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A powerful emperor with the ability to match any power level.

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a character in “Dragon Ball Super: Heroes of Universe 6”, as played by Juvenile-River



Name: Heeta

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Race: Tropian

Appearance: Dark brown skin covered in off-white bio armor. The armor has red gems, with the one on the top ending with a point. His eyes are a vibrant and solid light blue. The skin on his tail, around his mouth, and around his gut are pale orange.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Heeta can use his Overheat technique to increase his power to fit any challenge. However, the tradeoff is that the technique generates a lot of heat in the body, which can do serious damage to his body if he overuses it. Additionally, Heeta cannot cool down on his own. He relies on a liquid called "coolant" to reverse the effects of his Overheat technique. Even when he isn't using the ability, he has to drink coolant to keep his body heat from rising on its own and killing him.

Signature moves:

1. Overheat - Increases the power level of the user. It has no limits aside from what the user can handle.
2. Death Bomb - Similar to the Death Ball used by Frieza, but forcefully shrunk to a small size to give it an explosive force upon contact.
3. Burning Fist - Focuses the extra heat generated by Overheat within the user's hands, burning what they touch.

Personality: Because he has never experienced defeat, he is fearless and thinks himself invincible. Not even the god of destruction of Universe 6, Champa, can scare him. He is very calm, and rarely is seen expressing his anger. Heeta enjoys a challenge, so he doesn't usually powerup so much that his opponent can't touch him. He is stubborn and always expects to get what he wants. He has not pity, and only sees other people as means to an end.

Bio: Heeta hails from a race known as the Tropians, which share a common ancestor with the Arcosians. Unlike the Arcosians who evolved transformations, the Tropians evolved their Overheat ability. Heeta himself was born with an unusually high power level, and remained among the strongest of his kind without the need to train. His Overheat ability was far advanced compared to his peers, but it was also more unstable. Other Tropians only needed coolant just after using Overheat, rather than needing it all the time whether or not the technique is used. Now, he uses his power to forcefully take over planets and enslave their people. Those who refuse his rule are killed. Now he hears that the Arcosian Frost is dead, and his lands up for grabs, and he intends to take it. But when the Saiyans defeat his forces, Heeta will see an even greater opportunity.

So begins...

Heeta's Story


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"Leader?" Pikruel replied, confused. She thought that if anyone seemed to be in charge, it would be Nion or Taao. But she was somewhat flattered that she was seemingly elected to this position in her group. "Well, since all our stuff is sinking to the bottom of this lake, I don't think we have much to do to get ready."

"Don't worry," said one of the Saiyans. "We'll pull the ship out of the water. We have to investigate the insides of it anyway. And since the cause of its state was a misunderstanding, we'll have it repaired as soon as possible."

Soon, the group was taken to the throne room of the king of the saiyans. The room was dimly lit by the light seeping through the windows and the monitors spread throughout the curved walls. The king was seated on the throne, his face shrouded in darkness.

"Your highness," said one of the saiyans who led them into the room. "These are the saiyans from Melt and their three allies."

"Ah," the king replied. "Enter. We have important matters to discuss."

Pikruel was flustered at meeting the king of her home planet. She never thought she'd be given the chance to meet him in person. She meekly stepped into the room and bowed as low and her back would allow her to bend.

"I'm told you are unaware of the events that followed you leaving Planet Melt. Well, I could tell you what happened, but I think it would be easier just to show you."

With a nod of his head. A servant in the room hit a button, and a video appeared on the screen. A man who appeared to be similar to Dashade in shape appeared on screen, floating in the middle of space and surrounded by men in the same armor as the ones they found on Melt. The man was orange and dark brown, with red jewels adorning various parts of his body, including the top of his head.

"Greetings, Planet Sadala," said the man. "I am Lord Heeta, emperor of hundreds of planets. I would not blame you if you haven't heard of me. The galaxy is a very big place, and our worlds are far apart. However, my men recently attempted to extend the reach of my empire by capturing the planets protected by Lord Frost, after the rumor had spread of his unfortunate death. This was my mistake. Two of your own were sent to drive my forces away from one of these planets, Planet Melt."

At Heeta's mention of Melt, the camera panned to the planet below. It appeared Heeta's forces had gathered above Planet Melt. After a few moments, the camera panned back to Heeta. A pit grew in Pikruel's stomach as she saw this.

"Your two men were surprisingly capable, making quick work of my forces, including one of my three elite warriors, Commander Holly. To be clear, I'm not angry. I'm impressed. Impressed at the strength those of your race appear to possess. Yet I am also disappointed that you would choose to waste your talents protecting those weaker than yourselves. I would like to change that. Join me, and we can become the most powerful force in the universe. Our empire would spread as far as we could reach. You have much to profit from this relationship, as do I. I hope you will accept my offer. But be warned. I do not accept no for an answer."

