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Nightmare Dragon

The dragon of storms

0 · 327 views · located in Old World Society

a character in “Dragon Future”, as played by Juvenile-River


Name: Nightmare
Type: Terrestrial/Aquatic
Appearance: A red-eyed black and gray dragon, covered in feathers, about four stories tall. It has two metal horns on the back of its head, and one smaller one on its nose. It has two wings on its back, and though unable to fly due to its heavy body weight, it can use them to glide or slow its fall. The claws on its nails are metal, and its hands and feet are webbed. They usually crawl around on all fours, but it'll stand upright when fighting.
Attacks: Its metal claws and horns are dangerous, and it often uses its tail as a weapon. It has the ability to summon violent thunderstorms, but they take a few minutes to form. After the storm is done brewing, the Nightmare is able to absorb lightning strikes through its horns like lightning rods, then channel it as a powerful static mouth blast. It also has the ability to create a barrier to water, which is destroyed by static.
Fire: **
Ice: ***
Static: ***
Water: *****
Wind: **
Earth: ****
Nature: ****
Light: ***
Silver: *
Poison: ****
Gravity: ***
Sound: ***
Other: It cannot breathe underwater, but it is able to hold its breath for a considerably long time. The dragon has a nasty habit of targeting human communities to massacre, usually striking at night, and during a violent thunder storm. This is what earned the species its name "Nightmare." Very territorial creatures, they've been known to attack even their own kind on sight. Oddly enough, if tamed, this creatures can be very gentle. Experts claim this is because the duties it has in the wild to protect its environment are passed on to its trainer.

So begins...

Nightmare Dragon's Story