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Anabeth Cecilia

"I believe there must be a way for us all to live in peace and harmony. Come, I'll show you!"

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a character in “Dragon Hatchling”, as played by TheodoraMina








Royal Teenager 2


Anabeth inherited her mother's pleasant demeanor, and infused with it her own personality. The combination of which is an aura of soothing calm that seems to exude from her kindly gaze and smile. Her hair is a deep black and left to grow down to her waist. She typically wears it untied, tying her hair in a ponytail only when she has to engage in battle. She is 1.7m tall, and is generally athletic due to her involvement in her brother's physical training.


Despite being brought up outside of the Palace, she understood her role and purpose as the Princess of the Human Kingdom, and was therefore inclined towards the idea of being more 'Princess-like'. As such, she encompassed as many ideals as possible that was highly valued in society, such as politeness, generosity, honesty, fairness, compassion and kindness, into her own personality. Anyone meeting her for the first time can easily tell there is something about her that distinguishes her from the ordinary lady. Not only did she carry herself with grace but she also exudes a maturity that stands in stark contrast with her age.

However, this success came at the price of her own well-being. There are times when such ideals were better left aside than to be carried out, but she does it anyway at her own expense. More importantly, it is also crucial to note that she sometimes does it because she sees it as her 'duty' as a princess to fulfill the demands of such an ideal, and not because she truly believe in this 'ideal'. The end result is grudging abidance as she continues to carry herself in the image of an ideal Princess.

Do not mistake this to mean that she does not believe in these ideals at all. She believes in these ideals for the most part, but there are times when the situation could be much more trying and the foundations of her beliefs may be challenged.



Anabeth is trained in the use of a bow and arrow and is fairly skilled at it. She is also trained in the use of edged weapons (ie. swords, daggers), but that was only because she persuaded her trainer and her brother so vehemently that they had to teach her or risk being nagged to death.

An important detail to note is: due to her lack of arm strength, she cannot fire at the maximum range for bow and arrows. Instead, she fires at a significantly reduced distance (at about a range of 150m with a shortbow). Also, she will not be able to sustain closed-ranged combat for long due to this fact - hence her preference to keep a safe distance and using a ranged weapon (so she can recover her stamina). But if closed-ranged combat is a must, she uses an unnamed, but durable dagger.


Anabeth was the well doted upon daughter of Rutherford and Elizabeth, which was why the decision to send her and her brother away with the Hatchling was not an easy one. Elizabeth left with Anabeth a necklace, a family heirloom, which she wears to this day as a reminder of her mother. With the group of elite guards and Dragon Guards, she was raised and doted on in turn by these people for being one of the few human females of the group. Yet despite the care and attention showered on her, it cannot replicate a mother's love, which was why she was lonely at times, with only her brother to confide in, that is, until Mrala joined the group.

Since then, she has been trying to befriend Mrala out of pure curiosity and interest to forge peace between the Wraiths and the rest of Humankind and Dragonkind.


She has two names, one is the official one that she uses for people close to her (friends, family). The other is also official, technically, but she uses it only when she has to disguise her first name, which is typically used for identification.

So begins...

Anabeth Cecilia's Story


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The clouds sailed by lazily, revealing the rays of the sun as it shone down upon the land in its fullest glory. With it came the warmth and its revitalizing touch, which Anabeth has grown to appreciate - despite the nasty side-effect of perspiration. She straightened her posture as she proceeded to walk out of her room and out of the little hut she was in. Outside, a detachment of guards were carrying out their usual training, some lifting heavy logs, some jogging around the field, some practicing their sword moves. All of them had something to be busy with; Anabeth could not help but sense a tiny bit of jealousy rising in her. She suppressed it, however, taking care not to show it. Instead, she smiled at the soldiers who had glanced her way.

Better to be as she was now, with nothing much to do besides taking casual strolls, than to be out there sweating buckets. At least, that was how she intended to convince herself before the words 'sour grapes' kept surfacing in her mind. Thus followed a great urge to scowl at herself, which she also managed to hide as she continued on her stroll, shifting her frustration to managing her posture and elegance as she walked.

The little 'village' that she was in was one that she and her brother had settled in many years back when they were still babies. According to history as she knows it, the Dragons and Humans were about to settle for a truce of some kind. Then, Shade came along. Shade was a Wraith, an apparently separate species of Dragons composed of an entirely different essence that Anabeth could not quite comprehend. However, one thing was certain - Shade was powerful. With his power, he sent both the Kingdoms of the Dragons and the Humans down a spiral of chaos. Fortunately, Anabeth's parents had the wisdom of sending both her brother and herself away before the situation got to its worst in the Royal Palace.

Anabeth was loathe to think about what happened subsequently. As much as she would like to feel a sense of loss and anger, she realized she could not genuinely feel it. She was far too young to know of her parents' love. Granted, they gave their lives to save her brother's and her's, but still, that feeling of sadness was almost obligatory. Perhaps it was a strength though, Anabeth thought, for it has allowed her to be less vengeful towards the Wraiths. In a sense, that was how she could have befriended a Wraith.

Mrala was the example of that. Admittedly though, sometimes, Mrala does have conversations or thoughts that are in conflict with her ideas of ideals as a Princess. Anabeth sighed as she wandered onto the edges of the village where there it was sheltered by the trees of the surrounding forest and where it was very much more quiet.