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Uther Blacktide

"What is there without war?"

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a character in “Dragon Hunters: Reloaded”, originally authored by ThePsycoWarlock, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Uther Blacktide

Age: 578

Species: Western/Water Dragon Hybrid

Description: Uther's human form looks like a fair skinned man in his early twenties, decently tall with a firm, strong build to his frame. His hair is a messy mass of raven hair that he never bothers to try and tame. His eyes are a light blue and there is a slight slit in his pupil if you pay attention. His dragon form, while obviously a Western dragon shows obvious signs of his mixed blood from the more slender build of his body and the fin-like crest that goes down his spine to the end of his tail. Half of his left horn is missing and several of the fins show signs of long faded scars.

Abilities: In his human form, Uther is amazing quick, agile and strong, making him an exceptionally potent swordsman as well as kickboxer. While his mixed blood makes his fire breathing weaker than most pure blooded Western dragons, he makes up for it with amazing speed in the water and air and a fierce razor sharp bite.


Personality: Uther is a quiet, well spoken dragon who'd rather speak with actions rather than words. While he does hold a rather bitter opinion of humans as a whole, he can't help but respect the Hunter's combat prowess and their willingness to put aside the long dead past if it means a better future. He does his best to treat everyone, human or otherwise, with the level of decency he thinks they deserve. At worse, you get a steely glare and the bare utter of a word. At best, you have a genuinely kind if not somewhat emotionally distant person trying to adjust to peace after war.


Equipment: Uther's human form wears a black set of combat clothing with a long black scarf that doesn't look like it was made for the armor. He has a simple human katana on his belt, made of steel and surprisingly well preserved given the supposed age of it ( roughly as old as Uther himself ).


History: In time long lost, the Blacktide clan were a taboo to the other Eastern clans. A strange group of black scaled dragons who bred with their legless sea kin and spawned the dark and serpent-like offspring that had all but lost their gift of fire that marked their clan as cursed. They were kept by the barren shorelines that other dragons didn't occupy and human cities didn't see for many, many years. It wasn't until they heard tales of bands of humans calling themselves Dragon Hunter did they return to the world at large. The Blacktide struck a deal with many of the dragon clans who cursed their names year before: they help fight the Hunters alongside their brothers and they agreed to forgive them of their ancestor's sins. The clan's smaller size, greater speed and surprising water maneuverability caught the humans off guard and quickly made them valued warriors in the struggle for survival. Years and years went on and by the time the series of events the humans called World War 2 had begun, the Blacktide were long forgotten as unnatural beasts and had instead become one of the smallest but most powerful clans in Europe.

Uther was just a hatchling when the Hunters revealed themselves to the world. Like many of his brothers and sister, he was trained to fight the moment he knew how to run, fly and swim. He was battle ready before he reached his first century. The last 400 something years went by in a blur of blood and movement. Humans adapted, changed their weapons, changed their tactics. Dragons stayed the same, powerful, quick, lethal creatures they were. And it was kept the two species at a stalemate. It wasn't until a splinter cell of dragons broke off from their brothers and made a deadly alliance with the German human named Hitler. As per usual, the Blacktide threw themselves at their foes with Uther now being an experienced veteran and showing no signs of slowing down. It took the clan a long while to process they were working with one side of humans against another. That didn't bother or worry them. What did scare them was the realization they were fighting their own kind. Having fought humans so long and in exchange using this edge to keep peace with their brothers made them a dull blade in a battle with their own kin. Though small and quick, the Blacktide could only fatigue larger dragons and more than one dogfight ended with two bodies falling into the ocean. Uther fought alongside his brothers however and by the time the war had ended, he was alive if not just a bit worse for wear. Sadly, many of his family died in the bloody war and the handful of Blacktide left were left under his command. When the humans and dragons decided to make a treaty of peace, more than a few clans were surprised to see Uther, one of his horns missing and scars still fresh on his body, step forward and encourage the idea. Now humans and dragons live secretly in relative peace and Uther is just now realizing that he doesn't understand what a life without war is nor how to live it normally.

