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Dragon Emblem



a part of Dragon Emblem, by Sonata.

A neutral village between the borders of Delère and Caelum. This is Chapter One and where our story begins.

Sonata holds sovereignty over Lian, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

778 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

the legend of dragoon. tokyo: sony computer entertainment, 1999.


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A neutral village between the borders of Delère and Caelum. This is Chapter One and where our story begins.


Lian is a part of Dragon Emblem.

4 Characters Here

Linde Xe' Almna [42] Nature's whispering to us all... Open your ears and listen.
Aleiva Yrtera [38] "Uh.. Hello."
Daerio Vardin [31] "I tried to come alone, but this army insisted on following me."
Linde [0] "I may be pretty, but I'm far from beautiful"

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Character Portrait: Aleiva Yrtera Character Portrait: Linde Xe' Almna
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Linde watched the guards as they spoke with ire in her eyes.

“You are a disgrace. The mayor gave you a noble task and you would dare refuse? By all means run girl, but you will have no home here. The Guard will close this shop and the herbs will be confiscated. I will inform The Guard and Lord Thorndike of your threats and you will not get anywhere near his family or the lord himself. We will give you until morning to reconsider.”

As the guards began to turn around, she stepped forward and placed her hand on the shoulder of the one on the right and spoke to him in a very calm voice, making her sound almost motherly despite the harsh and biting words that came forth.

"A noble task to kill a creature he knows nothing about and can't even be sure of is the culprit. That doesn't sound very noble to me. And what makes you think I'd need to run? I could take you, and your entire platoon by myself under the right circumstances and you know it."

She tilted her head to the side as his head turned and they made eye contact.

"And have you even considered what would happen if you close the Apothecary due to such a petty issue, or if I should go on this mission and die? What do you think would happen when illness struck the innocents around the village? Your wives and children, your neighbors and comrades in arms, people passing through who need medicine and have nothing to do with this private and completely pointless conflict? You'd condemn them all to their fate just because I refuse to go on this pointless journey for which I am not even needed? The man is a Dragon Slayer. If he can't slay the Dragon himself then what right has he to his title and what good is he in his supposed capacity? If anyone here is a disgrace, it's Lord Thorndike and the men under his command like you who do nothing but follow his orders without questioning them. Go ahead and return to your lord and deliver my message to him. I am not afraid of him, nor am I afraid of the things he can do with his money and political influence over this village."

Her grip tightened on the man's shoulder slightly as she leaned forward and started whispering in his ear so that only he could hear her.

"You of all people should know better than to come here and threaten either myself, Aleiva, or the Apothecary. You sir, are a family man. I am the one who delivered your son to this world from his mother's body three years ago, and I am the one who has tended to his medical needs since the day you welcomed him into this world. I am also the one who mixes the herbs which are his medicine. Aleiva doesn't know how to create that medicine without me, so if I'm either incarcerated or dead because I went on this journey, then where would your son be? Nobody aside from the two of us in this village are skilled in medicine or know the herbs that grow in the surrounding area. So what would happen if your son should run out of his prescription and Aleiva and I are incarcerated, run out of the village, or dead? There's nobody here who could save your son if that should happen, and he would die simply because Lord Thorndike is too stubborn and arrogant to accept refusal from someone unwilling to take part in a useless hunt. Remember that well."

With that she released his shoulder and walked back inside, closing the door before they could speak any further if they had wanted to and let out a sigh as she heard Aleiva's voice.

"Linde...? Maybe... it wouldn't be so bad to go with him." Aleiva started, but she paused for a moment to pick her words carefully before going on. "If we could help people... and maybe stop an innocent creature from dying... It could be worth it... I just don't want to lose you... Not to the guards... or a dragon. Please.. Just... think about it. Okay?" She said quietly before walking calmly away with tears in her eyes.

Linde couldn't help but gaze sorrowfully at her friend upon realizing the gravity of the situation she had put her in. She was about to speak, but there were no words that could be said to her, not after what had just transpired. Once again, Linde was shocked and horrified at the words and the level of hatred and ire that had come from her. Never in her life had she behaved in this manner before, and her own words and actions were now coming back to haunt her.

She walked to her room and found her armor back in its place, her weapon mounted on its hook, and everything in order as she had left it... But, something was wrong.

"... Why am I acting like this?" She asked as she began to sob quietly to herself.

