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Give me something to study and I'll be your friend forever!

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a character in “Dragon Ball: The Saiyans”, as played by KumoriRyuu


Age: 23
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125 lbs
Voice: Nomiya

Base Form:

Plasma Density Potential: 28,600

Personality: Nomiya is curiosity personified with a mixture of high-energy and ADD. Anything new can catch her attention, and she'll drop anything to grab her notes and begin studying and documenting her find whether it's biological or not. She has a penchant for shuffling playing cards, a habit she picked up as a child with her father working as a magician and stage performer who used her frequently as an assistant for his card tricks. She's also rather stubborn, and will fight tooth and nail to keep studying a new find, dissecting or analyzing samples, and researching anything and everything which takes her fancy. Because of this, she's more than a little bit of a klutz and frequently runs into things such as walls, doors, tables, chairs, etc. But what's easily the most endearing thing about Nomiya is her love of small animals and children, as she will dote on both in equal measure like a mother despite having no children or pets of her own.

Profession: Field Scientist

Biography: Nomiya was born to parents Hilda and Karro, two Saiyans who both grew up in the entertainment world as a dancer and stage performer respectively. They met during a collaboration project between Hilda's dance troupe, and Karro's stage group, and while it was not love at first sight, there was an attraction they both acknowledged and were eager to explore. And it didn't take long for love to blossom from their natural chemistry and love of the arts. And within the next two years they had both married and were expecting their first child. Nomiya's older brother, Illiaster, with whom she is very close, was born on a beautiful and clear Summer morning and boasted a Plasma Density Potential of just over 30, which was twice that of his father's at birth. This was a first in the family history on both sides, and cause for celebration.

Nomiya was born three years later on a cold, dark, rainy, Winter evening and was delivered via C-Section due to birth complications. Thankfully, the birthing was a success and both mother and daughter were healthy and recovered fully from the ordeal. Nomiya's power at birth was a paltry 3, less than 1/3 of her mother's power at birth. While it wasn't exactly unexpected, it was something of a let down given Illiaster's magnificent power as a child of the commonwealth. However, Nomiya was lucky to have two loving parents and a brother who looked after her and didn't have the stereotypical disdain for his younger sibling... Even if she did get on his nerves quite a lot. Nomiya and Illiaster did almost everything together while growing up, and as such they developed a very powerful bond stronger than most siblings out there.

As Nomiya grew, she was involved in her father's stage act as an assistant to his card tricks which is how she learned to shuffle cards and do some tricks of her own. To this day, shuffling a deck of cards is an unconscious habit of hers, and she always has a deck somewhere to open and shuffle to calm nerves, focus on a task, or just to relax when there's nothing else to do. Her curiosity for all things was aroused as a child traveling with her father, and she asked what everything was, how it got there, what it was made of, and a host of other quetsions which drove her poor father to gray hair before he was 40. Nomiya didn't take to combat nearly as much as other Saiyans, preferring to study and explore rather than fight. However, she did take to training seriously after she was jumped and beaten up by a group of other young punk Saiyans in her early teens. And during her training, it was discovered that Nomiya, despite her paltry power at birth, had a threshold and potential far above her father's and almost on par with her brother until his skyrocketed when he turned twenty. Her power at age seventeen had reached 20,000. Her father's power was only 17,000, and this was cause for celebration where her parents did their best to make up for doubting her for so many years.

Finally, we reach the present day. After graduating from college with a Master's Degree on Interstellar Biology, she took her degree and used it to get a job as a scientist with the Exploration Team 003B, a forty-person team of interstellar explorers consisting mostly of Saiyans, but a few other races as well. And today, she's happy, healthy, and eager to continue studying anything and everything she can as often as she can... But always with her deck of cards close at hand.

So begins...

Nomiya's Story


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Valkyom City



A buxom brunette beauty with a pair of small half-frame glasses went sprawling to the floor spilling a tray of scientific instruments and an apple. "Oof!" She bounced on the floor with arms outstretched in front of her, and her glasses hopped off her nose and sprung off the floor before skidding to a halt a short distance away. The bag around her waist landed on her lumbar, almost as if sitting on her to proclaim its triumph over her.


