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The second of Holly's commanders.

0 · 603 views · located in Universe 6

a character in “Dragon Ball Super: Heroes of Universe 6”, as played by Juvenile-River


Name: Mistle

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Race: Figgian

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Strengths/Weaknesses: With the build of a tank, Mistle has tremendous physical strength and defense. If you think he's slow, you'd be gravely mistaken, as he's able to keep up with the most agile of fighters. He is, however, not very skilled with ki. He makes up for this with his ability to [redacted].

Signature moves: [Redacted]

Personality: Contrary to what many would expect from seeing his towering figure, Mistle is a very mild tempered and quiet man. He prefers to think his way out of problems rather than fight, but is not afraid to use his strength when he has to.

Bio: Considered to be the strongest man of his home planet, Mistle attracted the attention of Heeta when the latter came to conquer. Although he initially fought to defend his planet, he quickly surrendered when he realized how futile it was to resist. He offered to join Heeta's army in exchange for the promise that no one else from his planet would have to sacrifice their lives in his army. The planet itself, and all of its resources, would be Heeta's, and Mistle would overthrow the planet's leaders himself. Heeta graciously accepted Mistle's offer, and made Mistle a commander of one third of his armies.

So begins...

Mistle's Story


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Character Portrait: Holly Character Portrait: Mistle
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In a lab, aboard an alien mothership, three scientists stood over an object sitting on a table. They had tools, which sparked electricity when applied to the object on the table, which was partially obscured by a white sheet. Next to the table was a screen sitting on metal stand, with wires running under the sheets.

"Do you really think that we can bring him back?"

"Of course I do. We wouldn't be here otherwise."

"But we've never done something like this before. What if we fail?"

"At best, we'll be fired and replaced with someone else. At worst, well that Mistle guy gets mad and throws us out the window."

"This will all be worth it when Lord Heeta rewards us for our hard work. We'll be rich. Maybe he'll even give us our own planets."

"Would you two shut up already? There. Everyone appears to be ready. Throw the switch!"

One of the scientists grabbed a switch and flipped it. Sparks started flying from the object under the sheet. After a few seconds, the scientist said, "Okay! Stop!"

After flipping the switch again, the sparks stopped. The monitor near the table lit up, displaying a green line that jumped up and down. It made beep sounds each time the line moved up.

"It''s working. We're not going to die! Haha!"

The door to the room opened up and a very tall and muscular man with white skin and green hair ran into the room. He looked to be very excited. Just before the scientists could give him the good news, a metal hand reached out and grabbed one of the scientists by the throat. The scientist gasped for breath before he was tossed to the side, where he flew through the glass window and into the vacuum of space. As the air was being sucked out of the little window, an alarm sounded, and red lights flashed. A metal covering for the window automatically lowered and sealed off the opening.

The other two scientists quickly backed away, lest they be next. Emerging from the white sheet was Holly. His right arm was replaced with a metal arm, starting from the shoulder where he was pierced by the Namekian's attack. His stomach was of a similar condition, covered in metal.

"This isn't Hell... How is this possible?"

"W-we revived you, Commander Holly. We were given the task of experimenting bringing the dead back to life, using cybernetic enhancements. Welcome back to the world of the living."

The white skinned man spoke with a deep voice. "I can't believe it. You're really back. How do you feel? Is there anything you need, Holly?"

Making a fist with his new arm, Holly made a vicious scowl. "There's only one thing I want... Revenge!"