She placed her face in her hands and reviewed the message she had spoken to the guards in her head.

To Lord Thorndike, if you wish for your family to remain healthy in the coming days and not contract some mysterious and incurable illness, then leave me alone.

She had threatened an innocent family all because of the words of a man whom she didn't trust or respect. There was no excuse for it, and she would never forgive herself for placing such a threat on innocent people. She looked at her spear, the blade glistening in the candle light. The thought of plunging it into her heart to end the misery she was causing everyone, or worse could soon cause in the future, suddenly became an appealing thought. But she knew that if she did that then Aleiva would never be the same again.

"... What do I do?" She asked nobody in particular as she wiped her tears away.

She stood up and walked to her window, opening it and looking outside at the moon in the sky as she carefully ran through the words the letter had contained in her head.

Dear Commoner,

You have been chosen to participate in a quest for the good of the village. There will be a party gathered at The Gunther Bridge at dawn. The party will be hiking up the mountain and combing through its grassy crown for the beast that has brought death and grief to the families in this village. You will join a Dragon Slayer and be one of the proud few to assist him in slaying the dragon. Refusal to partake in this mission will have you staged for public humiliation before incarceration. I would want the villagers to hear your reasons why you chose not ease their pain and the worries of those children who watch their fathers cross that bridge, praying for their return.

Supply yourself for weeks and be on time.


Lord Thorndike

It was beyond pompous and arrogant, but there was nothing she could do. Aleiva was right. Besides, Linde did not have to participate for them. Linde decided that she would participate, but only as a means to get in the Dragon Slayer's way if there was indeed a Dragon living on the mountain. If they found it, she would protect it at all costs even if it meant dying for it. Dragons were wrapped in mystery, but she had a feeling that if it did exist that it was not the culprit. Could she be wrong? Of course she could, but she had no intention of sitting by and letting the Dragon Slayer have his way. He too was an arrogant, selfish, and greedy man whom she held no trust or respect for.

"This I promise you Dragon Slayer: Should we find a Dragon upon the mountain, its blood will never touch the ground so long as I still draw breath... I will bleed for it if necessary. You do not deserve your title, and you do not deserve to kill a Dragon to further your own fame and arrogance."

She looked over at her armor and her spear, gazing at them for a long moment as she analyzed the movements she had seem him employ earlier in the day and using them to slowly deconstruct his fighting style. She had a knack for remembering things like that, and she began to work out worst case scenarios as well just in case he either changed his style or indeed gained strength after eating and resting for a day. Today, he was strong enough as it was although she knew that if things had gotten out of hand she could have easily defeated him in his weakened state. However, there was no telling how much stronger he'd become after a period of proper recuperation. With Lord Thorndike's resources, it was a high possibility that he was enjoying a life of luxury and recuperating at a rapid pace.

Pound for pound, Linde was one of the strongest and most skilled warriors in the village due to her training regimen. None of the guards, even the top elites who personally guarded Lord Thorndike, could best her in a one on one fight. They were classically trained and highly militaristic in their methods which left a lot of gaping holes in their technique repertoire and gave her an almost innumerable host of options to use against them. She had no such limitations, and every inch of her body was a weapon.

But how well trained was the Dragon Slayer? That question could not yet be answered as she hadn't seen him fight at full strength. She knew that today she would have bested him, but what about tomorrow? No answers were present for her, only more questions as she looked back up towards the moon and let out a delicate sigh before closing it and returning to her bed. She laid down and pulled the covers up over her as she took one last look at the spear before closing her eyes and letting herself fall into the endless abyss of the world of dreams.


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#, as written by Sonata
The Dragon of Green Peak
Day 1

The sky was white, the sun obscured behind a blanket of clouds that foreshadowed the chance of rain. Daerio was with the mayor, and a company of guards before The Gunther Bridge, scarfing down the breakfast, poor, bleary-eyed Tully had prepared for him. He smashed his face against a loaf of sweet bread before tearing off a slither of ham from the hock he was holding by the bone. A traveling sack with ropes, picks, and other supplies was on the ground before his feet. It was all he would need to survive the days travel up the mountain.

Curious bystanders were crowding the bridge, wondering what the occasion was to have the mayor, the captain, and a brute of a man standing around. They hadn’t been expecting a crowd that big, and so the guards were called to keep the peace in case of riot.