So begins...

Uther Blacktide's Story


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Uther felt far too jumpy for such a simple job. A peace treaty were the representatives came fully armed was never a good sign. A thousand factors played against not only against him self and all the others and there wasn't much he could do to change them. Fortunately, those factors also happened to be a big jumble of 'what if's. There was the obvious danger of the Snow Dragon royal family saying no and simply slaughtering all the Hunters, even the dragons who stood next to them and with the size and strength your average snow dragon had, it'd be a blood bath. There was also the possibility of a betrayal. Some elaborate trap to take down the leading of one of the stronger dragon families and a handful of loosely affiliated dragons all in one blow. And he was stuck with the two people who could most likely do both. If this place wasn't so cold, he'd be sweating.

Deep breathes he though, gripping his katana's hilt tightly as he forced his eyes shut and took a few cleansing breathes as he walked. If every possible ambush happened, I'd have been dead a long time ago. Besides... His eyes wandered to the other two he was with. These two can't be too dangerous. The human Sinclair was still young no matter how old he claims to be. And the girl, Monica. He knew that her human form was very much deceiving and that she had a history with the Hunters but she seemed distracted. Not that Uther could blame her. He must have looked the exact same not only a minute earlier, if not worse. It was odd, though. She wasn't nervous, merely... uncomfortable? He couldn't imagine why considering this was the home of her people. Perhaps what he heard of her exploits were more truth than he though. Maybe it was just nerves. Maybe she was thinking the same thing he was.

On the other hand, the human didn't seem unnerved in the least bit. He was treating this like a walk through the park. Hunters entering dragon dens usually ended with death and not always to the prey in many cases. Even if what he said about his age was true, he was still young by human standards and he already had a certain position of power in the Hunter's organization. And there he was, leading on boldly wild the poor little dragons cowered along behind him. The moment Uther realized he was walking one step behind the Hunter, he picked up his pace and straightened his back up. Peace felt like it was dulling his edge. He'd lead squads of his own into open aerial combat against the traitors with AA fire raining around him and he didn't bat an eye. Why should a simple peace treaty unnerve him? Besides, the Hunter were thinking ahead. Patrols, sniper positions and armed escort. They knew their stuff, to say the least.

As Syn rounded the corner, the sound of him running into someone made Uther half draw his blade. The sound of a light female voice made him re-sheathe it in the blink of an eye. All doubts were wiped from his mind. Princess Aria. Hardly dangerous by any standard and her family would never let her run around without at least armed escort if they truly planned on betraying them. No clan would take such a risk as to leave the next generation in danger, especially one of royalty. Only half listening, Uther checked behind himself to make sure no one was following while subconsciously seeing if Monica was okay when he heard the sound of running. He snapped his head back towards the two who were now jogging away. Groaning quietly under his breathe, he hurries after them with his hand on his hilt.


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It was chaos. The magnificent signing hall now resembled a battle ground. People ran to all direction and firing their weapons. Monica almost yelled profanities, almost, and instead just growled in annoyance. What’s wrong with these people? Basic counter measure of terrorism, didn’t they learn that in the Hunters training?

“Make sure the king and queen stay safe!” The squad leader shouted.

She ran toward the King and Queen then giving them a shallow bow while took off her riffle.

“We will take you to a safer place.” she said and directed them to the exit. “Blacktide, protect our back.” And she would take the front, killing anyone who came too close to them, friends and foes alike. Well, she didn’t know the difference between friend and foe right now. They could be friends or they could be one of the traitors. Better safe than sorry.

They went to the door and exit the disastrous room. She didn’t know whether the Blacktide guy really cover their back but if he was a traitor too, she would make sure he died in her hand. She shook her head. Worries and suspicious feeling could be taken care latter, for now the royal family safety was first priority and she would need his help.