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Monica Adewins

"Pathetic, don't you know it's futile?"

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a character in “Dragon Hunters: Reloaded”, as played by Arthurna


Name: Monica Adewins

Age: Around 800 years old or maybe 900? (she forget the exact age).

Species: Snow Dragon

Her dragon form have four legs and a pair of wings on the back. The size is thrice tokyo tower but she also has tiny form which only as big as human palm.

Her human form has long silver hair and aqua blue eyes which always looked empty, almost resemble a marble. She is short in her human form and it makes people often mistaken her as a mere 12 years old child (while in fact she's around 800-900 years old).

Personality: She can be selfish and unhelpful sometimes. Most of the time she’s plainly harsh but she’s a good listener because of her quietness. And she’s prideful toward her lineage as the snow dragon so she gets really angry if someone insults her heritage. She hates heat and hot weather.

Equipment: A gun SIG P210 and VO Falcon Edition

Abilities: She can lowering the temperature around her to several degree and turn water to ice or sometimes randomly sprouting ice. And she can fly in her dragon form both in tiny form and giant form.

History: She used to always live alone, never joined any pack even if its her own kin (she prefer live alone), but one day human began to ‘explore’ her territory and thus disturb her. The explorers made her mad and she attacked them. Soon, rumors began to spread about vicious dragon which attacking the explorers and the hunters were dispatched to kill her. Of course she fought back tooth and nails (literally). But in the end, the hunters ask her to join them in exchange of a place to live peacefully and a new things to learn. She didn’t agree at first but her tiredness and boredom got the best of her and finally she joined the hunters.

-Her left eye is blind, thus the reason of the eyepatch.
-Her name (Monica Adewins) is anagram of a sentence (try to guess…just change the position of each letter in her name...can’t? okay, the answer is under the side story.)
-Theme song
On duty appearance (in hunter mode)
Daily appearance


Here the tiny form

Dragon Form (full power release)


A little side story of Monica’s past

After months fighting, the dragon didn’t show any sight of surrendering. They managed to lure the dragon toward the valley and put several chains but it wasn’t enough. The team leader looked at his comrades with his hot beverage in hand, most of them already suffered grave injury or hypothermia while the rest just too tired to even lift their weapon. Plus months away from their home and family surely would deplete their morale, he mused. He moved to the edge of the valley, his gaze toward the top of the dragon head, howling could be heard from it. The dragon would break the chains once its strength came back. They had a week at most. The captain had shook his head and glance toward the sky, where’s the reinforcement? If only they had one or two dragon member in their team. Without realizing it, he had walking on the giant bridge which located on the valley, making him face to face with the dragon. The howling stopped and replaced by an angry snarl toward him.

“Lowly human, how dare you! This is my territory! Leave!” He just sighed. It didn’t talk to him like normal people would, more like telepathy. It’s older than 100 years then, he noted. The captain looked back to the camp direction, to his worn-out comrades. He took a deep breath and finally made up his mind.

He put his untouched beverage on the bridge’s railing, right in front of the dragon. Smile etched on his face.

“Yo, how about we make a deal?”


The answer of the anagram
‘I am Ice and Snow’ = monIca adewInS

So begins...

Monica Adewins's Story


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“Monica, Uther, you two are with me. Let’s go.”

She just nodded after hearing the command and then following the squad leader quietly. Monica never mention somebody with their name, never was never would. It was an attachment to remember names and attachment always brought inefficiency. She had learning that in a hard way.

Monica was inhaling a deep breath to clear her mind. Each swift step she took was soundless. Silver hair blended perfectly with white surrounding, she pout a little at that. Jotunheim was comfortable to her because of its cold air and low temperature. But still, the stiff atmosphere and the heavy mood made the place almost suffocating. It was important mission, no time to relax, fail and then hell.

The rifle was slung over her right shoulder while her old Neuhausen strapped safely on her left thigh. The weapons weight was reminding Monica why was she even there, in the place she never visited before along with its foreign occupant. Nevertheless, it reeked of familiar feeling.

With only three steps behind squad leader, she could measure anyone who got too close to them. She looked again toward the squad leader’s back. For a human, he always seemed….off. She shook her head. Focus. and darted her gaze back to her surrounding, keeping watch of any irregularity. Occasionally, her gaze would dart back toward the squad leader and the Blacktide-clan guy.

She remembered when she was still a hatchling, under a thin layer of ice, looking toward the grayish sky, and watching the snow fell gradually. Inside the frozen ice coffin, an eternity passed in a second. Monica blinked. Focus, focus. She lose her concentration very easily today. A small frown had marred her face. Something always went wrong whenever she unfocused.

She gripped the strap of her rifle tighter.


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It was chaos. The magnificent signing hall now resembled a battle ground. People ran to all direction and firing their weapons. Monica almost yelled profanities, almost, and instead just growled in annoyance. What’s wrong with these people? Basic counter measure of terrorism, didn’t they learn that in the Hunters training?

“Make sure the king and queen stay safe!” The squad leader shouted.

She ran toward the King and Queen then giving them a shallow bow while took off her riffle.

“We will take you to a safer place.” she said and directed them to the exit. “Blacktide, protect our back.” And she would take the front, killing anyone who came too close to them, friends and foes alike. Well, she didn’t know the difference between friend and foe right now. They could be friends or they could be one of the traitors. Better safe than sorry.

They went to the door and exit the disastrous room. She didn’t know whether the Blacktide guy really cover their back but if he was a traitor too, she would make sure he died in her hand. She shook her head. Worries and suspicious feeling could be taken care latter, for now the royal family safety was first priority and she would need his help.