A lieutenant called into the crowd, “If any of the warriors Lord Thorndike has summoned to the bridge are present, then please step forward and present the scroll that was delivered to your residence.”

Three men stepped out of the crowd, holding up the scroll for the mayor to see. They had the tanned skin of the desert and dark, earthen hair. They may not have been actual Delèrians, but they would do. Daerio smiled through cheeks bulging with meat and bread. He was pleased that the guards had taken his preferences seriously.

“These men are to be honored. They are undergoing a great challenge for this village. These men are going to travel up the mountain and discover the secrets of Green Peak so that the mines will once again be safe to enter. They are willing to sacrifice their own lives to ensure that the mines don’t devour anymore of our people,” Lord Thorndike announced.

A whistle passed through the air and Captain Visaeus thrust his arm outward to grasp the mayor’s shoulder and usher the older man behind him. The arrow knocked into the bone of the hock Daerio was eating, causing him to pause before taking another bite. He lowered the meat and stared at the projectile with a frown.

“What a load of tosh!” a feminine voice cried from the crowd.

The crowd parted, exposing the young woman draped in a brown cloak and holding a long bow.

Captain Visaeus growled, “Mind your tongue! You are in the presence of your lord.”

“Hmph!” the woman scoffed.

“You talk big for a girl that hides her face!”

The archer scowled and raised a milky hand to her hood and tossed it back. Her blonde, wavy locks spilled down her back and shoulders, and she shrugged the layers of her cloak further behind her back to reveal her cotton tunic that clung tautly to her bosom and her leather deer skin pants. She drew an arrow from her quiver and pointed it at Daerio.

“That man is a Dragon Slayer! Any moron can see that and you hired him to go up the mountain and kill the dragon!” she accused.

“A dragon has not been confirmed. Stop spreading these deceiving rumors!” Captain Visaeus ordered.

“Deceiving? If I’m wrong, then tell me why you have a Dragon Slayer in the party? Why does he need a party in the first place? Why not let him go up there by himself and get eaten like all the others? He shouldn’t be disturbing the dragon any way!”

Captain Visaeus parted his lips to speak, but Lord Thorndike rested a hand upon his shoulder. The captain glanced at the older man irritably and held his tongue as the lord stepped forward to speak.

“I have hired the Dragon Slayer in the case that there is a dragon. He is knowledgeable about dragons, and if there is one, he will know best how to handle the situation so that these brave men can safely return home,” Lord Thorndike calmly explained.

“Handle it? You mean kill it!”

“If the Dragon Slayer is forced into such a situation, then yes.”

“Forced? I’m sure he’s looking forward to it. I see your feeding him, getting him nice and fat for the sacrifice!”

Daerio crammed the last piece of sweet bread into his mouth and tore the last slither of ham from the hock bone before he tossed the bone with the arrow still embedded in it to the side. It landed on the sandy earth, and a stray, dusty dog was quick to dart out of the crowd and snap it up into its jaws before it scurried away just as quick. Daerio stood and slightly raised his hand, quieting the bickering between Lord Thorndike and the archer as they turned their heads to regard the warrior. They were interested in what he had to say.

The Delèrian’s cheeks inflated before a loud, explosive belch expelled from his mouth. His mouth even opened wider to amplify its volume and length. When he was finished, he sighed a breath of relief and slapped his palm against his full stomach.

Captain Visaeus’s brows twitched in disgust. Does he have no shame?

Tully hugged herself as she thought of the long night she had spent in the Delèrian’s bed. She knew his crude mannerisms better than anyone and that belch had made her shudder. The horror!

Lord Thorndike had blushed in embarrassment. Was this really the Dragon Slayer he hired?

The archer wrinkled her nose in disgust and stepped back defensively when the Dragon Slayer sauntered toward her. She saw the threatening look in his eyes. Smirking, the girl nocked her arrow and aimed it at Daerio.

“Come and get it you pig,” the archer growled.

A wild grin sliced across Daerio’s mouth as he lunged into a charge. He broke into erratic movements, zigzagging left and right and dashing to her left. The archer followed with a trained eye until she noticed he was running alongside the crowd. It was too dangerous to try and shoot him. If she missed, she might kill someone. She continued to follow him, turning in a near circle until he finally charged toward her. She thought briefly why hadn’t he drawn his weapons, but then thought that maybe he felt that she wasn’t a challenge.

