Feather Fluff Dragon Racer

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a character in “Dragon Feathers: Redux”, as played by Kaerralind


General Information

First name: Tinder
Age: 105
Birth Season: Winter
Race: Feather Fluff Dragon
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Male Oriented
Current residence: Capital City
Relationship status: Single
Social status: Pretty Low

Physical Appearance

Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 106 lbs
Eye colour: Alizarin crimson
Skin colour: Romantic
Shape of face: Round
Handedness: Left
Distinguishing features: Feathers
Build of body: Average
Hair colour: Blue and White
Hair style: Shoulder length and Fluffy
Complexion: Fair
Tattoos: Clan symbol on shoulder
Piercings: Gage through left ear, several earrings on both ears
Typical clothing: Tight fitting unitard, off the shoulder sleeves, and a low riding waist cloth
Is seen by others as: Childish, Young, Rash, Irresponsible


Likes: Flying, Eating, and Racing
Dislikes: Losing, Being called childish
Fears: Never being able to race
Personal goals: To win the Capital Race
General attitude: Cocky
General intelligence: Average
General sociability: High


Illnesses (if any): N/A
Allergies (if any): N/A
Sleeping habits: Average, heavy sleeper
Energy level: Mildly High
Eating habits: Extreme
Memory: Average
Any unhealthy habits: Puts himself in danger to prove himself


Birth country: Somewhere on the Coast
Hometown: A coastal Village
Childhood: Average, always wanted to see the races
Teen years: Mildly Endangering, always pushed himself too much when training for the races
Adult years: Just starting
History of family: Family of Fishing and Hunting Dragons
Briefly explain life story: Tinder's mother is a hunting dragon, his father a fisher. He's the fourth oldest out of seven. He's always loved the races, even when he was small and always wanted to join them. He's always trying to prove himself, but he often puts himself in danger because of it.


Parents: Average
Siblings: Some are better than others
Any enemies (and why): Not that he knows of
Friends: Left his friends at home, doesn't really have any new ones yet
Best friend(s): N/A
Important friends/relatives (explain): N/A
Love interest (if there is one): N/A


Occupation: Racer
Current home: Somewhere in Central City
Favourite types of food: Meat
Favourite types of drink: Water
Hobbies/past times: Training for the races. eating
Pet peeves: Being called a child
Pets: None
Talents: None really
Favourite colours: Bright colours

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Tinder's Story