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Micco Fortuna

"He who has imagination without learning, has wings and no feet."

0 · 169 views · located in Earth

a character in “Dragon Hunters: Reloaded”, as played by Lukipyon



Name: Micco Fortuna

Age: 17

Species: Human

Description: Micco has a body of an average girl her age, she measures around 5"4 and is light on her feet. She has long silky hair that is predominantly pale green before browning at the tips, she braids it into two separate plaits fearing it may get in the way. She constantly wears a thin metal headdress around her forehead to mark her high status within the tribe. Micco has pale skin despite living in a sunny environment most of her life. She has large green-edging-to-blue eyes which you will often see widened in curiosity. A polite smile is commonly seen on her petite lips. She wears a traditional tribal dress covered with a deep purple cardigan, the exotic patterns seen on her jewellery and clothing remind us of her native origins. Micco wraps one thick piece of cloth around each of her legs, she keeps them in place with several straps of leather. Her shoes can only be described as simple 'flats' by the modern age.

Personality: Micco ever since she was younger, has had an extensive thirst for knowledge which will never be satisfied. She reads any book she can get a hold on, Micco is extremely observant and focuses great attention onto the smallest of details. This often helps her during battle. She talks slowly and quietly, taking care if it may insult the person in some form or way. Despite this, if there any things that may confuse her, she doesn't think twice about asking questions. Micco is weary of other presences and takes a great effort in making sure she leaves a good impression, never forgetting to have good manners and bringing their opinions on board. You cannot describe Micco as a very charismatic figure, her opinion is rarely heard but she prefers it that way. However, she understands what's right and what's wrong and will speak up whenever it's neccasary. Childhood friends sometimes call her a "push-over." Micco expresses immense gratitude whenever suitable.

Equipment: Micco has very little on her whenever she travels. She would only see other items needless and a burden to carry around. Micco wears a small woollen pouch slung over her shoulder, in it is contained:
- A battered notebook she uses to write in any significant observations or record any captures
- An ancient device given to her by her parents which is used to capture any creatures she wishes to use as summons
- Several copper keys that store all the summoned creatures that she has.

Abilities: Micco is a traditional summoner. Currently, she only has six summons which are stored in keys. These are:
Dryad (Earth), Undine (Water), Salamander (Fire), Wisp (Air), Luna (White/Light) and Shade (Black/ Dark)

They were given to her as a seventeenth birthday present. She has the ability to capture more creatures but prefers to stay with the original. However, when she does/will, she does this by signing a mental contract with the animal using a capturing device. A tribal symbol is placed permanently on their hide to show they are binded to this contract, they stay in their natural habitats and whenever they are needed/summoned Micco uses the key to call to them. They answer by appearing nearby. Summons usually stay in their natural habitat (where they were captured) but are permitted to travel alongside their master.

History: Micco was raised in a tribe who have completely disassociated themselves to the modern society; the concept of computers or phones are alien to them. They live peacefully with a group of water dragons, they consider each other as equals. Micco was born in an elite family of the tribe, in fact she was the daughter of their chief. The tribe are especially proud of their bloodline, prodigious gifts and godly abilities were said to have passed down by their ancestors into the generations. Pure tribal children were expected to express these gifts at a young age, at four years old they were to go through a test; if a child could not weild a sword, shoot an arrow skilfully, have an exceptional ability to read or cast a simply spell they were deemed as unworthy and would work as servants for the rest of their life. Children who succeeded in the test would either train as a warrior, a bowman, a summoner or a shaman. Micco, being brought up in a family of summoners, passed with flying colours as they realised she was fluent in reading and writing. Other than to go hunt for food, Micco had never gone outside of her father's territory. When she was 16, an elderly shaman spoke of a prophecy: he predicted that a child of the tribe who practised magic would have the potential to save human's very existence. The shaman often cried of prophecies and they all resulted to be accurate, immediately afterwards every family thrust their children, once they were of a legal age, to the open world hoping they would return as heroes. After Micco's seventeenth birthday, where she was given her first summons, she was told to travel independently and was hastily waved off by her family.

Micco currently wanders forests, carrying inexperienced summons, hoping some-one will give her a hint on where to start.



So begins...

Micco Fortuna's Story