The archer’s heart continued to hammer in her chest the closer he came. There was no way she would miss a shot as close as this. Releasing the arrow, Daerio reacted on instinct, tilting his torso to his left as the arrow missed hitting his chest, but instead bit into his right shoulder. The archer was bold, but also foolish to attempt using a bow in such a crowded area. He could have anticipated her actions and dodged the arrow with but a scratch, but surely it would have struck someone else.

The archer’s eyes widened in shock when the arrow hit. It had been her intention, but for some reason, she hadn’t expected to actually hit him. He was too close for her to nock another arrow, and so she threw herself back, ditching her bow. Her hand snagged the hilt of the dagger at her left hip to unsheathe it in an upward slant.

Daerio caught the side of her hand, which held the pommel, his rough palm like sandpaper against her skin and fingers bars of steel that bit into the back of her hand. His thumb locked just beneath her thumb to crush it against the hilt of the dagger. The power behind his charge then crashed into her, forcing a startled cry from her lips as they fell to the ground. Daerio caught himself with his free hand; blood started soaking into his tunic, dripping free from the wound. He switched hands and clenched his teeth as he yanked it out, inspecting the bloody tip with narrowed eyes.

The warrior was straddled atop of the archer as she struggled to free her arm that Daerio kept pinned to her opposite hip. She tried to reach for his arm to free herself, but couldn’t find any leverage to attempt to pry his hand off. The man was heavy and clearly stronger than her with how effortless he made holding her lithe frame down look.

Setting the arrow aside, Daerio’s maw rolled back to flaunt his teeth in a large and vicious grin. The archer’s eyes widened in fear. Was he going to kill her? She had heard that true Delèrians fought each other to the death over foolish quarrels and insults, but if he killed her here, he would be a murderer. A low chuckle leaked from between Daerio’s teeth as he stared into her timid eyes.

You have nice tits, Daerio complimented.

The archer stared at him in confusion. She hadn’t understood what he said. Suddenly, the Delèrian’s teeth parted and she thought he was going to say something else until his lips clamped upon her bosom.

The captain’s brows shot upwards and the three Delèrian volunteers’ mouths along with the crowds’ dropped. Tully’s expression darkened as she stepped on the back of her shoe and slipped it off. Bending over, she picked it up and clapped the floppy footwear twice against her palm to check its sturdiness. With fists clenched, the servant girl started for Daerio with teeth grinding in her anger. No one should have to suffer what she suffered!

The archer’s face was flushed as she squirmed and bucked beneath the warrior that savagely attacked her breasts. Tully swore she saw a tail wagging happily from the Delèrian’s backside as he slobbered and tugged at the archer’s tunic with his teeth.

Clenching her shoe, Tully screamed, “You disgusting bastard!” Before she brought it down against the back of the Delèrian’s head. She continued to whack him with it and growled to see he was ignoring her.

The archer continued to wail in her humiliation and distress.

“Don’t ignore me!” Tully shrieked.

Daerio paused with a frown and then glanced over his shoulder to see Tully, and disturbed her with the lewd grin that expanded on his face. The servant paled and backed up, keeping her shoe raised in case she needed to use it again. Perhaps it had been best that Daerio found interest in the archer and not her. She didn’t want him slobbering over her boobs. It was a tough world sister!

The guards and the crowd had been watching the scene eagerly, some too stunned to say anything on the matter. No one had been expecting the random turn of events.

Captain Viseaus with flushed cheeks roared, “Stop this madness! You are offending Lord Thorndike with your barbaric behavior!”

Lord Thorndike blinked as he came back down to Rhea. He had been engrossed in the scene when he faintly heard what the captain said, “Huh? Oh yes, stop the nonsense please!”

Daerio sat up with slit eyes. Hanging around non-Delèrians sucked. He rose off the archer and stepped away from her as she rolled over, crossing her arms over her soaked chest. Her thighs were clinched tightly together as she felt violated. How could they let that pig do that to her? She hid beneath her hood and stood to her feet to disappear off into the crowd.

Daerio grunted. Huh; she looked like she was enjoying it to me.

