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Verdil Beindaer

"The Arl of Redcliffe will one day find an arrow sticking out of his eye-socket, if I have my way."

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a character in “Dragon Age: Warden's Oath”, as played by Magus1108



Name: Verdil Beindaer
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue/Ranger
Weapon/s: Two good sized daggers, a quiver full of arrows, and a bow.
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Verdil is a young man filled to the brim with righteous fury and resentment. He has a passionate hatred of humanity, and thus has a hard time making friends or allies with anyone of that race. To most people in general, Verdil comes across as a brooding and angry young man, rarely experiencing anything approaching happiness or genuinely good feelings. Still, this doesn't stop Verdil from doing his job. Even if it means working with humans, Verdil will tolerate that, so long as he can fulfill his duty as a Grey Warden to end the Blight.


Verdil was born among the Dalish, and lived a content, if somewhat dangerous, life as one of the Dales. Everything changed, however, when Verdil was ten. His clan had been crossing through a forest near the city of Redcliffe in Ferelden, and through a series of events, his clan ended up claiming the lives of some local hunters. The humans of Redcliffe were quick to retaliate, and Arl Eamon swiftly drew up a band of knights and other soldiers to combat the Dalish Elves.

The resulting battle was a bloodbath. Verdil's Clan fought tooth and nail for survival, taking down scores of human soldiers with blades and arrows. But the end result was a complete rout of the Clan; a majority of the Dalish present were killed, and the remainder were either captured by the humans, or fled into the wilderness. Unfortunately for Verdil, he was one of the few captured.

Verdil was stripped of everything that made him Dalish, and tossed into the Redcliffe Alienage. There, Verdil spent the remainder of his childhood and young adulthood. A family of City Elves was quick to adopt him, but Verdil never truly adapted to City Elf life. The slaughter of his Clan made him hate humans with a passion, and thus Verdil always had a desire to take revenge. He caused a great deal of trouble in Redcliffe over the intervening years, attracting a great deal of ire from the City Guard.

Things came to a head when Verdil, in the height of his bloodlust, murdered the Arl's brother, Bann Teagan, when he came through Redcliffe. Verdil was arrested not long after by the City Guard, and was scheduled for execution. However, Warden-Commander Duncan came to his rescue at his darkest hour.

By this point in time, the Fifth Blight had begun in Ferelden, and the Grey Wardens of Ferelden were in dire need of recruits. Despite massive protests from the Arl, Duncan freed Verdil from prison and Conscripted him into the Grey Wardens. From there, Verdil was taken to Ostagar, and became one of the Grey.

It is not quite what he imagined would happen with his life, but Verdil finds life as a Grey Warden adequate. He is more than happy to be out of the Alienage, and killing a Hoard of Darkspawn would do quite a bit to relieve his stress and frustrations.

So begins...

Verdil Beindaer's Story


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#, as written by Andoral
(Starting off with a little bit of introductory stuff, just so we can get familiar with the setting and situation. It is near a week after the Battle of Ostagar. Talisa, Verdil, Martin, Daveth, and other recruits including three orphans boys around the age of 17 were the only ones to survive. The Joining ritual will start soon. Verdil and Talisa are Wardens. Saxious, Martin will shortly participate in the Joining, which will determine who in the camp survives the ritual and continue on as a Warden, and who will not. You can read about it here, if you're unsure.)


The orphan recruits of the party seemed to regard Talisa as an officious ‘hag’, and much to her amusement, ‘witch’. It is a wonder, truly, that Duncan picked them from the dirt and named them ‘potential Wardens’. As mischievous as they were, they knew not to utter a sound when Martin and Verdil were in their company. Martin was twice their size, the mere thought of him bringing a sword down to their skulls was enough to make their jaws quiver, and Verdil... Before Talisa learnt the way of silencing them, she had personally made quiet prayers for the damned oafs.
“You ought to know that Elves are as quiet as shadows,” She once said.
“And what of it, maleficar?”
“Well, I would think that if one possessed such a skill, they would have the potential to kill with great discreet… Assassinate. Oh, such a crime! One could only imagine; a deadly Elf to come in the night and take the very lives of my sweet, foul-mouthed orphans!” Talisa looked grief stricken to tears, which followed by a wicked laugh that made the orphans' faces turn from red to white. She took great pleasure in toying with them, however cruel and unjust it might have seemed.

“He wouldn't actually kill them, would he? I-If he heard them talking, I mean.”
Daveth said in a hushed voice so Verdil wouldn't hear. Talisa sighed, and threw a stick into the fire.
“I wouldn't test his patience… He’s an Elf, Daveth. That means a life that we humans could never truly understand.”
“Still... Don’t like him hating us so much. It’s just some rotten ones that ruin the whole batch, is all.”

They roasted rabbits on a spit that night, turned it by the end and ate them hot from skewered sticks. Apart from the orphans, everyone seemed quiet, almost restless. They had been traveling quite well, Talisa thought. Perhaps it was the Joining, the forbidding ritual that was not to be spoken of. Or they were still shaken from the events of Ostagar, which Talisa and Verdil had not mentioned since their escape with the party. In fact, she had never really spoken to the Elf at all. She recalled seeing him around Ostagar, but they never seemed to cross paths since the night of their Joining. Talisa pondered the thought of him dealing with Duncan's death in private. But she wasn't too sure.

“Verdil, a moment?” Talisa sat by him.


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It had been some time since the disaster at Ostagar, and thus far, Verdil was not very pleased with what had followed. Due to the insistance of the Fool King, the entire Shemlen army at Ostagar had been slaughtered, and the Grey Wardens of Ferelden decimated. As for what remained...well, it seemed unlikely that he, Talisa, and the recruits (if they survived the Joining) could stop the Blight all by themselves.

Still, his current lot in life was certainly better than rotting away in the Arl of Redcliffe's dungeons. Even if their chances were grim, they were still alive, and for that, Verdil had given some thanks to the Gods. Though he certainly wished he had better traveling companions.

He was surrounded by the bloody Shemlen. All the remained of the Wardens, and he was the only Elf amongst them. A pity. Dealing with the vile oafs made his job as a Grey Warden that much more difficult. It had been hard enough to tolerate the presence of the Shemlen at Ostagar, but during that brief stay there, he had been able to keep his distance. Now, was frustrating, to say the least. Very frustrating.

Verdil honestly did not know if he would be able to work productively with this group. Shemlen were the scum of Thedas, and to be forced to work with a group of them to end the Blight....worse yet, to live with them day after day, sharing a camp with was already testing him. Still, he would do his best to persevere.

"Verdil, a moment?" Talisa suddenly spoke, jolting him out of his thoughts.

The Elf looked over at the Shemlen Mage, a surprised look flashing across his face before he masked it with neutral disdain. He gave her a nod and gruffly inquired,

"Yes, Shemlen?"

Curious. The Shemlen Warden was talking with him? Most curious indeed. Talisa had not spoken to Verdil much, if at all, during their time together, so he truly wondered what it was that had made her decide to break the silence.