Son Goku

A Great hero and protector of earth

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a character in “Dragon Ball: A New Adventure II”, as played by Chulance



Name: Son Goku
Age: 57
Sex: Male
Physical Description:Goku has not changed much in terms of his last appearance in DBGT. He is now in his adult body in his original muscular build.
Personality: Goku has remained unchanged remaining as a cheerful, energetic, and loving man who enjoys competition especially fighting. He is a man who tries to see the good in others, and forgives his enemies something many have critiqued him for. He has a strong moral code, but is not above killing a pure evil threat, and is devoted to protecting his family, friends, and the people of all species. He is very paranoid about medical facilities, but aside from that he has little fear, and is willing to sacrifice himself for others.
History: Born in Age 737. Goku was born on Planet Vegeta, a low class saiyan warrior and was sent to earth to destroy it by the time he was two. He was found and raised by his grandpa Gohan, and upon bumping his head he lost his memory and became a happy loving boy. He eventually killed his grandfather by crushing him while transforming into a Great Ape. He continued raising himself in the jungle until he met up with a woman named Bulma who wanted his grandpa's dragon ball. Going on a journey with her, and others he eventually decided to seek out life as a martial artist under the tutelage of Master Roshi. Training with him and a rival warrior and soon close friend Krillin he became a great warrior under the turtle hermit. He fought many great battles growing up against the Red Ribbon Army, Emperor Pilaf, and even King Piccolo and his off spring. He rose to being earth's greatest hero, and settled down with a wife named Chi-Chi and had a son named after his grandfather Gohan.

However his peace was cut short when he learned of his saiyan origins, and after dying against his brother joined a battle against the Saiyans that led to an all out war against Freiza, and the manifestation of his Super Saiyan Form. Upon defeating Freiza on Planet Namek he joined the heroes in another epic battle against the Androids and Cell leading to his second death. He moved on to the other-world believing he attracted danger, but returned to the land of the living in order to save the universe from the wrath of Majin Buu. Living in peace for 10 years he then trained the re-incarnation of Buu named Uub, which led to him getting into conflict with pilaf who used the black star balls to make him a child. He traveled across the galaxy to retrieve them with his granddaughter Pan, and Trunks Briefs, which led to him reaching the pinnacle of Saiyan power, and saving the world from Baby. He then dealt with legions of old foes from Hel, Super 17, and negative energy from the Dragon balls known as the Shadow Dragons. Upon saving the universe from them he moved on with Shenron to train with the eternal dragon for 5 years before returning to his family and friends.

Bukujutsu(Flight)-The ability to use ki to levitate and flight.
Zanzoken(After Image) – A technique that allows one to move at high speeds and appear to dissapear and reappear.
Kamehameha Wave-His signature technique, he learned it from Master Roshi after witnessing it on time. He has made numerous variations to the technique ranging from Feet Kamehameha to Double Kamehameha.
Super Kamehameha- The most notable variation, a far more powerful version of the blast.
Kaio Ken-The ability to amplify your ability for brief bursts, has not used the technique very often since Super Saiyan.
Spirit bomb- His most powerful technique. He harasses the energy of nature and living people, as demonstrated in DBGT he's advanced the technique to the point that he puts up a barrier while gathering the energy.
Instant Tranmission-The ability to teleport anywhere in the universe so long as he can home into an energy source.
Dragon Fist-Another one of his most powerful techniques, simulating the image of the Eternal Dragon he forms a dragon out of raw ki and pierces his opponent through the chest and envelops them in the dragon's energy to destroy them.
Solar Flare-A Burst of intense light used to blind the opponent.
Destructo Disk – The user holds their hand into the air, conducting ki in the form of a razor-sharp disc, which is then hurled over and around the body to cut the target.
Transformation-He is capable of becoming a Great Ape and achieving all the Super Saiyan States.

Equipment: Nimbus Cloud, and Power Pole.
Other: He loves eating, and is a horrible driver.

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