That ought to shut the bitch up. Dragging a hand across his mouth, Daerio started back over toward the bridge and spoke loud enough for the crowd to hear him, I am going to scale this mountain. I will do it alone if I have to. It is just easier to kill a dragon with five men than one. With one man, it may take days of preparation. If there is a dragon, then I will kill it. I will drag it down from the mountain and bring it back here for you to use however you please. In my country, dragons are the ultimate resource. A tooth, scale, or toe is worth a lake of gold. The meat contains nutrients that can make a man as strong as a bull, and I can attest. I have tasted the meat of a dragon before, and its nutrients have made me big and strong. Great weapons and armors can be made from such beasts as well as powerful medicine that can cure any disease. If the dragon exists, I intend to eat my fill, and simultaneously, exterminate a pest that is killing your people. If there’s anyone who doesn’t agree to this, we’ll settle it when I get back.

Those that understood Delèrian cheered, while those that didn’t were left silent and wondering. One of the guards stepped forward to translate all that Daerio had said into Lianese, while Lord Thorndike fearfully rushed to Daerio’s side. He noticed the wound was causing his shoulder to darken.

“We must patch you up, and you must rest,” Lord Thorndike suggested.

Daerio snorted. I’ve felt worse (being burned alive was a good example). I will accept the first aid, but I said I would leave today, and I will. I’m sure there’s Caelumite trash that don’t agree with your intentions, so the sooner I get fixed up, the sooner I can leave.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Yorda
Aleiva's house

Aleiva woke up fairly early this morning, as she usually did, but her movements were slow and careful as she climbed out of bed and dressed. The girl wanted to avoided waking her parents or being questioned by them on her way out the door. While her mother may understand, Aleiva;s some-what over protective father would surely object to her trying to tag along on this expedition. The young apothecary could never knowingly let Linde head into danger alone, but that wasn't the only reason she wanted to go. Nor was it just the prospect of helping the minors. Though, she did worry for them, there was more to it than that. Aleiva wasn't religious like her mother, but the dragons did have a certain... draw for her that she couldn't quite explain. This could be a chance to see a real, live dragon. If the creature was really there. Maybe they could even convince the Delarian not to hurt it.

The young apothecary was dressed in a simple, white, cotton tunic that fit loosely and allowed her to move freely along with brown trousers and a sturdy pare of worn, brown, boots when she crept down the stairs with her pack on her back and her staff in her hand. The wolf hound followed her all the way to the kitchen where she scribbled out a note for her parents and brother, if he happened by.

The note Read simply:

I've gone to Green Peak with Linde. Please look after the Apothecary while I'm gone. I'll be back soon. Please don't worry.



Aleiva decided to leave the bits about the Dragon slayer and WHY they were climbing Green Peak out in an effort to put off worrying her family, particularly her father, as long as possible. However, Aleiva knew that in this small town they would probably find out before lunch. The girl would no doubt get an ear full when she returned. Aleiva sighed as she looked the note over. She had written the note in good faith that Linde would join her after reconsidering. Despite the herbalist's strange outbursts the day before, Aleiva knew her friend well. She was a good person. One who would surely do the right thing.

The young apothecary started to leave after that, but paused when she heard the soft sound of paws on the floor behind her. With a warm smile, Aleiva turned and knelt next to Hero. Aleiva generally only dressed as she was, in trousers and boots, when she she went to the mountain to gather herbs. She often took her faithful friend with her on these little expeditions. So, much in the way that a dog will get excited when you pick up his leach for a walk, Hero was happily wagging his tail, ready for an outing. "Sorry, Hero. You can't come with me this time." There was no way Aleiva would risk her dog on a mission like this. After petting his head, Aleiva picked up a loaf of bread from the kitchen counter and broke a chunk off, then threw it across the room. As Hero went to chase the bread down and eat, the young apothecary silently tip toed out the door.

It was truly a short walk to the bridge that lead to Green Peak, but to Aleiva it seemed to take forever. Would they even let her go with them? What -was- the reson people were disappearing in the mountain? Was there really a dragon? By the time she arrived, Aleiva had missed the incident with the Archer. Likely a good thing... the girl was nervous enough as it was. Daerio was just ending his speech when Aleiva approached. With her speaking little Delarian, She only caught the gist of what he was saying until the guard started translating. By then, however, Aleiva was more focused on The mayor as rushed to Daerio and examined a spot on his arm Even from the back of the crowd Aleiva could see the dark stain that was spreading there.

