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a character in “Dragon Age: Warden's Oath”, originally authored by Andoral, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Talisa

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Weapon/s: Blackened Heartwood Staff

Sexuality: Bisexual


After her father’s death, Talisa served the Revered Mother over the Chantry in Lothering. Talisa tended to refugees and ran errands for the Chantry, until she showed signs of magical ability at the age of eleven. The Circle had removed her from Lothering to begin her training and education in the Circle Tower. Having attempted three escapes over the course of weeks, the Templars branded her as “Apostate”, claiming to hunt and kill her if discovered wondering from the fortress once more. Wynne, a Senior Enchanter and well respected member of the Circle , felt sympathy towards Talisa and offered to raise and mentor her herself. Under the tutor of Wynne, Talisa honed her skills in the passing years, and received a visit from Duncan, Warden-Commander of Ferelden.

She became a Senior Warden, conducting missions and organising tests and rituals for recruits.

Compared to studious mages in the Circle, Talisa showed a fierce independence and was often mocked as a “spirited” or “feisty” young lady during her time in the Tower. She isolated herself from the traditional pursuits of a mage, and became captivated with the art of dexterity and arcane magic. Talisa fashioned herself as an ‘Arcane Warrior’, or ‘Battle mage’. She also studied enchantment and the basics of healing.

In terms of physique, Talisa is slender, with the typical bodily characteristics of a mage. Under her black robes she bears the Warden's Oath.


So begins...

Talisa's Story


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It had been some time since the disaster at Ostagar, and thus far, Verdil was not very pleased with what had followed. Due to the insistance of the Fool King, the entire Shemlen army at Ostagar had been slaughtered, and the Grey Wardens of Ferelden decimated. As for what remained...well, it seemed unlikely that he, Talisa, and the recruits (if they survived the Joining) could stop the Blight all by themselves.

Still, his current lot in life was certainly better than rotting away in the Arl of Redcliffe's dungeons. Even if their chances were grim, they were still alive, and for that, Verdil had given some thanks to the Gods. Though he certainly wished he had better traveling companions.

He was surrounded by the bloody Shemlen. All the remained of the Wardens, and he was the only Elf amongst them. A pity. Dealing with the vile oafs made his job as a Grey Warden that much more difficult. It had been hard enough to tolerate the presence of the Shemlen at Ostagar, but during that brief stay there, he had been able to keep his distance. Now, was frustrating, to say the least. Very frustrating.

Verdil honestly did not know if he would be able to work productively with this group. Shemlen were the scum of Thedas, and to be forced to work with a group of them to end the Blight....worse yet, to live with them day after day, sharing a camp with was already testing him. Still, he would do his best to persevere.

"Verdil, a moment?" Talisa suddenly spoke, jolting him out of his thoughts.

The Elf looked over at the Shemlen Mage, a surprised look flashing across his face before he masked it with neutral disdain. He gave her a nod and gruffly inquired,

"Yes, Shemlen?"

Curious. The Shemlen Warden was talking with him? Most curious indeed. Talisa had not spoken to Verdil much, if at all, during their time together, so he truly wondered what it was that had made her decide to break the silence.