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Aero Nogallas

" When times get desprate you really will need me "

0 · 698 views · located in Demon valley

a character in “Dragon Hunters of the Demon Valley St.”, as played by Ashtonwolf


Name-Aero Nogallas
Demon form-Image
Human form-Image

So begins...

Aero Nogallas's Story


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Cora had silently followed with the rest of them, not really trusting the so called Zane, because first of all, he hadn't fooled her in his little charade of being scared. Then they started saying their birthdays, and Cora arched a neat matching light brown brow. "October 30th..." she said slowly, her musical and soft voice chipping into the conversations. But, frankly, Cora didn't believe the whole demon theory for one minute. Instead, she laughed.

"Oh yeah, we are sooo demons. Cause, you know, I am such a monster." she said and made a face. Then she returned to her normal expression, the breeze coming through the window blowing her hair away from her face.

Then, the 'Zane' kid said that he liked dragons, and acted as if he knows them. And now, he was really suspicious to Cora, and she didn't trust him one bit, so she just came out with it, knowing she would probably shock the others, but she hated being lied to. So, she raised her bow, smoothly notching an arrow, and pointed it at him.

"Okay, enough games. Who are you?" she snapped, authority ringing in her voice.

"And to top that off, I would never, and could never, trust an over sized, bloodthirsty, killing machine, bat." she growled, narrowing her eyes.

(needed some drama ^^)


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This girl just about popped a vessel when Shadow burnt her string.

Oh, she was definitely going to kill this dude one way or another. Cora's hand curled into a small, but lethal fist, and she said in slow, threatening words.

"Try me you stupid gecko."

Then, he leapt through the portal, and she was so pissed off, she leapt after him, insisting on showing him what she could do. Because, if she could kill a full sized fire breathing monster, and trust me, she has, she could beat up this guy. Dragon or not.