Swift Wind Dragon (Dark Variation)

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a character in “Dragon Feathers: Redux”, as played by Mateo


General Information

First name: Rad'hin
Age: 143
Birth Season: Summer
Race: Swift Wind Dragon (Dark Variation)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Male Oriented
Current residence: Capital City
Relationship status: Single
Social status: Very High (First Division Racer/Most Recent Winner of King's Race)

Physical Appearance

Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 215 lbs
Eye colour: Dark Grey
Skin colour: Tanned
Handedness: Right
Distinguishing features: Black spikes framing face
Build of body: Muscular, lean
Hair colour: Red
Hair style: Shoulder length and straight, kept lose aside from small braids on either side
Tattoos: Black swish markings on arms and chest
Piercings: none
Typical clothing: Tight fitted sleeveless half shirt and tight leggings underneath a short loin cloth
Is seen by others as: Important, Intimidating, Attractive


Likes: Flying, Playing Around, Socializing
Dislikes: Nyryf
Fears: n/a
Personal goals: n/a
General attitude: Strong Willed and Excitable
General intelligence: Average
General sociability: High


Illnesses (if any): N/A
Allergies (if any): N/A
Sleeping habits: Heavy sleeper. Sleeps often and usually late into the day
Energy level: Average
Eating habits: Average
Memory: Average
Any unhealthy habits: AshTar (a type of high heat dragon tobacco made for pipes)
(Smoking from pipes makes him feel sophisticated)


Birth country: Mountain Village, far inland.
Hometown: Moutain Village
Childhood: Full of adventure. He enjoyed exploring the region around his home and racing with his brothers for fun.
Teen years: Promiscuous. He moved to central and joined the races and lost himself a little in the fame that came with it.
Adult years: Average so far. He's settled down and enjoys his fame with humility.
History of family: Large family in the mountains, specializing in the harvest of minerals and other natural resources.
Briefly explain life story: Second oldest of nine. Both his mother and father work mine shafts in the mountain along with several of his siblings. He decided at a young age that he wanted something more for himself and traveled alone to central when he heard about the races and thought he had a shot. He placed Second Division in his first class race and excelled from there. He obtained First Division after only a year on the circuit and went on to win the King's Race the following year.


Parents: Used to be close before he moved.
Siblings: Still friendly with most
Any enemies (and why): Nyryf to an extent
Friends: Several other racers, fans, and others.
Best friend(s): N/A
Important friends/relatives (explain): N/A
Love interest (if there is one): N/A


Occupation: Racer
Current home: Somewhere in Central City
Favourite types of food: Smoked fish
Favourite types of drink: Passion Fruit Tea
Hobbies/past times: Training, helping others train, spending time at home and out on the town.
Pet peeves: Nyryf's personality...
Pets: None
Talents: Racing

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Rad'hin's Story