Seeing someone hurt was enough to get Aleiva moving again; albeit a bit slowly with the crowd there. "Um.. e-excuse me... I-I just need to.. uh.. thank you.." came aleiva's soft voice as she made her way through the crowd. She wasn't the type to push but that didn't stop the girl from being jostled by the crowed a bit before making it to the front. Now faced with the guards stationed to keep the crowd in line, Aleiva hesitated once more before clearing her throat and speaking to the closest one. "Uh.. e-" She started, but it was so soft that it was lost to the voices of those around her. The young apothecary took a deep breath to study herself and spoke again; slightly louder this time. "Excuse me.. I-I uh.. I can h-help him..." She managed to stammer at the man. Though, the instant he actually looked at her, the girl looked to her feet as if locking eyes with the man would turn her to stone.


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0.00 INK

Linde awoke at the crack of dawn as always when the sun peeked through her window. Her eyes slid open slowly and then shifted to look at the source of the light.

"... Time's up..." She said quietly to herself as she stood up from the bed.

She walked out of her room without any further words and to the bathing room where she and Aleiva would wash themselves after a day's work. She stripped her clothing and stepped into the bath as the water began to envelope her as her body descended into the tub. The warm sensation began to ease her body's weariness, for despite her sleep she felt quite worn and unrelaxed. The water helped immensely as her skin began to soften under the heat and she felt the purifying effects taking hold.

When she was finished, she stepped out of the bath and drained the water before drying herself off with her towel. When she was finished she hung the towel on the wall and walked back to her room. She donned simple undergarments before donning her full armor, the red and black metal glistening in the light as she looked to the wall where her spear hung. She removed it and swung it lightly a few times to acclimate herself to its weight. After a certain amount of time not using a weapon, it was a wise idea to test its weight and allow oneself to get to know it again before use. Using a weapon without getting used to the weight was always a bad idea no matter how strong you are, and so when she was satisfied that she knew her weapon again she clipped it into a small "sheath" on her back which held it in place just off the ground and out of the way of her legs.

She grabbed a pouch from the wall and filled it with a small assortment of herbs and extracts that she knew both Aleiva and herself could use on the trip for various purposes. She grabbed a slightly larger pouch that hung over her shoulder for some of the things she knew she would make regular use of such as her canteen and a few small tools for harvesting plants and skinning animals. Linde always caught, killed, and ate her own meals unless Aleiva insisted on cooking or dining in the village. This way of living was ingrained in her from her father, as he had been a halfway decent hunter like his father before him and grew up with the knowledge that life was precious and not to be wasted. "If you kill it, you eat it." That was her grandfather's way of thinking and it worked well enough for her.

She did a quick check of herself, her armor, and her two pouches before setting off from the Apothecary. She walked in silence on her way towards the bridge and when she arrived, it was something of a pitiful sight.

The journey hadn't even begun and the Dragon Slayer was already in trouble.

Ugh... That does not bode well for this venture. She thought.

She looked over and saw Aleiva trying to get their attention and so she walked over to her friend and put her hand on her shoulder.

"Aleiva, don't bother... I'll do it." She said gently with something of a forced smile.

She let go of Aleiva's shoulder and turned her head towards where the Delerian and Lord Thorndike were. She carefully pushed her way through what was left of the crowd before coming to a stop in front of the two men. She locked her eyes onto Lord Thorndikes and her expression darkened as her left hand slowly and unconsciously made its way to the body of her spear, though she did not draw it.

"You and I are going to have a long conversation about this when I return, and you aren't going to enjoy it. Try to avoid it, and you'll regret it. Do I make myself clear?" She said in a stern and commanding voice.

There were a few murmurs from the crowd about how she had just spoken to Lord Thorndike, and a few people even looked to him and asked if he was going to just let her speak to him like that.

She paid the crowd absolutely zero attention as her eyes slid to the Dragon Slayer. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she came forward and knelt down in front of him. Her armor was form fitting and tight to her body which she knew would spark his interest and undoubtedly would lead to him ogling her later if he wasn't already though he wasn't voicing it yet. She placed her hand on his shoulder just above his wound and gave it a light squeeze.

Speaking in a soft tone in the Delerian language, she locked her eyes on his before speaking.

"Remove your shirt please..." She requested as she removed her hand.