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Kira Becks

"You can't forget me.It is a rule."

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a character in “Dragon Hunters of the Demon Valley St.”, as played by kathrin


Name:Kira Becks;
Nickname:Kir; Becks;
Appearence: She has blonde hair that reaches just past her shoulders and bright blue eyes. She is 5'10" and weighs 115 lbs. She is so slender that people sometimes call her anorexic but really she just has a very slim frame for her height. She loves her nails to be neat and tidy, and will sit filing them if given the opportunity. Cleanliness is very important to her and as a result, she never falls ill. She always has scratches on her arms, because of the night terrors that haunt her, she clutches and scratches at them in her sleep. She wears ussualy black pants and colourful tops..Often she likes to wear robes and warior dresses.
Personality: Personality:Kira is that type of girl who is trying to influence you. She is alaways smiling and laughing. Maybe she acts like a little kid sometimes , but she is very mature in her heart. She is a good friend but you don't want to be her enemy. Then the situation change. If you are her enemy , be ready for everything. Anyway she gets frightened very easy and when she gets, she jumps and scream. Her weak point: boys. When she is near them she acts different. Very different from what she is. She can make people do things they never want. In conclusion , she is insane. But if you get to know her she is a cute girl... 
Likes:moon, cute boys, apple juice, smiling;dragons;
Dislikes:blood,sun,pink, her parents;
Fears:to be killed by the men from her dreams;
Dreams:Every night she dreams the same thing: a strange men with no face who is comeing at her and kills her in the strangests ways..
Skills: she can run very fast. This is her only skill

So begins...

Kira Becks's Story


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Cora spun around to face another girl who had just suddenly appeared, introducing herself as Kira. Cora smiled at her suggestion of why they were there. "Hey, I'm Cora." she started and ran a hand through her wavy hair. "Yep. We were hoping to get a few hits in, but nooo..." she said still pretty pissed off. "Some other 'friendly' dragon came and finished the job..." she mumbled. The reason she put so much emphasis on friendly was because, she never could trust a dragon. They were all cruel, cold creatures, usually always going for the kill.


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Cora had silently followed with the rest of them, not really trusting the so called Zane, because first of all, he hadn't fooled her in his little charade of being scared. Then they started saying their birthdays, and Cora arched a neat matching light brown brow. "October 30th..." she said slowly, her musical and soft voice chipping into the conversations. But, frankly, Cora didn't believe the whole demon theory for one minute. Instead, she laughed.

"Oh yeah, we are sooo demons. Cause, you know, I am such a monster." she said and made a face. Then she returned to her normal expression, the breeze coming through the window blowing her hair away from her face.

Then, the 'Zane' kid said that he liked dragons, and acted as if he knows them. And now, he was really suspicious to Cora, and she didn't trust him one bit, so she just came out with it, knowing she would probably shock the others, but she hated being lied to. So, she raised her bow, smoothly notching an arrow, and pointed it at him.

"Okay, enough games. Who are you?" she snapped, authority ringing in her voice.

"And to top that off, I would never, and could never, trust an over sized, bloodthirsty, killing machine, bat." she growled, narrowing her eyes.

(needed some drama ^^)