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Slate Dragon

A terrestrial, fire-breathing dragon.

0 · 319 views · located in Future Earth

a character in “Dragon Future”, as played by Juvenile-River


Name: Slate
Type: Terrestrial
Appearance: A fully grown Slate dragon can stand a massive five stories tall. They're shape is very similar to that of a Tyrannosaurus. It has large muscular hind legs, which allows it to stand upright, but it's arms take longer to grow. It's head is massive, and it has large shape teeth. Slate dragons are born with a red or blue color, and get to be darker as they increase in age. As fully grown adults, Slate dragons become a dark, almost black color.
Attacks: It's mouth and claws can deal a lot of damage, but it's also armed with fire breath.
Weaknesses: Before it's fully grown, a Slate dragon's arms can be very scrawny, and quite useless. But this is no longer a problem after its arms have had time to catch up.
Fire: *
Ice: *****
Static: ***
Water: ****
Wind: **
Earth: ***
Nature: *
Light: **
Silver: ***
Poison: ***
Gravity: ***
Sound: ***
Other: Even when domesticated, Slate dragons are very aggressive. Wise trainers know not to get on their bad side. As a result of their being so hard to tame, most trainers wouldn't even consider grabbing a Slate's egg, even if it was handed to them. Their diet consists almost completely of meat, but they have been known to have a taste for peppers. It's also nocturnal, but it can learn to sleep during the night.

So begins...

Slate Dragon's Story