Heeta lifted his finger and a red orb of energy appeared at the tip of it, glowing like molten lava. The ball grew bigger and bigger as the surrounding soldiers mumbled in awe. Once it had reached a size too big for the camera to capture, Heeta swung his arm down, and the molten orb descended towards the planet while the soldiers in its path scurried away. Once the orb hit the planet, the Melt blew up into a million pieces. Lit by the bright lights of the planet's destruction, Heeta turned back to the camera.

"You have two weeks. Bye!"

With a mock friendly wave from Heeta, the video ended.

"That," said the king, "was one week ago."

Pikruel was frozen, shocked by what she had seen, and not knowing what to say.


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When the group had been dragged hastily across the planet for their meeting with the 'King', Kazaam barely had enough time to register her surroundings as everything seemed to blur together into some rather strange art project, before the throne room had materialised before her with very official looking silhouette of a man sitting before them. "Wow! This place sure is big, its like someone could make three houses in here..." Her amazed eyes swivelled around to take in the view, before returning to the man. "Does he know that he can move his chair into the light? I can't see him very well..." Really, she expected less darkness and more hair.

Her comments seemed to go in-noticed as Pikruel and the man conversed with the female Saiyan acting rather flustered at merely being noticed by the King. "I'm told you are unaware of the events that followed you leaving Planet Melt. Well, I could tell you what happened, but I think it would be easier just to show you."

"Oooooh, a movie? But we ain't got no popcorn" It started. And it wasn't as pleasant a film as Kazaam thought it would be. On popped a man who looked eerily similar to Dashade, though his body language and overall tone made him seem much more... Punch able than the bitter, but kind hearted lizard that stood beside her. Then there it was, Planet Melt in all its glory... Then a sun was produced. Then a tragedy. "B-but we helped them... The Old man and the kids... What happened to them? What happened to the Queen? And all the Husbands!?" Her questions were barely audible, really her scratchy voice only came to enough volume for someone like Taao to hear. Otherwise, all she made were screams of silence


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#, as written by Kanassa
Dashade watched the destruction of Planet Melt with an unmoving surface that showed little care in the pool of blood that flooded onto Heeta's hands, though under the surface that he spent years as a witness to the atrocities of battle to build, Dashade could feel the mix of regret and guilt building up in the depths of his stomach; threatening to choke him. This is only a few hours after we left... Were Heeta and his men so close that whole time?

He could only imagine the effect of Melt's core splitting apart in a flame coloured black-hole before the very eyes of the people thought to of saved it, only a week ago Pikruel had valiantly charged at Holly. A week since Kazaam distracted the Commander. A week since Nion managed to get a look of fear from Holly. A week since Taao laid a killing blow. And a week since Dashade had been rescued from death by a snarky old man and Kazaam. All of that effort had been erased like it was but a mistake on a piece of paper, in only a few seconds. "It's the fate that befalls the planets that are more trouble then they are worth" It was even the same attack Holly had attempted to use. "I'd suggest you check in with your other allies, Heeta will grow bored with a two week wait" His statement was directly towards the King,the Arcosian standing with one arm on his front and another on his back in an Arcosian bow. "Your Majesty."

Next Dashade's eyes fell upon Pikruel who now stood frozen in place, the soldier guessed that if he could see her face right now it would be one of distraught. Sadly, there wasn't time for this. Without hesitation firmly place his hand on Pikruel's shoulder in an attempt to get her moving again. She had to address the King. "Now is neither the time or place to be caught stiff, we have only begun on this path"

His tone was competently uncaring, cold even. To anyone with common sense he would probably look rather insensitive and arrogant with his behaviour, as if the deaths of all those people weren't important enough to even notice. But an Arcosian's idea of pragmatism was a habit that failed to die easily.


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Nion merely found her head tipping backwards to align her gaze with the ceiling at Heeta's display of pointless destruction, her tounge clicked against the side of her teeth in a clear sign of displeasure and a slightly hidden pang of disgust. The Saiyan had fought many bloody battles and had her fair share of blood on her hands, especially after Melt, but even then those opponents were eneies; they were fair game. Those Meltians, no matter their annoying tendencies... They didn't deserve that. They didn't do anything. "Well... Shit..."

And with every word of Heeta's deluded and egotistical voice splitting through her ear, she would pass off a side glance to Dashade. She was beginning to grow weary of the 'Traitor' and his continous claims to be on a higher moral path than that of Heeta. And yet you still worked for the bastard... I wonder...