A dangerous alien, with misguided hatred towards the Saiyan Race.

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a character in “Dragon Ball NS”, as played by Chulance


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1.5. Race- (Bodonta)Alien/ Human hybrid

2. Personality- Kedon is your average guy, who seems to be very friendly at first. He's a man with a big wide grin, and very talkative. He's always trying to make friends, and is a high spirited fellow. However this is merely a front, as Kedon is far from a "kind" man. Kedon is a man filled with hatred, and one who will do whatever it takes to exact revenge on those who have "Wronged" him. He is similar to a saiyan, in that he is very defensive of his people, and also somewhat prideful in his abilities. However his pride is not over the top, as he will not try to get in conflicts that could potentially get him killed.

He has grown accustomed to the arts of deception, and disguise, and as such is able to fool a large assortment of people. He is fueled by hatred, and willing to kill anyone who gets in the way of his plans. He cannot reason with Saiyans, or even consider communicating with them. He has no problem injuring, or harming anyone in his way. He does however have a soft spot for children, & of course he is very interested in women. And although he is willing to commit evil acts, he himself is not out to simply hurt random bystanders. But as mentioned earlier, he is not above doing whatever it takes to save his kind.

3. Equipment- Kedon is not a man who carries around large amounts of materials, and many objects he has are basic objects needed for survival. He has a green scouter, and unlike the kind used back during Freiza's empire, his can detect higher power level's. He also has an average sized space ship, that is built for speed, and escape. Aside that from that he carries a few capsule's from time to time.

4. Alignment- Bad Guy/Neutral (Mix between those two)
4.5. Kedon can certainly be classified as evil by some, but at the same time he can be classified as misguided, or vengeful. His "nefarious" plot is to decimate the Saiyan race and to revive his people.

5. A background- Kedon was born and raised on Bodonta. A peaceful planet filled with one of the strangest races in the Northern Galaxy, the Bodonta's. These strange creatures had abilities revolving around the manipulation of bodies, and as such often helped other species. Kedon was born into this peaceful times, however unlike his older siblings he had little time to enjoy his planet's peaceful era. Around the age of fourteen a group of saiyans lead by the ruthless King Vegeta attacked his planet, his unprepared species was slaughtered. Him, and some of the other young members of his species managed to escape the Saiyan onslaught, and Freiza managed to recruit them into his Empire. In reality Freiza had the Saiyans slaughter the Bondonta's, so he could then recruit Bondonta's into his army promising them vengeance on the saiyans/

Kendon quickly went through the training that was required for all of Freiza's soldiers. He became extremely loyal to Freiza, and even met up with one of his child hood friends named Ginyu. Him and his friend both joined the team of special fighters Freiza formed called the Ginyu Fighters. However during a mission he was injured, and kidnapped by an alien going by the name of Retos. It was this particular alien a friend of his parents, who taught him great control of the Bondonta's hidden abilities. He learned that King Vegeta's son was heading to Namek, so with Retos's help they managed they stole a space ship from a samurai named Tapion. This ship turned out to be a time machine, and when Kendon used it he transported himself years into the future.

He crash landed on the planet Namek, were he was nurtured back to health. Due to the crash the vengeful Bodonta lost many of his memories. He became a peaceful member of the Planet Namek, until some invaders came. During the fight he regained his memories, and departed from Namek heading to Earth after learning that Vegeta's descendant and the remaining saiyans resided there. Now he has a simple mission terminate the saiyans, and return to Namek to use the dragon balls to revive his species.

6. Misc. Info- Kendon is a skilled fighter, and a reached a very high power level for his time..as he was able to defeat his friend Captain Ginyu in mortal combat. So like most fighters he has high strength, speed, and durability. He is also able to manipulate Ki, and use it for destructive purpose's. His training with Retos, and his time on Namek only helped to increase his already high power level. He also learned some interesting technique's such as flight, after images, Multi Form, Solar Flare and Instant Transmission.

However his main strengths come's from his species Body Manipulation technique's. These technique's allow him to manipulate his body, and others. For example he can switch bodies with others, replicating a body's DNA, or place one body in that of another body. He is also able to influence and control a body's biological functions. However when using his special abilities, he is slowly drained of his energy. This means overuse of his body Alteration, can lead to his death.

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