missing, and the mission, though only the Seeker and himself knew this truth, was to retrieve from whomever had managed the feat.

The Dreamer exited his room, leaving his possessions, aside from a moderately sized tome tucked under his arm, in his room until they would be departing the Inn. And thanks to his night of searching, Mathias knew that they would be heading north, following the road to Val Chevin to the Northeast. There were many destinations at the end of such a route, but a couple in particular stuck out in his mind. Still, he'd wait till The Seeker awoke to share any possible suspicions he might have had. Not like he was guarenteed to be right on his hunches anyway. The Sword could be tracked, but even in his dreams, the culprit was... Missing. Someone was there, he knew that much, but the memories he could gleam from the Fade revealed nothing about the Thief. Mathias sighed, finding a table to sit at as he waited. The book was set upon the table, and imediately set about studying the tome.

The relaxed mood and air of the Inn was thoroughly shattered however, as the door was flung open, revealing a chevalier in full dress, accompanied by a small entourage of what could only be presumed to be servants to the woman. Francine's sudden appearance through the doors of the Prancing Wyvern Inn grabbed the attention of various patrons, some of whom may or may not have been drunk. It was not everyday a Chevalier walked into such an establishment with full battle raiment with sword and spear. It was a good thing she had her helmet on, the looks she was giving back at the men who eyed her were far from amiable. The Dame of Orlais was not accustomed to such subpar conditions and it seemed like those inside were not used to someone of such high standing coming in. "I trust everything is fine, M'lady?" Asked the bartender as she advanced, her eyes scanning the crowd for the Seeker or that Mage she was with, she had met with them a few days prior to be briefed on what exactly she had signed up for. "All is well good sir." she replied as her eyes settled on the Dreamer. She moved towards the table he sat at and joined him.

"Where is the Seeker, Mage?"

Mathias looked up from the pages of his tome, at the mention of his abilities. "And Here I thought you Orlesians were supposed to be subtle." His accent was strong, easily marking him as Fereldan. If she chanced a look at the page, She likely wouldn't be able to make heads or tails of what was written. "Madame Beaupre, I presume? Seeker Siobhan has not yet come down from her room. She should be along shortly." His head bowed again, and he went back to his reading, pointedly uninterested in the chevalier in front of him.

"I thought you'd appreciate it if I didn't beat around the bush." She replied, not letting herself be lured into a more dedicated exchange of words with a Feraldaner. "I suppose I'll merely have to wait then, how pleasantly dull."

"Well, aren't you just barrels of fun?" He remarked, turning another page in his book. "I suppose I'll be the Civilized one here, then. Mathias Carrel. Enchanter at the Fereldan Circle of Magi. A pleasure. I'll be leading the expedition that your grace has so benevolently decided to help fund."

The chevalier hid her disdain for the Mage's backtalk, and instead focused on the mention of expedition. "So, what exactly will be the point of this expedition, Enchanter?"

A smile spread across Carrel's face. "So glad you asked. You see, I've been reading through a certain collection of tomes written during the time of Andraste, and in my research, I've discovered that there may infact be a Handful of artifacts that remain undiscovered from Andraste's march on the Imperium. I've even got a route planned, as well specific locations that I wish to search for said artifact, though I'll wait for the others to arrive before we go into detail. No use repeating myself, after all." Mathias perked his head up, turning his attention to the stairs, muttering under his breath. "Now, where on earth is our seeker anyway?"


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Siobhan has been awake for hours, rising before the sun had a chance to peak through the clouds. It had been a habit of hers since childhood, to rise while the cottage was still dark and cold. To savor the few moments she had alone before the hustle and bustle of the small mining town took over of course things changed due to the War of the Lions and by the time the red templars were through Siobhan no longer had to wake early to find some alone time. Alone time was something an orphan had in abundance.

Today she had risen and made her way through the dark and subdued inn to the chantry where she took solace and chanted for nigh on two hours. Having caught sight of the brightening sky, Siobhan figured that soon the mage would awake and the rest of their rag tag band would be along shortly. The Seeker Suffrage was aware that she’d been chosen for this assignment due to her inherent skill at diplomacy, her impeccable discretion and the innate deadly force that bard training had instilled in her. She’d been tasked with corralling a group of near strangers long enough to find the Sword of Andraste without them actually realizing that’s what they were looking for. The only person she could trust implicitly was the mage Mathias, who she wasn’t entirely sure of to be honest.

As the tall brunette strode back to the inn and the task at hand, she took in the sight of who just had to be the Dame of Orlais and her rather large retinue. Heaving a sigh, the seeker squared her shoulders and slipped inside the noisy and now very crowded inn, seeing that Matthias had already put in an appearance and yes it was indeed Francine Beaupre, who Siobhan knew of in passing but had never actually met. To say the other woman’s reputation preceded her would be an understatement and the seeker was sure that the Dame would turn out to be an extraordinary asset. As for the rest of their party, the ex-bard was aware of their names, their skills sets and loyalties but it would take being out in the field to form proper opinions.

Siobhan made her way to the gathered party silently and with purpose, observing how the mage and chevalier interacted. If they had any hope of accomplishing anything they’d have to learn how to work together. Something they could get started on immediately.

“Ah, yes we could use as many skilled hands as we can get.” Siobhan replied to the dwarf, her voice tinged with the slight lilt of Orlais as a careful smile crossed her expressive face. “I’m Seeker Suffrage, and now that we’re all here it seems perhaps we can repair to privacy and Matthias can fill us all in?” She finished, gesturing towards the mage and for the rest to follow along.