Pushing herself up onto her hands and knees, she rubbed her chest, which reddened many of the faces of her male colleagues in the halls around her, and started gathering her instruments as some shook their heads and chuckled.

"Another day, eh Nomiya?"

"Sorry, what? I'm busy! New discovery in the woods just outside of town! Can't stop to talk!" She said, hastily gathering everything up, as well as her apple which she bit into so her mouth became an extra hand, and jogged off trying to balance and fumble everything on her way before she managed to reach the door and take flight which stabilized the tray.

"Whoo! Finally! Something to do!!" She cried happily.

Suddenly, she slowed down and felt her face. Her cheeks flushed as she made a worried face.

"Dammit! My glasses!"

She turned around and saw one of her colleagues had already caught up to her, holding the glasses out.

"Figured you might need these back?"

Nomiya put her glasses back on.

"Oh, Liam! Thanks!"

"No problem, Nomiya. You always-"

Nomiya turned and flew away, eager to reach her destination and begin her studies.

"Yup. Same old Nomiya." He chuckled before flying back to the facility.

Reaching her destination at a river flowing parallel to the city about ten miles away, she landed in the grass and found a flat boulder to hold her tray while she bit the apple almost by 1/3 in a single bite, munching happily away as she reached into the bag around her waist and put on her blue Scouter.

"Oooookay! Leich, are you there? It's Nomiya! Pick up!"

"Nomiya? What the hell are you doing contacting me so soon?"

"I couldn't wait! I'm at the location, so tell me what I'm looking for!"

"Good lord Nomiya. I told you this wasn't supposed to happen for three-"

"Taking too long! Boring! Lemme have it!"

"... Ugh. Fine. Fine. You're looking for this. It's the apex predator of the river system. And thanks to its metabolism it only needs to eat once every few weeks. So your job is to-"

"Find it! Study it! Got it!"

"Nnnnnno. Your job is to-"

"Gotta go! I'm getting a bio-scan reading! See you Leich!"

"Wait, Nomiya! That's not-"


Nomiya cracked her knuckles, grabbed a small device meant to tranquilize the creature, and floated into the air and hovered over the river waiting for the creature to appear.

"All right. Coooooome to momma, big fella." She whispered, eyes sparkling with excitement.


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Floating above the river, Nomiya thought she had a bead on the creature she had been tracking. The bio-scan seemed the right size, but when she got closer and managed to sneak a peak it was a sub-species of the one she was after. It leaped from the water to snatch her into its jaws, but she was able to fly upwards and avoid the bite.

"Not today biggie! I've got even bigger fish to find!"

The creature splashed back into the water and Nomiya flew down to grab her things before flying further up river. And before long, her Scouter detected a new Plasma Density signature up ahead. As she got closer, she was disappointed to see it was another Saiyan. But then again, he was by the river's edge. And that meant...



The Scouter was detecting a bio-scan, larger than before, approaching the Saiyan.

"Heeeee. There you are." She whispered.

She flew down and set her tray down, and then flew over to the Saiyan.

"Hi there! You're about to become lunch!" She called out.

The water exploded, and a mouth of nearly half a dozen tentacles launched forward towards the Saiyan on the river with the intent of wrapping him up and turning him into dinner.

"Ah, ah, aaahhh!!" She yelled as she slammed a kick into the side of the beast to throw it onto its side on shore.

The beast landed hard on its side, kicking and scratching at the air as it fought to right itself.

Meanwhile, Nomiya landed next to the Saiyan.

"Hi there! I'm Nomiya, and I got this! This big beauty is my new research subject!"

The creature got to its feet and unleashed a loud hiss in their direction.

"Oop! Gotta go!"

She jumped and flew towards the creature, dodging a lunge which the creature continued as it opened all tentacles and its beak-like maw with the intent of grabbing the other Saiyan.

"Oops! You might wanna move!" She cried, flying back to try and help out.


