Mae Orrick

"I know I'm fantastic. I was just born this way."

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ADDITIONAL APPEARANCE: The given picture is of Mae at an older age. Presently, Mae is much younger, though she does have the same slimness and sharpness to her features. Unlike the provided image, at the moment Mae is curve-less. She has also yet to gain the lithe muscle from dragon training. So she's very skinny, with only a layer of wiry muscle. Clothing wise, Mae does wear the half-top, though hers has long, skin-tight sleeves covering her slim arms- no padding or armor-like equipment as shown. However, she does have a worn leather arm guard to keep the string of her bow from catching her forearm. She wears brown trousers that she tuck into old hunting boots.

Mae is small- only 5'3. She keeps her bow with her at all times. She keeps her long, dark hair in a braids, although while riding, it is likely to become undone somewhat. Thus, her hair is in some sort of windblown disarray.

NAME: Mae Orrick

AGE: 13

SEX: Female

WHAT ARE YOU: Psh, a Rider.

PERSONALITY: Mae is very... confident. In truth, she's got an ego bigger than Jupiter. She thinks very highly of herself and her dragon, and has a hard time believing she has any faults (of which there are many). Whenever she says or does something stupid or wrong, she'll never admit to it. She values her pride above all things. In general, Mae's a trash talker, and is extremely competitive. She takes almost anything as a challenge. When competing, Mae has a steely resolve. This is actually a positive trait- she refuses to give up. That single-minded focus has allowed her to triumph multiple times. However, she does tend to egg on her opponents, calling names, taunting... doing just about anything she can to tick them off. By causing such distractions, Mae figures it gives her an edge... she also enjoys pushing people's buttons.

Mae is usually a happy person, an optimist in her egotism. When angered, Mae can become very dangerous. She's one to hold a grudge... and she'll hold it until she gets her revenge. However, all emotions besides anger and happiness are hidden behind her self-confident front. Sorrow, pain, and even hope are kept to herself. She never wants to appear vulnerable. She wants to be just as good and as tough as the older riders. She thinks by being this confident person, she won't be looked down on as a "little kid".

In her fighting, Mae has a very distinctive style. Both she and her dragon, Ryx, rely on speed. They use quick darting movements and fly in confusing patterns, the objective being to evade... and then strike when the enemy isn't looking. Mae is actually very clever in tight situations, and can be quite brilliant. However, she doesn't tap into this as often as she should. She lacks experience, thus makes big mistakes.

One of Mae's greatest weaknesses is her naivety. She has no real idea of the evil that lurks out in the world, no idea how weak she is in comparison. She is strong and quick, but that's not enough in the grand scheme of things. She needs time to learn and experience the world.

Mae's dream is to become a respected dragon rider. In a perfect world, she'd want to be the best. But she's a very long way away from that. She loves praise, food, and general goofing off. She doesn't much like hard work, not understanding that she needs to do it to better herself. She likes to take shortcuts. She absolutely hates people who look down on her, and treat her like a small child. Those patronizing bastards...

HAVE YOU FOUND YOUR DRAGON YET: Yes. Mae found her dragon two years previously. She met her dragon, Ryx, as a young dragon. In fact, it seems that Mae and Ryx are the same mental age. Mae grew up in the north, in a woodcutting town. She was out in the thick wood, wandering as she usually did. She was the only girl of her age in the town. It seemed as if there were only boys, who never let her join in play. There were older girls who were too "mature" for Mae and then the younger ones that were only babies. As a result, Mae was by herself often. One day on one of her hikes, she saw something corkscrewing out of control in the air. It was a flashing gold color, zooming in and out of the clouds. It would dive every so often, and Mae was shocked breathless. In one of the dives, the dragon crashed into a tall pine, and fell to the ground. Mae ran towards the dragon, wanting to get a better look. The dragon was lying across a broken tree, shaking its slim, shining head in a daze. Mae gasped at the wonder of it. Bright scales and a long, sleek body... The dragon instantly swiveled its head to the noise, and locked eyes with Mae. Slowly, it moved closer to her, long neck extending. Mae was frozen in awe, the dragon's face right in front of her. Hesitantly, the dragon touched noses with her.

Like the break of a dam, a flood of information swept through Mae's head. Memories, feelings, thoughts... Mae laughed and so did the dragon, letting loose it's own twittering, flute-like version.

Ryx, huh? What took you so long to find me? Mae thought, grinning. Ryx gave her an appreciative nudge. From then on, they were inseparable. Ryx and Mae just recently traveled to the Dragon Haven, in pursuit of joining the great dragon riders.



SEX: Female

TYPE OF DRAGON: Air. Its colour is a bright, burnished gold. Their skin is considered warm and moist. This dragon is all about the essence of speed. Incredibly fast and sleek it can fit through smaller gaps compared to other dragons and outfly them but cannot necessarily outfly their abilities. Can fly higher than any other dragon. Must eat often as it burns up alot of energy.

DESCRIPTION OF DRAGON: Ryx's egg was, for the most part, the same as that of most air dragons. It had a soft, mucous membrane, looking more like a oval bubble than an egg. The coloring is usually a soft yellow, although Ryx's was more and amber gold. The egg is mostly opaque, the dragon inside only visible if you held the egg up to bright sunlight. The outside of the egg looked like slowly swirling honey. At touch, one would find the egg to be slippery, moist, and just a bit squishy. It's nearly impossible to break or damage these eggs, as they are so elastic and durable in nature. When the dragon inside matures fully, it will lash out its long tail in a sharp fast motion. This will "pop" the egg from the inside, sending chunks of the jello-like egg flying.

Freshly out of her egg, Ryx was about as long as a human leg. Though she was very long, Ryx was also very slim. About the thickness of a human woman's wrist. She had small legs, and tiny wings- about the size of a sparrow's. From a glance, she might be mistaken for a snake... a golden snake.

Ryx, at full size, would be about the length of two school busses (72 feet). Presently, she's about a bus and a quarter. Her wings are huge, and aerodynamic. With her growth, two long horns grew on her head, a pale ivory in coloring. She's also grown a fringe-like projection on the bottom of her jaw, along with a ridge of spikes along her back and tail. Ryx is still slim in proportion to her body, her width being about 6 feet. Ryx's feet are similar to that of a large bird of prey's, talons and all.

DRAGONS TEMPERMENT: Ryx is very similar to Mae in personality. Full of pride, and incredibly competitive and taunting. Ryx is a bit more volatile than Mae, likely to be more distracted and drastic. She makes decisions in the heat of the moment, which can lead her into trouble. Ryx is fun-loving and is very curious. She's still a young dragon, so it's somewhat expected. Ryx also has a very short fuse. When angry, it only takes a little bit for her to snap. Although, these bursts of rage wear themselves out quickly. She'll have a violent reaction, and then easily forget about it- much different than Mae who possesses a simmering anger and holds grudges for all eternity. Ryx also has a very low tolerance for insults. While Mae would probably shrug it off or shoot back a witty retort, Ryx would pin them down and roar in their face.


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