Death is Dull and Madness is Power

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a character in “Dragon Ball Super: Heroes of Universe 6”, as played by CherrySwirl


Name: Android 21 goes by #21

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Saiyan/android


Strengths/Weaknesses: His biggest strength is his nearly unlimited stamina. As his energy reserves allow he can fight for hours and go without sleep for days.

Biggest weakness is his lust for battle. He's the type to help his adversary grow stronger just so he can fight them later.

Signature moves:
Chrysalis Canon: shoots a blast of energy that explodes with more power on contact.
Super Explosive Wave: Sends surrounding enemiesninto a flying tailspin when an explosion of fiery energy.
Cherry Bomb: Hurls an orb .of dark energy with a devastating impact.
Chrysalis Blade: Summons a large ki blade that whips out shards of energy that explode on command.

Personality: On the surface he is goofy an flirtacious but beneath that 21 is as indifferent as he is complex. He can appear kind and endearing but cruelty and betrayal is a sport to him. He loves a challenge and a good game.

Bio: His past and where he comes from isn't very clear to him. He's shut off the majority of his emotions so he wouldn't be overcome with grief about his past. When he was found by Heeta's empire they reconstructed him and used him for covert operations. But unbeknowest to his own superiors he's usually incited rebellions just so that he can fight a war. He follows Heeta's orders faithfully in hopes of finding a worthy opponent. He has been to many different planets posing as traveler acquiring different skills and fighting techniques.

So begins...

#21's Story