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Orion looked up as someone was surely calling him. A woman from above, warning him about his impending doom.

"What are you on-" and then water shot from the river in all directions in a chaotic eruption.

Orion jumped back, watching a mess of squishy appendages flail at him. Jumping back again, several shot forward trying to grab him. It was easy to step out of the way of a few, but one grabbed his wrist as he was to slow to react. But the Saiyan from above kicked it to its side on the riverbank.

"Uh, what do you mean, research project?" But the distracted woman pushed on to fight the beast. Orion watched her go forward, letting the beast charge at him again. This time, Orion was more prepared. As the tentacles unfolded to go forward again, Orion lifted his hand and braced his elbow with his off-hand, summoning his energy as quickly as he could. A beam of energy shot from his hand, hitting the beast at the center of its tentacles. The creature flew backwards towards the strange "researcher." With this window of opportunity, Orion flew up into the air, now hovering above the river.

"What a way to start my day," Orion grumbled loudly.


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Nomiya had come back to help, but the Saiyan shot a beam at it and sent it flying back towards her.

"... Oops."


The creature slammed into Nomiya as it flew backwards, falling on top of her causing a lot of discomfort as it rolled over.

Muffled beneath the beast... "I'm fowwy my wovewy!" BAM! An explosion of energy beneath it sent the creature skyward, and Nomiya quickly rolled onto her side and flew off to the side. The creature, screaming in pain, began falling. Thinking quickly, Nomiya blasted the ground beneath it which caused it to fly up a few feet and then fall back to the ground, padding its fall and sparing it a potentially crippling impact. The creature landed hard and groaned, its movements sluggish. A sign of being dazed.

Nomiya grabbed her little device and shot it twice with tranquilizer darts, and within moments, the beast went still, breathing evenly.

"Phew! There we go! Sleeping like a baby!"

Nomiya flew to her bag just a little ways down the shore, flying right by the other Saiyan with a quick "Thanks for the help!" as she flew by. Reaching her bag, she put the tiny tranq gun away and grabbed her tray, flying slowly over towards the creature again.


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"You're-..." Orion started, about to reply to the woman's thanks, but she simply rushed on by. "Welcome..."

Orion looked down at the fallen beast, watching the display of the other Saiyan's skill. The researcher's undeterred excitement brought concern to Orion. As she finally injected the creature with whatever it was, Orion decided to land beside her to ask her of something.

"Um... are there a lot of those things in this river?" he asked a little bit shyly. "And what are you researching about it?"

The young Saiyan stepped toward the beast, going to lift its tentacles to examine it, looking at its teeth, then at his arm where the creature grabbed him. His forearm was marked with its teeth, but no skin broke.


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Nomiya was deep into her examination already by the time the other Saiyan came up to ask her about it.

"Hmm? More? Nah. Too big to gather without conflict in a river this small. As for what I'm researching..."

She suddenly spun and was face to face with him, almost nose to nose, eyes sparkling with enthusiasm.

"Are you interested in studying it too?!" She cried.

Suddenly, she handed him a note pad she'd been carrying. "Hold that, please."

She immediately went to her bag and brought out a small hand-held device which she rushed over to the beast and pressed it to its stomach. Her Scouter began reacting, displaying an image of the inside of the creature.

"Ooohh... I wonder what those glands do!" She said to herself.

"Come over here! Look at this!" She said, continuing to look at the creature while beckoning the Saiyan with her other hand.


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"No no, I cant-" Orion started to refuse before having a notepad forced unto him. He watched as she buzzed around, carrying on as if nothing else was happening. "Miss, I-" Orion tried to interrupt, but she was too focused on seeing the anatomy of the creature with her own trinkets. Finally she invited him over to see.

"Miss, I'm sorry," Orion began again, trying to be respectful. "I have to go, I'm going to be late for work over this. Your hands seem full so I'll leave your notepad with your bag."

The young Saiyan turned away, going towards the researcher's bag and putting her notebook on top. Now thoroughly jaunted awake by this encounter with the woman and the beast, Orion began to power up to leave the riverbed and head off. In just a moment, he darted back into the sky, disregarding the woman and her "research" as it seemed a peculiar, unlikely event to have to deal with her or a creature like that again.


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Nomiya was deep into scanning the internal organ structure of the beast as the other Saiyan tried to speak to her. But as absorbed in her discoveries as she was, as well as her growing excitement, she didn't process what he said as a rejection of her request for his help.

"Okay. Come closer. I need you to hold this ultrasound device steady for me.............. Hello?"

Nomiya looked back and saw he was gone, flying away towards the city.

"What the-... H-hey! You can't just-... What about this beautiful creature and everything waiting to be discovered about it!?!" She yelled.

Nomiya puffed out her cheeks in disapproval before turning back towards her specimen.

"Fine. It's fine! I can do this myself!" She affirmed as she continued to focus on scanning and documenting the creature's data.

Meanwhile, back at Nomiya's workplace, the Universal Sciences Institute, Nomiya's colleagues were hard at work as she sent the data and information to document the creature and get to work producing warning messages for the inhabitants to stay away from the rivers.


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Nomiya was lost in her studies. Every time she made a new discovery she'd jot it down in her notes and upload it to the Universal Sciences Institute's database. Check the creature. Note and update the database. Check the creature. Note and update the database. Rinse and repeat.

Nomiya stayed with the creature for almost four hours before finally reaching a conclusion about her analysis and the information she was able to glean from it before kicking it back, carefully, into the water.

"That's that! Time to get back!" She exclaimed happily.

With that, she gathered her belongings and took off like a rocket back to the Institute.

Dashing through the front doors, she bumped into another colleague named Rokar, whom she quickly bounced off of due to his massive and immovable stature. With her bum hitting the floor and her stuff flying everywhere, a few chuckles and shakes of the head found their way throughout the room.


"Oh. Sorry Nomiya." Rokar said, helping her to her feet.

"Thanks. Can't stop to chat! Gotta go see Leich about the data I sent! Bye!"

And with that, Nomiya dashed off down the halls to find her superior who, in his office, skimmed through her data as the door was flung open and Nomiya came skidding to a halt in front of his desk, dropping her things onto it so she could use her hands freely.

"So what do you think!?" She asked giddily, eyes sparkling with anticipation.

"It tells us what we need to know. Thank you, Nomiya."

"Wait, that's it?! That's your reaction?!"

"Nomiya, I'm grateful for the data. But otherwise this doesn't concern me so much as it does the company and our ability to keep our people safe through our discoveries and data logging."

"You mean my discoveries, right?! I'm the one who does all the leg work and I don't even get a mention in those fancy announcements of yours that go out to everyone once the data's been compiled and distributed. Come on Leich! You've gotta have some investment in this! Or what am I running around for if not just to indulge and satisfy my own curiosity?! I know I can be excitable, but this is still my career and passion here!"

"Nomiya, enough. I can understand and empathize with you, but this was a task that I delegated to you. Nothing more. You got it done, and that's good enough for me. Now, if you please. I have a meeting to attend."

Nomiya was shooed out of his office in a huff, her cheeks puffing out as she pouted all the way out to the lobby to sit down and mope about his lack of care for her work.

"Ugh, that guy... He's really lost his thirst for knowledge and any sense of thrill in seeking it." She groaned.

"Aw, c'mon Nomiya. Leich is a big wig. It's his job to be calm and professional no matter how much he may be excited or happy that you did your job. Now c'mon. We're going out drinking. Care to come with?" Asked a colleague.

"Nah. I think I'm gonna skip drinking tonight and just have a fly through the city. You guys have fun."

"If ya say so. Take care!"

With that, the Saiyan departed. Nomiya left the building once her shift was over and began a slow fly around the city, taking in the sights and admiring the view despite the rapidly fading sun on the horizon.

"Hhh......... Nice evening for discovery." She said calmly, scanning the city for any kind of patterns or events which she might glean something from.